Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1751

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Under Jiang Chen’s control, the only thing the two early Immortal Emperor disciples could do was to wail. Their hearts were full of regret now. They regretted acting without having the full knowledge of their opponent’s strength. Therefore, the pain they’re suffering right now could be considered as self-inflicted.

“Take a look at your ruddy face. How dare the likes of you sneer at me? Do you know the meaning of my name? The first meaning of my name is defiance. The second meaning of my name is ‘specialized in treating all kinds of disobedience’. If the two of you submit to me right now, I’ll let you go,” Jiang Chen looked at the two agonized individuals and spoke cynically.

“Son of a b**ch! Jiang Bufu, how dare you hurt the people of my sect. I think you are courting death!”

Lu Qi was infuriated. They had never suffered such humiliation before, but at the same time, he was startled by the opponent’s strength.

“Answer me NOW!”

Jiang Chen ignored Lu Qi as if he was just a fart, and continued prompting the two.

“Jiang Bufu, let us go! Or else you will die a graveless death!”

“You’re playing with fire, Jiang Bufu! How dare you go against Yellow Spring Sect. Even if you have eight lives, it won’t be enough!”

The two were still as stiff in their words. It seemed impossible for them to surrender to Jiang Chen in public as this involved the dignity of their sect. Additionally, they simply didn’t believe that the other party would dare do anything to them. After all, Yellow Spring Sect wasn’t a major power to be trifled with, and there was still their Senior Brother Lu Qi, their biggest reliance, beside them.

“Very well, since you two won’t yield, then you won’t have the chance to surrender anymore. I have already given you the chance. I, Young Master Bufu, never give a second chance.” 

Jiang Chen said, then exerted force with his palm. With a crack, both of their arms exploded, turning into a mist of blood. Not only that, he had also sent two kicks to their Qi Sea, bursting their Qi Sea instantly. Both of them were utterly crippled. 

“Ah……! You have cri-cripled me!”

“No-no… this isn’t real!”

The two of them let out blood-curdling cries that sounded like pigs being slaughtered as they rolled continuously on the ground. They were suffering in agony, both physically and mentally. They were unable to accept this fact. They had managed to reach the Immortal Emperor realm at such a young age, and there was still a bright future waiting for them. But today, their cultivation had been crippled. All of their prospects were ruined. It was something that they hadn’t even dreamt of.

Blood was all over the place. Some female disciples changed their impression of Jiang Bufu. No one had thought that this carefree and amiable youth would be so cruel and violent in his attack.

Moreover, these two were both disciples of Yellow Spring Sect. They were afraid that Jiang Bufu would be in real trouble because this wasn’t a major power to be trifled with.

Blood was about to ooze out of Lu Qi’s eyes. He too hadn’t expected that the scene would turn out like this. Even now, he still didn’t dare believe that Jiang Bufu had actually crippled his companions. Senior Brother Lu Yan had given the order to find an excuse to get rid of Jiang Bufu but instead, their people were gotten rid of. This was a huge irony.

“Jiang Bufu, you are really courting death.”

Lu Qi spoke through gritted teeth. His killing intent surged forward, locking on Jiang Bufu’s position. He must eliminate this damnable youth and obtain justice for his comrades. Otherwise, he would lose all his face and courage to return and face Lu Yan.

“Huh? You want to fight too? I advise you not to, or else, you will face the same consequence as these two.”

Jiang Chen glanced sideways at Lu Qi. From the beginning until now, his back had never left the rattan chair. His arrogance indicated that he didn’t put Lu Qi in his eyes this whole time. The more he behaved in such a way, the angrier Lu Qi became. Lu Qi was considered a famous figure in his sect. He had never been humiliated in such a way.

“What a good Jiang Bufu! Today, I’m going to beat you until you surrender to me.”

Lu Qi couldn’t take it any more. Raging waves of qi rolled. A bowl-sized glittering golden fist was sent flying towards Jiang Chen at lightning speed. As an intermediate Immortal Emperor genius, his attacks were incredibly powerful. Inches of the void where the fist passed were shattered.

However, to Jiang Chen, an intermediate Immortal Emperor was no different than an early Immortal Emperor. He just used the same move to get rid of them.


Just like before, Lu Qi’s fist was caught by Jiang Chen’s palm. When the ocean-like energy collided with Jiang Chen’s palm, nothing happened. It didn’t even move the sitting Jiang Chen.


Lu Qi was so startled that his eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets. He tried to exert more strength but to no avail. Then, he attempted to break free from Jiang Chen’s grasp but was shocked to find that Jiang Chen’s hand was clasping his fist firmly like an iron pliers. He couldn’t break free from the grip no matter how much force he exerted.

This time, his facial expression made a 180 degrees turn. He wasn’t an idiot. He naturally knew that he had hit the wall at this point. Even if he used up all of his strength, he was still no match for his opponent.


Without giving Lu Qi the chance to react, an incredible force rushed out of Jiang Chen’s palm. With a blast, Lu Qi’s arm exploded, turning into a mist of blood, just like the previous two.


Jiang Chen sent out a slap. Suddenly, Lu Qi felt as if an enormous mountain was pressing against his body. Under the weight of such force, he fell to his knees with a puff.

“So, this is just how powerful the geniuses of Yellow Spring Sect are. How weak!” Jiang Chen looked at the kneeling Lu Qi and spoke coldly.

The female disciples around were dumbfounded. Jiang Chen’s might had petrified them. The outcome of the two early Immortal Emperors was already hard enough for them to accept, let alone the outcome of Lu Qi who was an intermediate Immortal Emperor.

“No, this isn’t possible. This is absolutely not possible!”

Lu Qi roared hoarsely. This blow was too much for him to take. Although he had lost an arm, the blow that hit his soul was much severe than his physical injuries.

Yang Bufan and the other two who had been watching the scene from the start seemed to be completely indifferent. After all, they already knew the identity of Jiang Bufu. Everything that happened just now matched Jiang Chen’s means and style of conduct. 

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