Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1752

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The wails of the three had attracted numerous spectators, causing the small courtyard to become even livelier.

“Look, the geniuses of Yellow Spring Sect! The one who’s kneeling down is Lu Qi.”

“What am I seeing here? Who is this Jiang Bufu? Why is he so powerful? He seems to be only an early Immortal Emperor while Lu Qi is an intermediate Immortal Emperor supreme genius who is very famous in Yellow Spring Sect. But he is beaten up so badly that he can’t even get up from his knees.”

“There are too many strange things and people in this world. After this event, this Jiang Bufu is going to be famous.”


Many of them couldn’t help but sigh when they saw the scene. There was also a portion of them who couldn’t believe that it was real.

“Let them go at once.”

At this moment, a cold voice was heard from the outside of the courtyard. Then, six people came in. The leader wore a blade robe and had eyes as cold as serpent. Jiang Chen recognized this man. He was Lu Yan whom Jiang Chen had encountered at the mountain gate of Exquisite Paradise. This group was also from Yellow Spring Sect. 

The sight of the three immediately triggered fury in Lu Yan. Crippling the people of their sect openly was a direct provocation towards them. This didn’t only make them suffer the loss of geniuses, but also a loss of face. There was nothing more important than face for a major power.

“Who are you? What right do you have to order me to release them?” Jiang Chen smiled coldly.

His response made everyone around roll their eyes, thinking that this bastard had gotten too far. Speaking to Lu Yan in such manner was truly seeking death.

“I don’t care who you are. What you are doing now is digging your own grave,” Lu Yan responded coldly.

“Is that so?”

Jiang Chen placed his palm on Lu Qi’s head and said, “If you take one more step forward, I’ll kill him.”

As soon as these words came out, it set off another wave of uproar. Injuring and killing were two totally different concepts. If Jiang Bufu really killed the people of Yellow Spring Sect, hatred would definitely be formed between them, making them mortal enemies.

Furthermore, the boldness required to kill the people of Yellow Spring Sect was tremendous. At least, many of them didn’t believe that Jiang Chen would really dare to kill a genius of this sect because he couldn’t afford to.

“Don’t you dare!” Lu Yan was truly infuriated. No one had ever dared to threaten him.

“You can try it,” said Jiang Chen indifferently.

“Courting death!”

Lu Yan’s serpent-like eyes grew even more malicious as he strode towards Jiang Chen. He didn’t believe that Jiang Chen would kill Lu Qi because that was equivalent to playing with fire.


However, when Lu Yan took a single step forward, he heard a miserable cry before Lu Qi’s skull burst completely, causing him to die on the spot.


The whole scene was stirred. Everyone was petrified, gaping at Jiang Bufu in disbelief. He really did it. He had killed a genius of Yellow Spring Sect!

Such a move openly made Yellow Spring Sect his enemy.

But at the same time, many of them began to admire this Young Master Bufu for being so decisive and forthright. There was only a small number of people who had such cruel means of killing.

“Brat! I think you are tired of living! How dare you kill a genius of Yellow Spring Sect?! Go to hell now!” Lu Yan bellowed. His killing intent was overwhelming as he lunged at Jiang Bufu.


A shout was heard. 

An overbearing pressure descended from the sky. An old woman holding a walking stick was flying over to them, and stopped in mid-air above them. Examining what happened in the courtyard, her eyes fell upon Jiang Chen for a moment before shifting them away.

She was a mighty Immortal Venerable, a true elder who had tremendous prestige in Exquisite Paradise. 

“Tomorrow is the day of the selection of son-in-law. Are you all done with your business? Are you treating Exquisite Paradise as a marketplace? If you want to settle your scores, please do it outside Exquisite Paradise.” After she finished speaking, she vanished with a sway.

This was after all the guest zone, the place to serve guests. Given Lu Yan and Jiang Chen’s strength, Exquisite Paradise would surely lose its peace if a fight broke out between them.

The appearance of the old woman made Lu Yan withdrew his qi. He looked at Jiang Chen once more and spoke coldly, “Jiang Bufu, as you call yourself the one’s defying the Heavens, do you dare fight me?”

When these words were heard, many of them felt that this was too much, especially so for the female disciples. Lu Yan was a half-step Immortal Venerable genius that had returned from the Immortal Court whereas Young Master Bufu was merely an early Immortal Emperor. There was a huge gap between their cultivation base. Wasn’t he just trying to bully Young Master Bufu by mounting a challenge against Young Master Bufu?

Meanwhile, they also felt that Jiang Bufu would never agree to it. After all, the result was already certain – Jiang Bufu would lose his life. Anyway, this was the territory of Exquisite Paradise. No matter how angry Lu Yan was, he wouldn’t dare to start a fight here.

“You want to fight me?” Jiang Chen looked over at Lu Yan with interest.

“That’s right. We’ll find a desolate place outside Exquisite Paradise and have a life-or-death battle.” Lu Yan spoke aloud.

“That settles it,” said Jiang Chen, then flew skywards, heading towards the outside of Exquisite Paradise.

The scene had stunned everyone, including Lu Yan himself. He wouldn’t have thought that the opponent would actually agree to fight him. At first, he merely wanted to scare the opponent and regain some of his image, because he knew that no matter how powerful an early Immortal Emperor was, he certainly wouldn’t dare to fight him.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Bufu accepted the challenge and had even taken the initiative to fly towards the outside of Exquisite Paradise.

Lu Yan wouldn’t have thought that a desolate place was what Jiang Chen wanted the most. If a battle really broke out here, he was afraid that it would expose his identity. Whenever he encountered a genius like Lu Yan, he would surely eradicate him if he had the chance. Naturally, he would accept the fight against Lu Yan.

He had already confirmed that Lu Yan’s power was on par with Tian Yue. If he could kill Tian Yue, he could also kill Lu Yan.

“Is this guy out of his mind? He has accepted Lu Yan’s challenge. Did he know that this is Lu Yan we’re talking about? How did he get that kind of confidence?”

“He’s a madman! He must be. A single strike from Lu Yan is enough to kill him.”


Many people shook their heads, feeling that this was a crazy act. 

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