Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1758

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“Amazingly attractive! She’s indeed the number one beauty in Eastern Profound Domain. How striking!”

“I didn’t expect the saintess of Exquisite Paradise to look so stunning. I initially wasn’t very interested in the competition, but now I’m going to do whatever it takes to become the winner.”

“I too am going to participate. Only a genius like me is fit to have such beauty.”


Lan Lingji’s appearance had stirred the whole crowd. For most of them, it was their first time seeing Lan Lingji, they had only heard about her before. One should know that the geniuses present on this event were not only from Eastern Profound Domain, but also from the other profound domains. In addition, those geniuses that returned from the Immortal Court in particular, due to the long period of training, they hadn’t been back for a long time. So naturally, most of them hadn’t seen Lan Lingji before.

There was quite a number of them who came here for Jiang Chen, but the appearance of Lan Lingji changed their original plan. They felt that they must fight hard for this beauty today.

Nevertheless, there were still some people who seemed indifferent. They just stood where they were, as though nothing in the world could attract their interest and attention, however the qi they emitted was astonishing. They were the true geniuses, and all of them were early Immortal Venerables. Their divine sense continuously sweeping back and forth amongst the crowd. 

Apparently, these people had come only for Jiang Chen. Regarding the selection of son-in-law, they didn’t seem to be interested in participating it. Given their cultivation base, they had already reached a very formidable fortitude– women’s beauty could no longer shake their hearts. They weren’t attracted to the saintess of Exquisite Paradise. They were going to let those half-step Immortal Venerables fight their own battles.

On the Yellow Spring Sect’s side, a few disciples were looking incomparably sour as Lu Yan has yet to appear. By now, they were almost sure that Lu Yan was dead. The one that stood before them now was a formidable genius, an early Immortal Venerable that had returned from the Immortal Court not long ago. He had been to the barren mountain range ten thousand miles away and confirmed the death of Lu Yan after sensing the death qi.

This had escalated their fury and their resoluteness to kill Jiang Chen.

On top of the platform, Lan Lingji’s face wore no expression. She didn’t even cast a glance to the people below. Instead, she just stood at the back of the higher -ups.

“Alright. Let’s not delay anymore. I will now announce the rules of the competition in detail. Whoever wins three matches in a row will enter the final selection of son-in-law. There can only be life and death during the battles, so killing isn’t prohibited. If anyone admits defeat, the battle will end immediately,” said Venerable Ling Long aloud. 

Although the rules sounded simple, they were harsh in reality. One should know that every genius that came from the Immortal Court was a heaven-defying individual. It might still be possible to win a match, but it would be too difficult for them to win three matches in a row. After all, each match would consume a tremendous amount of energy.

Such rules quicken the process of selection, however. There were around thirty or forty half-step Immortal Venerables on the scene. It was already considered not bad if at least two or three of them could enter the final stage. After all, it wasn’t an easy task to win three matches in a row.

Apart from that, death on the battle arena was viewed as a normal thing. This rule would turn the battles bloody and cruel. Although these geniuses came from the Immortal Court, most of them had clashed against each other and originated from different major powers. So it’s only natural that they had some grudges against each other. It was true that the Immortal Court prohibited them from killing each other, but they weren’t in the Immortal Court now. It was believed that they wouldn’t want to give up the chance of eliminating their enemies on the battle arena.

Of course, if they were outmatched by their opponents, they could also choose to admit defeat. Considering the fact that they were all of the same cultivation base and heaven-defying geniuses, it wouldn’t be easy for them to kill each other.

“Let the battles begin now.”

After she finished speaking, Ling Long slowly sat down on the rattan chair behind her.

The crowd began to get agitated. Countless pairs of eyes gaze upon the centre of the battle arena where three battle platforms stood, which allowed three matches to take place simultaneously.

“The true moment is coming. How thrilling!”

“Killing isn’t prohibited. Although the rules seem somewhat cruel, we can’t deny the fact that the Immortal World is a place where the strong prey on the weak.”

“Lan Lingji’s appearance has attracted the interest of those geniuses. The following battles will surely be exciting. I wonder who will be the winner of this selection. If I’m able to marry a peerless beauty like Lan Lingji, my life will not be in vain.”


The crucial moment had finally arrived. The people’s eyes were all fixed on the three battle platforms. Everyone knew that these platforms would surely turn bloody afterwards.

*Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!*

Almost as soon as Venerable Ling Long’s words faded, three silhouettes flew towards the three platforms respectively, and landed gently on them.

“Who will fight me, Chu Tian?”

A tall, burly man in yellow robe clamoured, his head was shaped like a leopard’s and his eyes were round. One glance at him and everyone could tell that he was a vicious individual.

“That’s Chu Tian of Limitless Immortal Sect. He seems pretty powerful.”

Someone recognized the burly man who came from Limitless Immortal Sect. Chu Tian’s seemed to have established a high prestige in Eastern Profound Domain before he even entered the Immortal Court.

“Let me fight you.”

A shout was heard. It belonged to another youth who flew skyward and stopped opposite of Chu Tian. He was a genius from Northern Profound Domain. He had fallen in love with Lan Lingji at first sight, and was ready to go all out to get her.

*Hong Long……*

Without another word, a tremendous battle broke out between the two. At the same time, battles were also started in the other two platforms.

The battle platforms were strong enough to withstand their frenzied battles as Venerable Ling Long had personally deployed a powerful restrictive formation on them. Otherwise, given the heaven-defying power these geniuses have, the battle platform would have already been destroyed at the first exchange of blows.

For a moment, the sky above the three battle platforms was in a state of chaos and darkness. The combat strength of half-step Immortal Venerable peerless geniuses was beyond imagination and comparison. They were the eye-openers for the other geniuses. It made others understand what a true genius really was.

In a matter of minutes, around forty rounds of battle had taken place between the six geniuses, but no victory nor defeat could be determined. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t easy for them to win over the other as they had relatively the same strength. 

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