Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1740

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After the battle with Tian Yue, Jiang Chen became even more famous. In addition, Jiang Chen had brought great honour to Great Qian Empire. Among other things, the disciples of Great Qian Empire was now behaving proudly outside. Jiang Chen’s glory had invisibly given them the right to boast.

Late in the night, Jiang Chen and Yang Bufan sat together, drinking wine and chatting merrily. Given the present situation, it was a rare opportunity for them to sit down together and have a few drinks.

“King Fan, tomorrow I’ll go to Exquisite Paradise to see Monkey, then I’ll be away for a while,” said Jiang Chen.

“Away? Why?”

Yang Bufan was stunned, couldn’t understand what Jiang Chen meant as he didn’t expect Jiang Chen to leave this place so suddenly. He knew that too many things had taken place in this period of time. Wu Ningzhu and Big Yellow’s departure must have given Jiang Chen a certain amount of pressure. Also, there was the pressure coming from the geniuses of the Immortal Courts, but Yang Bufan was clear that Jiang Chen was absolutely not a person who would just escape. Those monstrous geniuses from the Immortal Courts weren’t enough to scare Jiang Chen away.

“To be honest with you, my dad has already ascended to the Immortal World for a long time now. I’m leaving this time to find my father.”

Jiang Chen didn’t hide his intention. He had learned about the ascension of his father, Jiang Zhenhai, when he returned to Saint Origin World. So naturally, the first thing he needed to do was to search for his father. He knew his father’s talent. He was afraid that his father was still an insignificant Human Immortal after a long period of time. Having such a cultivation base was too dangerous in the Immortal World. Jiang Chen had to find him as soon as possible, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to settle down.

“What? Your dad?”

Yang Bufan couldn’t help feeling shocked, however  he nodded secretly right after. He had long known that Jiang Chen was an ascendant, so he didn’t ask about the situation of his family. Now that Jiang Chen’s father had ascended to the Immortal World, it was only common that Jiang Chen was worried about his father, and wanted to find him as soon as possible.

“Yes. In terms of time, my father has already been in this world for more than a hundred days,” said Jiang Chen.

“But do you know where your father has ascended to?” asked Yang Bufan. 

The Immortal World is just too big. In fact, there isn’t just a single world. Each massive Immortal Domain was an independent world. It was definitely not an easy task to search for an insignificant ascendant in the boundless Immortal World.

“I don’t know yet, but I should be able to find some clues,” replied Jiang Chen. 

If it was before, finding his father would be an impossible task for him. After all, the Immortal World is just too huge. To find a person in the Immortal World was akin to finding a needle in the ocean. But now that his Great Divination Art had advanced to the Heavenly Will realm, he would be able to figure something out. Even if it was just a rough location where in the Immortal Domain his father was in, it would already be considered a good direction.

“En, go now. After locating your father, come back to Great Qian Empire. You can regard this empire as your home now.”

Yang Bufan patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder. Having experienced life and death with Jiang Chen, he no longer regarded Jiang Chen as an outsider. If Jiang Chen brought his father back to Great Qian Empire, his father would become the guest of honour of the empire, and even the Emperor would be present to greet him. 

“That’s of course.” Jiang Chen smiled. There was nothing to be polite about between them.

Both of them had their drinks until midnight. Then, Yang Bufan rose from his seat and left. Meanwhile, Jiang Chen adjusted his condition, activated the Great Divination Art, beginning to calculate the rough location that Jiang Zhenhai was at.

The only problem was that he didn’t have his father’s qi, otherwise, he would be able to precisely locate the position of his father based on the qi. Now, he could only rely on his understanding of Jiang Zhenhai and the divinity of the Great Divination Art to make a calculation. He didn’t really expect to get the precise coordinates, only a rough estimate.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

Light and shadow flickered. The colourful aura of divination was radiating constantly from between his brows. Traces of divination qi permeated into the void, and scattered like spiritual serpents.

Jiang Chen still remembered that he ended up at a remote mountain village after he ascended to the Immortal World. That kind of place was truly not beneficial to him.

The divination had used up the other half of the night. When dawn was breaking, he opened his eyes, sparkling. He had locked on a position.

“Fengchi Immortal Domain.”

Jiang Chen spoke these three words. That was the name of an Immortal Domain. Through the Great Divination Art, he had located a position in Fengchi Immortal Domain. His father must have ended up in Fengchi Immortal Domain. He was certain that there was no error in the Great Divination Art.

Unfortunately, it was virtually impossible to divine the precise position of Jiang Zhenhai in Fengchi Immortal Domain, but he wasn’t in a hurry, also it had become so much easier for him to find his father after obtaining the rough location. After reaching Fengchi Immortal Domain, he could continue to calculate the clues using the Great Divination Art to find his father.

After determining the location, he stood up abruptly, and vanished in a flash.

When he reappeared, he was already outside of Exquisite Paradise. He didn’t know how long it would take him to go to Fengchi Immortal Domain, so he needed to check on Dragon Shisan first before he departs.

“Monkey has incredible bloodline and great healing abilities. Along with the help of the Ling Long Jade’s fluid, I estimate that he is going to wake up soon.” Jiang Chen muttered as he strode towards the mountain gate of Exquisite Paradise.

“Who is it?”

A shout was heard. Five female disciples flew over, blocking Jiang Chen’s path. As the world had been in chaos, every sect had tightened their security.

“It’s Jiang Chen.” A female disciple recognized Jiang Chen and yelped.

“What? He’s Jiang Chen?”

Upon hearing Jiang Chen’s name, the female disciples’ faces changed instantly. Jiang Chen’s reputation had been spread across the entire Immortal World. Although many of them still hadn’t seen him before, no one in the entire Ethereal Immortal Domain didn’t know his name. More importantly, Jiang Chen was considered an ally of Exquisite Paradise.

“I’ve come to see your Master.” Jiang Chen smiled.


The female leader didn’t dare to show any disrespect and hastily gave way to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen nodded politely, and then strode towards the interior of Exquisite Paradise. 

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