Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1748

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*Hu…* *Hu…*

Strong wind roared. The air of the entire courtyard was filled with qi waves coming from Song Ying. The commotion produced by her advancement had startled her companions. Currently, she was wearing a thrilled face. She had waited for this moment for too long. The qi in her body was violently circulating. The fire in her body began to boil after Jiang Chen’s flame entered her body. This type of boiling had induce an earth-shattering and rare transformation in her body.

“Song Ying thanks Young Master Bufu’s kindness very much. I’ll surely repay it another day.”

Song Ying bowed deeply to Jiang Chen once more and vanished along with the sea of fire. Breaking through to the Immortal Emperor realm was a special moment and must be taken seriously. Therefore, Song Ying needed space to properly advance to Immortal Emperor realm.

After all, not everyone was like Jiang Chen who could advance with ease, regardless of the time and place. 

Putting aside all those Immortal Weapons, it was more important to receive the guidance of Jiang Chen. First was Xue Lian. Now, Song Ying. These miraculous scenes filled Song Ying’s companions’ eyes with astonishment, and blazing desire, some of them were also troubled by the bottleneck just like Song Yin.

To Jiang Chen, he was very willing to help improve the cultivation base of the disciples of Exquisite Paradise. After all, Venerable Ling Long didn’t treat him as an outsider, and had made every effort to save Dragon Shisan.

Any major power who wanted to become strong needed a strong foundation. To them, the true foundation was their genius disciples. Only by improving the overall strength of their geniuses could the strength of the major power improve. Jiang Chen was very clear about this. As such, he would take all the opportunity within in this period of time to help as many disciples of Exquisite Paradise as he could.

After all, he was a busy person. It was also considered snatching a moment of leisure in Exquisite Paradise. There wasn’t a lot of time for him to do such good deeds.

“Junior sisters, any one of you who is troubled by your bottleneck can come and let me have a look. Perhaps, I can provide some guidance to you.”

Jiang Chen rolled his head around while speaking, looking like a miracle-working doctor, but in the girls’ eyes, he seemed incredibly handsome.

Upon hearing his words, the female disciples became inexplicably surprised. They couldn’t believe that there was such a good thing under the Heavens. The female disciples who had been stuck at the bottleneck would surely never miss this opportunity that could only happen once in a lifetime.

Although they had unordinary talents, there were too many of them in Exquisite Paradise. Hence, they could only rely on themselves when it comes to cultivation and practice. It was extremely difficult to obtain the guidance of a higher up as they were Immortal Venerable experts and were incredibly busy and didn’t have sufficient time to guide all of them.

Even though this Jiang Bufu was only an early Immortal Emperor, his eyesight was incomparably sharp. He could see through the problem with a glance and offered effective guidance. Xue Lian and Song Ying were the best examples.

“Young Master Bufu, my cultivation base has already been stuck at late Immortal King realm for a very long time. It’s only a step away from the half-step Immortal Emperor realm, however I am trapped in this bottleneck. Please provide some guidance, young master.” A female disciple came forward and clasped her fists.

“The qi and blood in your body have silted up. It’s the result of your haste to succeed which caused you to take the wrong path. If you can’t get rid of the deposit in your body, you won’t be able to advance to half-step Immortal Emperor for the rest of your life,” Jiang Chen glanced at the girl and explained.

My goodness! Was it really that magical?

He could tell everything with just a glance? What kind of eyesight was that?

Everyone was astounded. Jiang Chen had instantly become a high and mighty figure that they admired and worshiped. They wouldn’t have believed it if they didn’t see it with their own eyes.

“Help me, young master.”

One female disciple seemed pretty emotional. She wanted to kneel and worship Jiang Chen but her knees were lifted off the ground with just a gentle force from Jiang Chen. He understood how this female disciple felt. A deposit in the body was equivalent to a chronic disease. She herself knew that she would never advance without getting rid of it completely. Now that she had seen hope once again, she couldn’t help feeling excited.

“There’s no need to be overly courteous. It’s fate that you have met me. I’ll gift you my kindness today, helping you to remove the deposit.”

Jiang Chen said, then held the wrists of the girl. A wisp of flame entered her body like a spiritual serpent. Without delay, the girl relaxed her state of mind, allowing the youth’s flame to course through inside her body. Such a situation was incomparably dangerous and reckless, however she needed to try her best. Also, she believed that Young Master Bufu wouldn’t harm her, because there was no reason for him to do so.

Jiang Chen’s way of dealing with the deposit was simple. He used the flames to incinerate the deposit completely. Not a single remain was left inside of her. 


The process took only a dozen seconds. Jiang Chen withdrew his palm and flames. The body of the disciple began to shake intensely. Her qi began to climb gradually, just like Song Yin.

“The deposit in my body is gone. I’m going to break through to the half-step Immortal Emperor realm!”

The disciple wasn’t able to control her emotions. She had waited for this day for too long. She had never thought that this day would come so easily. Tears of joy trickled down her face. She almost knelt again and kowtow before Jiang Chen. Judging by her looks, it seemed like she wouldn’t hesitate to marry him.

“Go into seclusion. I only help clear away the deposit, however you are still the one to walk the path. Remember not to be in a hurry to succeed. Otherwise, another deposit will appear once more, which will make the later advancement even harder,” Jiang Chen said in a serious tone.

“Many thanks Young Master Bufu, for your great kindness. I will never forget it.” The girl bowed deeply to Jiang Chen, then turned and left.

The scene was clearly seen by all of her companions. Their emotion was utterly stirred. They hadn’t thought that there is actually such a divine person in the world. His means were even greater compared to Venerable Ling Long’s.

Next, three girls walked forward to Jiang Chen together. As expected, the youth didn’t let them down. He saw the root of their problem with just a glance and helped solve them with ease, allowing the three of them to advance.  

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