Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1741

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At the highest place of Exquisite Paradise, Jiang Chen entered Venerable Ling Long’s private territory without resistance.

Beside the Ling Long Jade Rock stood two people – Venerable Ling Long and Lan Lingji, their eyes staring unblinkingly at the person lying on the divine rock bed. When Ling Long saw Jiang Chen entered, she greeted with a smile.

“Jiang Chen, I heard that you have killed Tian Yue,” said Ling Long said, her eyes brimming with admiration. 

She knew what kind of genius Tian Yue was. The fact that Jiang Chen could eliminate such a monstrous genius gave him sufficient right to disdain the young generation of the Immortal World.

“This is merely the beginning. I won’t put a mere Tian Yue in my eyes,” replied Jiang Chen plainly and arrogantly, but it was hard to detect the arrogance within. It was as if he was describing a very common thing. The truth was similar to what he just said. A mere Tian Yue really wasn’t worth anything in his eyes.

Ling Long nodded with a smile. Given her excellent vision, she could tell that as long as Jiang Chen, who was endowed with monstrous talent and fortune, could continue to develop at this rate, his future achievements would be unimaginable even to him.

“You still have to be careful, however. Tian Yue is only the beginning. Tian Yue isn’t considered powerful amongst the monstrous geniuses. I’m afraid that the death of Tian Yue will draw even more terrifying opponents to you,” Ling Long warned.

“I’ll fight whoever that comes. I, Jiang Chen, have never been afraid of anyone. By the way, how’s Monkey?” asked Jiang Chen.

“Come and see for yourself,” replied Ling Long.

Jiang Chen strode towards the Ling Long Jade Rock and found out that Dragon Shisan was wrapped in a big cocoon, the Ling Long Jade’s fluid constantly penetrating into his body. What surprised Jiang Chen even more was that the vital force and qi in the monkey’s body had become incomparably active. More importantly, the viscera in his body had been fully healed. His pale face had become ruddy. He had fully recovered from his previous injuries.

“What an amazing bastard! He’s able to achieve a full recovery within such a short period of time.” Jiang Chen couldn’t help but exclaim in slight disbelief.

“His current condition has also exceeded my expectation. Although the effect of the Ling Long Jade’s fluid is astonishing, it shouldn’t be this powerful. It’s partly because of Dragon Shisan’s strong bloodline and the Great Earth Immortal Milk in his body. Furthermore, his speed of absorption of the Ling Long Jade’s fluid is unbelievably fast. In truth, the amount of Ling Long Jade’s fluid he has absorbed is comparable to the total absorption of the past ten years.”

Ling Long showed a bitter smile. The Ling Long Jade Rock was the treasure of Exquisite Paradise and Dragon Shisan has already absorbed so much of the divine fluid. Ling Long certainly wouldn’t feel too comfortable about it because such a treasure was beyond precious. If it was someone else on the rock bed, she would have yanked that person away from the divine rock.

“There are things that Young Master Jiang doesn’t know yet. The Ling Long Jade’s fluid is incomparably precious. Ever since it appeared in Exquisite Paradise, no one has ever absorbed this much amount of fluid. Brother Shisan is the first. But as Master said, this indicates that Brother Shisan has a good affinity with the divine rock, at least greater than any of us. Regarding how much he can absorb, it will all depend on him.”

A relieved smile could be seen on Lan Lingji’s face. To her, it was the happiest thing to see Dragon Shisan becoming more and more exuberant. She had never left this place ever since Dragon Shisan was placed here. All of her focus was directed on him.

“This bastard is originally an abnormal being,” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

Dragon Shisan was an Immemorial Battle Spirit, a being that was born from the Heavens and Earth spiritual rock. The Ling Long Jade Rock also belonged to one of the spiritual rocks of the Heavens and Earth, which explained why Dragon Shisan had such a strong affinity with the rock.

Now, it seemed that it was definitely the correct choice to bring Dragon Shisan to Exquisite Paradise. Otherwise, Dragon Shisan wouldn’t have recovered so quickly even if he was put in the thirty-third level of Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. 

“But Brother Shisan hasn’t woken up yet,” said Lan Lingji suddenly with a frown.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen hastily spread out his divine sense onto Dragon Shisan’s body to examine his condition. After examining it for a time, he also knitted his brows.

“How could this be? Monkey’s vitality has already been restored and all his injuries are healed, his innermost soul is still showing no signs of awakening, however,” said Jian Chen. This was his first time encountering such a situation. 

“The joint attack of Old Man Corpse Yin and Old Ancestor Yellow Spring has dealt an extremely strong blow to his body. His soul, in particular, was near extermination. Although all of his injuries are already healed, it’s still too hard to awaken his soul. Which is why he’s still not awake.” Ling Long shook her head, couldn’t help admitting that Dragon Shisan’s condition was somewhat difficult to handle.

“Does Immortal Venerable have a better way?”

Jiang Chen’s face was full of concern. Initially, he planned to head for Fengchi Immortal Domain to search for his father after seeing Dragon Shisan. But unexpectedly, Dragon Shisan’s condition changed.

“Stimulation,” answered Ling Long.

“How?” Jiang Chen and Lan Lingji looked at Ling Long.

“Dragon Shisan’s condition is already considered fully recovered. The only thing left to do is to awaken his soul, however this won’t be an easy task. There must be something to stimulate him. Only something or someone that he likes the most can directly stimulate his soul, waking him up from this deep sleep,” Ling Long said.

“Master, what is the thing that he likes the most then?” Lan Lingji asked hastily.

Instead of answering Lan Lingji’s question, Ling Long looked at Lan Lingji. Jiang Chen too was also looking at her.

“Miss Lan, I’m afraid there’s only you who can stimulate Monkey’s soul.” Jiang Chen smiled.

“Me?” Lan Lingji was stunned.

“That’s right. Dragon Shisan is in love with you. So there’s only you who can stimulate his soul now, and jolt him back to the present. Otherwise, he may be in deep slumber for several hundreds of years or even forever,” said Ling Long. 

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