Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1746

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Someone almost spurted out blood. Each of them rolled their eyes crazily. The female disciples of Exquisite Paradise were dumbfounded, before bursting into a chuckle.

“F***! Jiang Bufu? That’s ridiculous! He calls himself the only person that walks the battlefield alone, and people calling him Bufu Tian (defy the Heavens). Does he have to go to such great lengths?”

“Nowadays, people are so thick-skinned, I have to say that his name is kind of cool, however.”

“Incredible. I’m utterly impressed by his nickname.”


Jiang Chen looked around at the reaction of the people, blinked his eyes two times, suddenly feeling that his acting had gone a little too far, but it didn’t really matter. Since he had a different identity right now, he might as well act more seriously so that the others wouldn’t link him to his true self.

Furthermore, he didn’t intend to stay silently in Exquisite Paradise this time. As he had collected so many Immortal Weapons, he was ready to give them away in large amounts, which was going to exaggerate the situation.

“He’s absolutely a shameless one to call himself Jiang Bufu! I specialize in dealing with all kinds of Bufu (refusal to obey). Sooner or later, I will beat you until you kneel, and obey me.”

A disciple of Yellow Spring Sect spoke maliciously, seeming to be very dissatisfied that an arrogant kid that came from nowhere had seized the limelight of Lu Yan.

“Why? It seems like you people still refuse to accept the fact. If that’s the case, why not give out something better, instead of some ungenerous insignificant pill.”

Jiang Chen spoke disdainfully. He naturally wouldn’t miss the chance of infuriating the people of Yellow Spring Sect.

“Courting death!”

Being humiliated openly in such way, they couldn’t take it anymore. Killing intent was surging inside of them. It seemed like they were about to lunge forward and kill Jiang Chen.

“All right. Let’s go,” Lu Yan spoke impatiently.

“Senior Brother Lu Yan, this guy lacks the knowledge of the immensity of the Heavens and Earth. How dare he go against us? Could it be that we have to let this go?” The disciple spoke furiously.

“I won’t put a puny figure in my heart. We’ll just find a chance to kill him later. Don’t cause trouble here. Don’t lose sight of our purpose.”

Lu Yan said, then strode forward towards the interior of Exquisite Paradise. A female disciple greeted them and led them towards the place of the guests.


Looking at the back of the disciples, Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly before shifting his face to Xue Lian once more and found out that her cultivation base has already reached the peak of early Immortal Emperor realm, which was only a step away from the intermediate Immortal Emperor realm. But due to the bottleneck, she wasn’t able to make the breakthrough.

“Sister Xue Lian, if I’m not mistaken, your cultivation law should be of water attribute. When the condition is ripe, success will surely follow. The more you force it, the more violent the water churns, causing a dark surge. Why don’t you push the boat along with the current, allow it to flow freely and the dark surge will automatically vanish. Then, you will be able to break through the bottleneck,” said Jiang Chen plainly.

These words stunned Xue Lian. They were ringing in her soul like a bell. A glimmer of light had suddenly shone on her dark path. She suddenly felt that her bottleneck loosened a little.

She looked at the youth with astonished eyes and saluted deeply. “Thank you very much for this advice, young master. Xue Lian is most grateful to you.”

At this moment, she was incomparably excited. Bottleneck and perception were both intangible. One might not know what to do when encountering a bottleneck. The situation will only get worse if you got yourself into a dead end. Sometimes, a word of guidance from an expert could break the stagnation that one is experiencing, allowing one to break through to another level.

The words of Jiang Chen had undoubtedly pointed out Xue Lian’s errors, which brought her tremendous benefits. Instantly, she understood that she had been walking the wrong path all this while. Now that her state was back in perfect order, her cultivation law could improve drastically.

“Don’t mention it. Practice well. If you understand the profound meaning of ‘When water flows, a channel is formed’, it will take you less than ten days to break through to the intermediate Immortal Emperor realm.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. His purpose of putting up the disguise was to help the disciples of Exquisite Paradise. Since Xue Lian was stuck at the bottleneck, he naturally had to guide her out of her trouble.

“Xue Lian will never forget the kindness of Young Master Bufu. Since the young master has arrived, young master is a distinguished guest of Exquisite Paradise. Xiao Ning, bring Young Master Bufu into the guest zone and make good arrangements for Yang Master Bufu.”

Xue Lian said to a female disciple standing next to her. She had totally viewed Jiang Chen as a distinguished guest. His background and cultivation base were no longer important. His generous gifts and sharp eyesight was already enough to show that he was an unordinary person. Naturally, the guest zone would be open to him.

“Senior Sister Xue Lian. What’s the background of that young master? He seems to be very capable.” After Jiang Chen left, a female disciple walked forward and asked with curiosity.

“I don’t know. I’ve never seen that person before, however he seems friendly and have no hostility towards Exquisite Paradise,” said Xue Lian.

“Clearly, otherwise he wouldn’t have given such generous gifts to us. His act of giving out so many Immortal Weapons is really dashing.”

The female disciples were extremely happy. The generosity and charm of a man could always arouse adoration in girls’ heart. 

When Jiang Chen encountered a dozen more female disciples ahead, he immediately gave away a dozen more Immortal Weapons.

“Greetings beauties. These are my token for you all. I’m Jiang Bufu.”

Jiang Chen greeted them, swaggered forth and tossed out the Immortal Weapons as though they were trash to him.

“Whoa! This gentleman is really dashing. He has given us such a valuable gift!”

“Jiang Bufu, what a domineering name! Senior Sister, look! This is a King Grade Immortal Weapon.”

“How generous! Of all the geniuses that have come, I have never seen such a generous person.”


The female disciples were startled. This was an unexpected joy. It was like these benefits have just fallen down from the Heavens.

On the way from the mountain gate to the guest zone, Jiang Chen had encountered at least a hundred female disciples. He would give away an Immortal Weapon to every disciple he encountered. Such an act was spread throughout the entire Exquisite Paradise immediately. Many of them were stupefied by his generous gifts.

The girl who led the way had long been rendered speechless. Both of her eyes were staring at Jiang Chen, completely infatuated.

This was a true nouveau riche! Was there anyone who was more generous than this man?! 

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