Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1735

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They wanted to refute the remark, but they couldn’t find a good rebuttal, especially those who came back from the expedition. They would never forget how they fled for their lives while Jiang Chen was killing them. In front of Jiang Chen, they indeed weren’t even qualified to be arrogant.

“Haha! Aren’t the people of Heavenly Jade Dynasty acting very arrogantly just now? Why are you all so quiet now? In front of Senior Brother Jiang, you are worth less than a fart.”

“I will never forget the scene in Golden Horizon where most of you were slaughtered so badly by Senior Brother Jiang. Do you want me to describe that scene in detail?”

“A bunch of cowards who only know how to talk behind people’s back. They are just contemptible rebels. Listen carefully, all of you, Senior Brother Jiang has come here because he wants to give Tian Yue face. A mere Tian Yue isn’t worthy of being Senior Brother Jiang’s opponent.”


This time, the sneers were coming from the cultivators of Great Qian Empire. Their words were filled with malice and were unleashed at a single shot which made them feel really comfortable.

Yang Yu and Dongfang Yu showed a smile and secretly raised a thumbs up to Jiang Chen. They couldn’t help liking this young man and marvel at his arrogance. Jiang Chen’s first remark had choked the disciples of Heavenly Jade Dynasty to death. And the overbearing aura emitted from his arrival had overshadowed his opponent.

Above the 30000-meter mountain, Tian Yue’s facial expression darkened intensely. It was his first time seeing Jiang Chen. What infuriated him was that Jiang Chen was saying that he, Tian Yue, didn’t deserve to be his opponent in front of thousands of people. This was a great humiliation to him. As a genius of Immortal Court, nothing was more important to him than dignity and image. Jiang Chen’s emergence had made him lose all his face and dignity, which was unbearable to him.

“You are Jiang Chen?” Tian Yue spoke coldly.

Jiang Chen stood opposite Tian Yue, the corners of his mouth wore a plain smile.

“Peak half-step Immortal Venerable…you are indeed a lot stronger compared to Zhang Yulang, but you really shouldn’t have challenged me.”

Jiang Chen spoke in a sympathizing tone. Such a tone undoubtedly amplified the previous effect.

“Humph! Jiang Chen, how dare you oppose the Immortal Courts?! Even if you have a hundred lives, it still wouldn’t be enough. Today, I will avenge the death of the disciples of my dynasty. By killing you, I can also establish my prestige.”

Tian Yue harrumphed coldly. The killing intent from his body instantly spread out like a fierce storm, shocking countless of people. Sure enough, a genius cultured by the Immortal Court was beyond ordinary. They had all gained a new insight just by witnessing the power of this peerless genius.


Jiang Chen’s qi fluctuated. Without delay, he transformed into his dragon form. Given his current strength, he needed a powerful killing technique to fight Tian Yue as Tian Yue wasn’t an ordinary figure, and was much stronger compared to Zhang Yulang. In a real right, even an early Immortal Venerable was no match for this peak half-step Immortal Venerable.

If it was before, Jiang Chen could only flee away from such an opponent. But after reaching the peak of early Immortal Emperor, obtaining the Slaughter Dragon Seal and achieving the Heavenly Will realm, Tian Yue was just not enough to threaten him.

“Don’t talk so much. Attack now. Show me how powerful the genius of Immortal Court actually is.”

Jiang Chen’s qi was soaring. He let Tian Yue attack first to test the power of the Heavenly Will realm. He would like to see if it could really replicate the opponent’s combat technique.


Tian Yue harrumphed coldly and struck out a palm at Jiang Chen. This strike was earth-shattering. The void above the mountain was torn. The terrifying giant palm appeared above the head of Jiang Chen in the blink of an eye. Any normal person who was hit by this attack would be crushed to pieces instantaneously.

Jiang Chen’s face was indifferent as he launched the True Dragon Palm. The terrifying blood-red dragon claw collided ferociously with Tian Yue’s huge claw.

*Hong Long……*

The sky and earth shook. The void was ripped to fragments. If they hadn’t created an independent battlefield in the air, the residual waves from the battle was enough to destroy the 30000-meter mountain.

After the collision, both of them still stood at their original spot, completely motionless. This alone indicated that the first exchange was a draw.


Facing such a result, Tian Yue was astonished. His facial expression darkened once more. He looked at Jiang Chen in disbelief. Given the gap between their cultivation base, it can also be said that he had lost in their first exchange.

“What a powerful Jiang Chen! He deserves to be called the number one genius of the Immortal World. His power is a little too horrifying. He, who is only an early Immortal Emperor was on par with the half-step Immortal Venerable genius, Tian Yue.”

“If I didn’t see this with my own eyes, I would never believe it. It seems like Jiang Chen’s power isn’t just about the Sun Divine Feather. It’s also about his heaven-defying abilities.”

“Isn’t that obvious? If Jiang Chen didn’t have a great fortune, how could he wield the Sun Divine Feather? However these two are just testing each other’s attack just now. It’s still not certain who will win. After all, Tian Yue is a supreme expert of the Immortal Court. He must have numerous extremely powerful techniques. I still think that he’s more powerful than Jiang Chen.”


Countless people were shocked. Despite it being just the first round of battle, it had already caused an uproar. They were afraid that only Jiang Chen could confront a genius half-step Immortal Venerable of the Immortal Court while being only an early Immortal Emperor in the entire Immortal World.

“This kid is really getting more and more terrifying.”

Yang Yu was incomparably surprised. He had some concerns for Jiang Chen at first because Jiang Chen had lost the Sun Divine Feather. But now, it seemed that his concerns were unnecessary.

In the sky above, Tian Yue brushed aside his underestimation of Jiang Chen and began to launch his true killing attack. The exchange of blow just now made him understand that if he didn’t go all out, it was virtually impossible for him to eliminate Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, I was merely testing you just now. Next, I will display my true killing attack, leaving you to die without a burial,” said Tian Yue maliciously.

“You talk too much. Attack now.” Jiang Chen clamoured.  

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