Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1742

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Venerable Ling Long’s words was definitely not an alarmist. Dragon Shisan might look exuberant, but he was in a very dangerous condition. Without the right medicine, he wouldn’t be able to wake up. Also, this medicine must have a strong effect, otherwise he might be in slumber for eternity. Once his soul had gotten used to being in deep slumber, it would be even harder to awaken him.

“Lingji will do whatever Master asks Lingji to do, as long as it can awaken Brother Shisan,” Lan Lingji spoke hurriedly. 

Despite being the cold and aloof saintess, her mind went haywire when it came to Dragon Shisan. They had fallen in love with each other when they were in Golden Horizon. Although they hadn’t known each other for a long time, Dragon Shisan had saved her numerous times. Now, her heart was occupied by Dragon Shisan. If Dragon Shisan couldn’t be awakened, she would lose all of her interest in living the rest of her life.

“I would have to think about this first,” said Ling Long.

“Immortal Venerable must have better ways. Monkey is now in a very critical condition. If he can’t be awakened in time, he might remain asleep forever,” added Jiang Chen.

Ling Long contemplated briefly and said, “I’ll be holding a general assembly for selecting a son-in-law three days later, and find a suitable candidate to marry the saintess of Exquisite Paradise. Because of your existence, there should be plenty of geniuses from the Immortal Court coming here. There are also numerous geniuses from various major powers. I believe that many of them want to establish ties of friendship with us. So it’s going to be a grand assembly. I will go and announce this matter now. The two of you will have to stay here and figure out ways to stimulate him. If he doesn’t wake up three days later, Lan Lingji will belong to someone else.” 

After Ling Long finished speaking, she vanished with sway, leaving the dumbfounded Jiang Chen and Lan Lingji.

A dozen seconds later only did Jiang Chen regain his senses, then raised his thumbs up at where Ling Long disappeared. 

This was indeed a good move, and Jiang Chen was very much impressed by it, however the saintess of Exquisite Paradise had always been aloof and proud, and never held any interest in selecting a marriage partner. This only showed how much Ling Long cared about Dragon Shisan.

“Why did Master come up with such an idea?” 

Lan Lingji’s face blushed. None of the saintesses in the past generations of Exquisite Paradise held any selection of such an assembly, so it seemed like Lan Lingji was having a hard time finding a soul mate.

“Haha! Miss Lan, there’s no better idea aside from your master’s. Try to think about it. If Monkey knew that you will marry someone, he will force himself to climb out even if he’s beneath the grave.”

Jiang Chen laughed loudly. It was imaginable that this news would set off another wave of commotion in the Immortal World.

One should know that Exquisite Paradise had been established a very long time ago. It was a very strong major power situated at a blessed spot. Additionally, every man would feel proud to marry a beautiful girl in Exquisite Paradise.   

There were many people in the Immortal Domain who wanted to form ties with this sect. Also, it was no secret that the ancestor who founded Exquisite Paradise was a mighty half-step Sovereign. Therefore, there was basically no one who would dare to offend Exquisite Paradise.

Because of Jiang Chen’s presence, many geniuses who were sent to cultivate in various Immortal Courts had returned. This assembly was a good opportunity for these geniuses to compete with each other. Geniuses of such kind were extremely proud. Their presence would displease the other. If there was really a chance to suppress the other party, they would surely never miss it. Furthermore, they now had the chance to bring a beauty back home and become the son-in-law of Exquisite Paradise. Also, everyone knew that Venerable Ling Long treated Lan Lingji as her own child. 

Or else, Ling Long wouldn’t care so much about Dragon Shisan, and wouldn’t have let him lie on the Ling Long Jade Rock.

Although Lan Lingji felt very embarrassed about this open selection of son-in-law, for the sake of Dragon Shisan, she must pull herself together. Moreover, she wanted to know what position she occupied in Dragon Shisan’s heart, and was she important enough to stimulate him to awaken.

She looked forward to the moment Dragon Shisan made a strong entrance, eliminating all the geniuses, marrying her with the most dazzling gesture and became the official son-in-law of Exquisite Paradise.

“Monkey, get up! If you don’t, your wife will belong to someone else!” Jiang Chen spoke to Dragon Shisan who was still in deep slumber on the divine rock.

The competition would be held three days later. Jiang Chen had to delay his trip to Fengchi Immortal Domain. After all, his allies might need his help at any moment. Naturally, he would feel obliged to help if the matter was related to Dragon Shisan’s life or death.

Regarding the search for his father, he was afraid that it wouldn’t take just one or two days, however he could only leave without worries if the matters here were already fully settled.

Today, the whole Immortal Domain was stirred, because not long ago, a great news was announced by Venerable Ling Long.

Ling Long announced that she would hold a competition three days later to select the right partner for the saintness. She would present ten drops of Ling Long Jade’s liquid as the prize for the winner. More importantly, she had said in the announcement that Lan Lingji was her adopted daughter. That was to say, anyone who married Lan Lingji would become her son-in-law.

Not only Eastern Profound Domain was full of commotion, but also the Northern, Southern and Western Profound Domains. This was a rare event that distracted them from matters relating to Jiang Chen.

“It’s a major news. Exquisite Paradise will openly choose the husband for their saintness, and would even give ten drops of Ling Long Jade’s liquid as a reward. The prize is just too attractive.”

“I’m afraid those geniuses will go crazy. The fact that they can marry an unparalleled beauty is surely the happiest thing ever. Besides, Venerable Ling Long has accepted Lan Lingji as her adopted daughter. Whoever marries Lan Lingji will become the adopted son of Venerable Ling Long. From then on, his ties with Exquisite Paradise will improve. The thought of this is truly exciting.”

“This will surely attract numerous people. When the time comes, we’ll go there and watch the show. Exquisite Paradise has never been opened to the public, especially to men. This is a good chance to visit that place. If I can catch the attention of any of the pretty girls there, I’m going to be so lucky. Haha……”

“Get lost! Go and look at yourself in the mirror and reflect on your morality first!”


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