Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1755

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Lu Yan’s facial expression changed once more. The terrifying speed of Jiang Chen really appalled him. Only now did he remember that Jiang Chen had mastered the Great Void Technique.

“Jiang Chen, do you really want both of us to perish together? You won’t gain anything from it!”

Lu Yan shouted, feeling that Jiang Chen had gone a little too far. Initially, he thought that even if he wasn’t a match for Jiang Chen, he could still escape easily, but sadly, the truth disappointed him.

“You aren’t qualified to kill me,” said Jiang Chen while swinging the Heavenly Saint Sword once more. 

The conflict between Jiang Chen and Yellow Spring Sect was already irreconcilable. Lu Yan, being one of their geniuses, had returned from the Immortal Court to kill Jiang Chen. Although this genius had chosen to retreat now, feeling that he might not be able to kill his target, Jiang Chen had no doubt that Lu Yan would never miss the chance of killing him if Lu Yan was capable enough.

Therefore, since Lu Yan had already come to this place, Jiang Chen definitely wouldn’t let go of this great opportunity of eliminating him. Plus, he had the assurance of killing Lu Yan.

Lu Yan was angered. As a first-class genius of Yellow Spring Sect and a peerless figure in the Immortal Court, he had never felt so aggrieved. Qi waves surged out from his body as he brandished his combat sword, colliding with Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Saint Sword once more. For a moment, the sky was in a state of chaos and darkness. The void and the mountain range below were shattered.

*Deng! Deng! Deng!*

Despite having done his best, he was still forced several steps back by Jiang Chen before regaining his balance. At this point, even if he was reluctant to admit it, he was clearly no match for Jiang Chen.

In his opinion, Jiang Chen was like a ferocious divine beast. There’s limitless force inside of Jiang Chen that couldn’t be exhausted. This scenario created fear inside of him, even though he had long forgotten what fear was ever since he reached his present cultivation base.

At this moment, Jiang Chen’s qi changed once more. His dragon eyes turned blood-red. He kept the Heavenly Saint Sword, which most people would consider this unwise at this critical moment, however this had scared Lu Yan even more because he could feel the threat coming from Jiang Chen. He knew very well that Jiang Chen didn't give up his Immortal Weapon, but was trying to display a technique that was even more terrifying compared to the Immortal Weapon.

“I’m done playing with you. Slaughter Dragon Seal.”

Jiang Chen spoke in a thunderous voice. A blood-red dragon of slaughter instantly appeared above his head. The dragon’s eyes were remote and emotionless as it gazed upon Lu Yan, completely locking onto his qi. That was the will of the slaughter dragon. Once a target was fixed, the target must be destroyed at all costs.


The horrifying dragon of slaughter formed a massive blood-red dragon seal, emitting the qi of death, rushing at Lu Yan.

Lu Yan was horrified. In the face of the terrifying Slaughter Dragon Seal, he could feel the will of the dragon of slaughter. And the hint of Heaven’s Prestige within the dragon seal made his soul shudder.

A sense of death that he had never felt before suddenly arose from his heart. It was overly horrifying. The blood-red Slaughter Dragon Seal now seemed like the scariest thing in the Heavens and Earth. He felt utterly powerless.

At this point, the first thing he thought of was to flee for his life, but he wouldn’t dare to because he was aware that the Slaughter Dragon Seal had already locked onto his qi. His movement speed would never be faster compared to the Slaughter Dragon Seal.

The only thing he could do was to confront the attack with all his might, hoping that he could resist it.

“Swords Sweeping in Eight Directions!”

This seemed like Lu Yan’s final technique. With a bellow, the combat sword in his hand produced countless sword light, rushing towards all directions, forming a large net and enshrouding the Slaughter Dragon Seal.


The blood dragon roared frenziedly. As the sword light touched the body of the slaughter dragon, clangs were produced but they were unable to cause any harm to the slaughter dragon. Such a scene was just like when Tian Yue launched the Nine Heavenly Astral Slash. They were no match for the slaughter dragon.

After comprehending the Dao of Slaughter, Jiang Chen had cultivated the Slaughter Dragon Seal. Right now, the Slaughter Dragon Seal had become the representative of slaughter, the perfect manifestation of the Dao of Slaughter that had absorbed the Heaven’s Prestige of Nine Tribulations of Slaughter. Currently, it was Jiang Chen’s most terrifying technique. The damage it dealt was beyond imagination.

*Hong Long……*

The whole battlefield became turbulent. The enormous mouth of the dragon swallowed Lu Yan and exploded. Afterward, Jiang Chen waved to strike out a wave of qi, dispelling the mist of chaos. The figure of Lu Yan became visible once more.

Presently, Lu Yan was covered in blood and seemed completely battered. Judging from his qi, he was only a little bit stronger compared to Tian Yue, under such a situation, however, he was nothing more than a sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

Jiang Chen came to Lu Yan’s front, his ruthless sharp gaze fell upon Lu Yan.

“Jiang Chen, don’t...don’t kill me.” Lu Yan had never feared death as much as now. He didn’t want to die. No one wanted to die.

“Give me a reason to spare your life,” said Jiang Chen flatly.

Lu Yan smiled bitterly because he couldn’t find any reason. If Jiang Chen were the one who fell into his hands, Jiang Chen would certainly be killed. At this point, he was in complete despair.

Jiang Chen dispelled the dragon form, then turned and left. The instant he vanished from the mountain range, Lu Yan’s body suddenly burst into a fog of blood. The combat sword in his hand turned into a ray of golden light and flew into Jiang Chen’s hand. With another sway, Jiang Chen disappeared out of sight.

Exquisite Paradise was now crowded with people. Tomorrow was the general assembly for the selection of son-in-law. Most of the geniuses had already arrived. At this moment, many eyes were fixed at a distance, as though waiting for someone to emerge.

“Why isn’t he back yet? Who do you all think will win?”

“Isn’t it obvious? Even a fool knows that Jiang Bufu will die for sure. That’s Lu Yan that we are talking about.”

“Yes. I dare to bet that Lu Yan will return in less than ten minutes with the head of Jiang Bufu.”


The crowd was getting agitated. They seemed to have already concluded the result of the battle beforehand, and while they were still betting on the winner, a figure suddenly emerged in their range of vision, reaching the mountain gate of Exquisite Paradise within a few breaths. When they saw who the person was, every one of them was dumbfounded.

“Isn’t he Jiang Bufu?”

“That’s right. Why has he returned? Where’s Lu Yan? Why hasn’t Lu Yan returned? Don’t tell me that he has killed Lu Yan.”

“What are you thinking? How could he kill Lu Yan? I guess the battle never took place in the first place.”


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