Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1744

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Exquisite Paradise had specially created a zone for distinguished guests in the north. The zone was huge and full of exquisite courtyards. The location was tremendously beneficial. The air was brimming with Heaven and Earth spiritual qi and the ground was connected to spiritual veins below. It was the best place for cultivation. All of the buildings were constructed within one day. The purpose of organizing this major event was to awaken Dragon Shisan, but since Exquisite Paradise was the organizer of this event, they must show the majesty of their sect. Also, the scale of the event must be grand enough to show that they aren’t a low-class power.

Next to the Ling Long Jade Rock, Jiang Chen’s and Lan Lingji’s eyes were fixed on Dragon Shisan who still didn’t show any signs of waking up.

“What now?” Lan Lingji began to feel a little worried.

“What are you worrying about? It isn’t even the day of the selection yet. You’re afraid that you will marry someone else?” Jiang Chen teased.

“Stop joking.” Lan Lingji darted Jiang Chen a glare. She wasn’t in the mood to joke around.

“Exquisite Paradise seemed to have become very lively,” said Jiang Chen.

“En, cultivators from the various major powers have come. They are all in the guest zone now,” replied Lan Lingji.

“Miss Lan, it seems like you really have a great charm. So many of them have come to fight for you.” Jiang Chen continued to tease.

“You’re making fun of me again. However I’m afraid that those geniuses of the Immortal Courts have come partly because of you,” said Lan Lingji. 

She wasn’t a fool. Based on the current situation, it was clear that one of the reasons that those peerless geniuses had come was because of Jiang Chen.

“In that case, I shall go out and see if those geniuses of the Immortal Courts really do have three heads and six arms.” Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled, seemingly about to leave.

“If Young Master Jiang swaggers out in such a way, I’m afraid that a fierce battle will immediately break out in Exquisite Paradise.”

She didn’t wish to see Exquisite Paradise becoming Jiang Chen’s battlefield. She was almost certain that as long as Jiang Chen walked out like this, a fight will immediately be started.

“I’m not going out to start a fight, but to watch the show.”

Jiang Chen smiled. Then, his face began to contort, the size of his body began to change. In the blink of an eye, he had turned into another person, however he still looked as handsome. 

Lan Lingji was astonished. Many people could change their appearance but not their qi. Jiang Chen was able to change both. If she didn’t see him transform into another person in front of her, she would never believe that this person was Jiang Chen.

“Miss Lan, I believe that no one will be able to recognize me if I go out like this right?” Jiang Chen chuckled.

“Indeed. Very well, take care.” Lan Lingji nodded.

“I will leave Monkey to you. There’s nothing much I can do by staying here. I might as well go outside and meet those geniuses of the Immortal Courts.” After saying this, he disappeared with a sway.

Presently, Exquisite Paradise had become the converging point of numerous geniuses. It would be a pity if Jiang Chen didn’t come to witness this spectacular scene. Also, by having a new appearance, he would be able to provide assistance in broad daylight to those disciples of Exquisite Paradise as repayment for their kindness.

A dozen brilliant female disciples were lined up in two rows outside the mountain gate of Exquisite Paradise, greeting and welcoming the qualified guests. Most of the guests were geniuses from various major powers, all of whom having a certain status and identity.

Jiang Chen also descended in front of the mountain gate. By his lonesome, he walked towards the gate, behind five or six people with strong cultivation base – Immortal Emperor realm. There weren’t a lot of young geniuses who had reached the Immortal Emperor realm. This cultivation base alone allowed them to enter the guest zone of Exquisite Paradise.

The leader amongst them was a youth in black. His cultivation base has already reached the half-step Immortal Venerable realm. Judging from the surface, his strength was almost on par with Tian Yue.

It went without saying that this bastard must have come from the Immortal Court. Judging by their dress, they should be disciples of Yellow Spring Sect.

“It’s a small world.” 

Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly. He didn’t have a pleasant impression of Yellow Spring Sect. Old Ancestor Yellow Spring was one of the people who caused Dragon Shisan’s injuries. He would have to settle this score sooner or later.

“Little girl Xue Lian welcomes you all. How may I address you?”

A gorgeous girl came forward. She was the leader amongst the group. Her cultivation base has already reached the peak of early Immortal Emperor realm. Such a cultivation base was considered first-class in Exquisite Paradise. The fact that she was greeting the guests personally indicated the majesty of Exquisite Paradise, and the degree of importance Venerable Ling Long had attached to the various major powers and this event.

“We are from Yellow Spring Sect. This is our senior brother, Lu Yan. He has just returned from the Immortal Court.”

One of them answered loudly. He seemed to be immersed in his own thoughts when he mentioned the words ‘Immortal Court’, as though he was also a genius of the Immortal Court.

“Oh, it’s Senior Brother Lu Yan. Forgive Xue Lian’s impoliteness. Please come in.”

Xue Lian hastily made a polite gesture. She wouldn’t dare show any neglect to the geniuses of Immortal Court.

“En, thanks for the hard work, Junior Sister Xue Lian. Here’s a pill that can strengthen your physique. Treat this as a gift for our first meeting.”

Lu Yan turned his palm and retrieved a pill. Golden light shone from it. One glance was enough to tell that it wasn’t an ordinary item, and was certainly worth a handsome amount.

“Thank you, Senior Brother Lu Yan.”

Xue Lian received the pill politely. All the geniuses that came from the Immortal Court were very concerned of their image. Generally, they would give some benefits as gifts. Xue Lian had received quite a lot of them, which explained why she seemed so happy while greeting those numerous geniuses.

“You do have the audacity to give a trivial pill to someone as a gift.”

A voice sounded from behind. It was hateful and had broken the good atmosphere.

*swoosh… swoosh…*

All eyes turned towards the source of the sound, and saw a white-robed youth swaggering his way towards the mountain gate. He was considered good-looking however he seemed to be slovenly and didn’t have a very strong cultivation base, which made all people frown.

“Brat, what did you just say? I dare you to say that again.”

One of the disciples of Yellow Spring Sect snapped. What a joke! Who didn’t know about the identity of Lu Yan? How dare a puny figure that came from nowhere sneered at Lu Yan? He’s definitely courting death. 

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