Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1757

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Jiang Chen was standing next to the Ling Long Jade Rock, gazing at the sleeping Dragon Shisan who didn’t show any signs of waking up.

“Our sect has lost its peace as soon as you got out.”

Lan Lingji looked at Jiang Chen. Although she didn’t leave the spatial zone, she knew exactly what had happened outside. The guest zone has already lost its peace. The revelation of Jiang Chen’s identity would make tomorrow’s competition even livelier. Those peerless geniuses that normally never appear would definitely show up tomorrow with the sole purpose of getting rid of Jiang Chen.

Lan Lingji knew very well the attraction of Jiang Chen was even greater than her, the saintess, to those powerful geniuses who had returned from the Immortal Court.

“That’s nothing. We have never stop fighting anyway. Since they are coming for me, I will naturally have to go out and do something.” Jiang Chen smiled.

“Me and my master is already very grateful to you. We know that you have gone out this time to help my fellow disciples,” Lan Lingji said with a smile. 

She was crystal clear about the things he had done in these past two days. In addition to the Immortal Weapons he gave out to them, he had helped numerous female disciples who were stuck at the bottleneck, broke through. Exquisite Paradise was grateful to have loyal friends like Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan, and would be more than willing to help them.

“It’s just a small deed. How’s monkey?” Jiang Chen asked.

Lan Lingji shook her head and then sighed. “There’s still no progress.”

“Monkey, if you still don’t wake up, your wife is going to marry someone else tomorrow.”

Jiang Chen said with a frown, but apart from these words , he couldn’t figure out other ways to awaken Dragon Shisan.

Lan Lingji seemed very helpless. She had no idea what should she do if Dragon Shisan didn’t wake up tomorrow. Could it be that she really had to marry somebody else? That was impossible. However, should she chose not to marry, it would cause Exquisite Paradise to leave a bad taste to the various major powers, which was something she didn’t wish to happen.

The idea of using the selection of son-in-law to stimulate Dragon Shisan into waking up was a risky move, but for the sake of Dragon Shisan, she was willing to do anything, and she wouldn’t give up until the very end. She believed the same was true for Dragon Shisan.

“I’m sure Brother Shisan will wake up,” Lan Lingji said resolutely.

The next day, early in the morning, Exquisite Paradise was bustling with noise and excitement.

There was a square in Exquisite Paradise that was 10-miles wide. It was the biggest martial arena of the sect. Currently, it was already crowded with people. This general assembly was open to all. Apart from the geniuses of the various major powers who came to participate in this event, there were also many other rogue cultivators. This major event was bound to attract countless of attention.

“The selection of son-in-law is about to begin. I wonder if the saintess will appear later. I have seen the saintess of Exquisite Paradise before. I heard that she is an unparalleled beauty and her body emanates heavenly fragrance.”

“That’s of course. Lan Lingji is known as the prettiest beauty in Eastern Profound Domain. That’s not an unearned reputation. Lan Lingji will definitely show up in this selection of son-in-law.”

“I’m getting impatient.”

“What’s the use of getting impatient? You think cultivators like you can compete in that arena? I’m afraid no one will even notice your death in the battlefield.”

“I didn’t say that I’m competing with others. I’m only here to watch the show. Those who participate in this competition are super geniuses that have returned from the Immortal Court. That kind of battle would surely be fierce. If Jiang Chen appears at that time, the whole atmosphere will be filled with even more excitement.”


The crowd was in discussion, in anticipation of the selection of son-in-law. Apart from Lan Lingji’s beauty, they also looked forward to the competition between the geniuses of the Immortal Court that was bound to be earth-shattering and eye-opening.


At this moment, the sky above the martial arena suddenly shook. Then, a few Immortal Venerables emerged from it. There were five of them. The leader was Venerable Ling Long who also had an elegant and dazzling appearance.

The rest were the higher ups of Exquisite Paradise. They were the core officials of the sect. Venerable Ling Long had personally come to preside over the selection of son-in-law.

“She’s Venerable Ling Long. She looks so amazing! And she’s an intermediate Immortal Venerable. I never thought that I would have the chance of seeing such a beautiful lady.”

“Venerable Ling Long treated the saintess as her own daughter. This event is also a big event for Venerable Ling Long. Naturally, she has to be present today. Furthermore, many geniuses of the Immortal Court have come this time. Only Venerable Ling Long can maintain the order of the situation.”


The appearance of Venerable Ling Long immediately set off a commotion. Many of them wouldn’t have the chance of meeting an unparalleled overlord like her in their entire lives if Exquisite Paradise didn’t open the event to the public this time. Which was why many of them seemed pretty excited.

There was a tall platform ahead. Venerable Ling Long and her fellow Immortal Venerables landed on top of the platform. Venerable Ling Long looked around and spoke, “The selection of son-in-law today is a major event of Exquisite Paradise. The rules are simple. Compete in the battle arena and the winner takes it all. Whoever can suppress the others will become my son-in-law. When the time comes, not only can the person marry the saintess, but also be rewarded with ten drops of Ling Long Jade’s fluid.”

As soon as Ling Long finished speaking, the scene became chaotic as the temptation was just too great.

“It will be such a blessing to become the son-in-law of Venerable Ling Long. And there’s also the ten drops of Ling Long Jade’s fluid. I heard that it was extracted from Ling Long Jade Rock, and is incomparably precious. Anyone that can obtain it will be greatly benefited.”

“Yes, but unfortunately, my strength is limited. Otherwise, I will surely test my luck for sure. Not only would I win huge rewards, but also bring back an unparalleled beauty. How wonderful!”

“Wake up dude! Stop dreaming! Just watch the show with your eyes. The selection of son-in-law has nothing to do with you.”


The crowd was growing restless. Those geniuses from the Immortal Courts were itching for a try. They would be the main characters in the battlefield. Those who were weaker than them would have to stand aside.

“Immortal Venerable, before you begin the selection of son-in-law, can you let the saintess out for us to have a look?” Someone shouted.

The instant the voice fell, a beautiful girl was flying her way towards the scene, landed on the tall platform and stood beside Venerable Ling Long. She was dressed in blue, her skin as delicate as jade. Her beauty gave everyone a hard time to breathe. 

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