Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1739

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Tian Yue let out a shrill cry of despair. Given his present situation, it was impossible for him to bear Jiang Chen’s strike. The sharp Heavenly Saint Sword slashed through his neck. Blood spewed out crazily. Tian Yue’s head flew skywards followed by glittering bloody light. His eyes were still wide and filled with dread. Emperor Heavenly Jade only managed to grab the head of Tian Yue.

“Son of a b**ch!”

Emperor Heavenly Jade was infuriated. Holding the head of Tian Yue, his arms couldn’t help trembling in anger. His hatred for Jiang Chen had reached the peak. Both of his eyes turned red. He really wanted to rush forward and shred Jiang Chen to pieces right now. Tian Yue, who was a peerless genius of Heavenly Jade Dynasty, has just been killed in front of him. What disgraced him even more was that he, a dignified emperor of a dynasty and also an intermediate Immortal Venerable supreme expert, couldn’t even rescue his disciple. How could he ever accept that?

Originally, Jiang Chen had already made the Heavenly Jade Dynasty suffer enough losses. Now, an invaluable talent of the dynasty was also killed. This pained Emperor Heavenly Jade incredibly.

“Jiang Chen! You’ll pay with your life!”

Emperor Heavenly Jade went ballistic. His intermediate Immortal Venerable qi was instantly unleashed as one of his huge palms thrust at Jiang Chen. Terrifying qi waves spread out, enshrouding the entire 30000-meter mountain.


Just then, another enormous palm fell from the sky, accurately colliding with the attack of Emperor Heavenly Jade, completely countering it. A majestic figure was standing in front of Jiang Chen. Who could he be if he wasn’t Yang Yu?

“The big bullying the small? Are you shameless?” mocked Yang Yu bluntly. 

This was his purpose of coming here all along. He would never move a muscle if it was a genius of Heavenly Jade Dynasty who launched the attack, but if it was the Emperor of Heavenly Jade Dynasty who wanted to kill Jiang Chen, he naturally wouldn’t agree to it.

If it was before, under the pressure of the eight major powers, he wouldn’t dare to interfere at all. The only thing he could do at that time was to sever his relationship with Jiang Chen, however it was entirely different now. Xiao Wangqing’s deterrence was still in effect and Jiang Chen was once again a genius of Great Qian Empire, so he would be the first to act the moment Emperor Heavenly Jade attacked.

Seeing Yang Yu’s attack, Jiang Chen canceled his dragon-form, returning to his usual appearance. His facial expression remained calm and emotionless even after killing Tian Yue, as if it was a very common thing. Even if Yang Yu didn’t interfere, he wasn’t concerned about his safety. Given his present abilities, he naturally wasn’t a match for an opponent like Emperor Heavenly Jade, but with the Great Void Technique, it was impossible for the emperor to kill him.

“Yang Yu, get out of the way! I’m going to kill that little beast.” Emperor Heavenly Jade was really infuriated, seeming to have lost control of his emotions.

“Haha! What a joke! Tian Yue’s death was caused by his own incapability. He was the one who initiated the battle in the first place. What does the battle between the geniuses have to do with you? Could it be that you have forgotten about what Senior Xiao had said? Even the Immortal Courts have to give Senior Xiao face. By killing Jiang Chen, aren’t you afraid that Senior Xiao will annihilate your dynasty?”

Yang Yu laughed heartily and confidently. One couldn’t help being high-spirited when one had the full backing of an Immortal Sovereign. The partly dark, red, purple face of Emperor Heavenly Jade delighted him.

On the opposite side, Emperor Heavenly Jade who was gritting his teeth couldn’t do anything about it. He knew that it was virtually impossible for him to kill Jiang Chen with Yang Yu here. Plus, what Yang Yu said was true. He could never afford to offend Xiao Wangqing, an expert who was respected even by Li Wangye.

Xiao Wangqing had said that day that this matter should be handled by the geniuses of the Immortal Courts. If Emperor Heavenly Jade insisted on killing Jiang Chen, Xiao Wangqing wouldn’t hesitate to retaliate. It was afraid that not even two Emperor Heavenly Jade would be enough to stand the wrath of a mighty half-step Sovereign.

“Emperor Heavenly Jade, if you aren’t satisfied, send your geniuses to fight me. I, Jiang Chen, will kill whoever that comes.”

Jiang Chen’s qi fluctuated as he shouted, he then turned and left. Yang Bufan, Dongfang Yu and the rest were heading back to the direction of the Great Qian Empire. Yang Yu showed a smile and left the 30000-meter mountain.

“Emperor, what should we do now?” A cultivator of Heavenly Jade Dynasty came to the emperor’s side and asked.

“Let’s go.”

Emperor Heavenly Jade replied with helplessness, and left with his people.

What else could he do? It was certainly unrealistic to kill Jiang Chen today, but he was clear that this was merely the first battle that Jiang Chen will face. He was sure that even more terrifying geniuses would emerge later. The Immortal Courts were just too powerful, and had trained numerous monstrous geniuses. It wouldn’t be difficult for them to kill a single Jiang Chen.

As long as Jiang Chen died in the hands of those geniuses, Xiao Wangqing could say nothing about it.

The fierce battle had ended just like that. This was just the first battle between a genius of Immortal Court and Jiang Chen, and Jiang Chen had gained the victory. It was just the prelude to what would happen next. Many people were filled with anticipation as they knew that the Immortal World would no longer be peaceful.

The appearance of such a twisted devil king would undoubtedly seize away all the peace the Immortal World ever had. 

“Incredible! It seems like we have all looked down upon Jiang Chen. Even Tian Yue, a genius of Immortal Court, is no match for him. It seems like Jiang Chen has grown to an unstoppable degree.”

“It’s always good to have a powerful backer. If it wasn’t because of Xiao Wangqing’s deterrence, Jiang Chen wouldn’t have the chance to stand here and fight a genius of the Immortal Court, and would’ve been killed by the experts of the eight major powers.”

“I’m afraid the show has just started. The high and mighty Immortal Courts have innumerable monstrous geniuses and experts. Tian Yue is merely one of them. With the three Immortal Courts combined, the total number of geniuses are innumerable. The death of Tian Yue will make more geniuses restless. I’m afraid that those geniuses who had never appeared in the world will finally show themselves this time.”


Everyone was filled with anticipation. Ever since the expedition of Golden Horizon ended, the Immortal World had never been peaceful. With the help of Xiao Wangqing, Jiang Chen was able to compete with the pinnacle figures of the young generation. In the past, there was almost zero chance to see those monstrous geniuses of Immortal Courts, but because of Jiang Chen’s existence, they were all able to witness these hidden forces of the Immortal Courts.

“Little Chen, where have you been just now? I almost thought that you wouldn’t show up,” asked Yang Bufan.

“I went to handle some personal matter. It was so close. If I was a little bit late, I wouldn’t be able to return on time.” 

Jiang Chen smiled. If he told Yang Bufan and the others that he had returned to the world below, he wonder how shocked they would be. 

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