Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1762

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Dragon Shisan’s movement was just too fast, twice as fast as lightning. His claw-like palm reached Chu Tian in the blink of an eye.


Chu Tian let out a hoarse roar. At this moment, he could sense the threat of death and fear in the depths of his soul. In the face of Dragon Shisan’s killing intent, he felt that he didn’t even have the strength to resist. He wanted to evade and escape, but it was all too late. The qi exuded from Dragon Shisan’s body had entirely locked him in place. 

He finally understood the gap between himself and his enemy, and why his enemy had disdained him. It turned out that Dragon Shisan wasn’t humiliating him by calling him ‘trash’, in Dragon Shisan’s eyes, it was a fact that he’s trash. 

Unfortunately, he realized it too late. Just like what Dragon Shisan had said, he was already given two chances to live.


Dragon Shisan’s palm grasped the face of Chu Tian. Under the enormous force, Chu Tian’s skull burst.

The rare genius of Limitless Immortal Sect couldn’t even withstand Dragon Shisan’s strike  This was no doubt a great loss to Limitless Immortal Sect. At the same time, this also meant that Dragon Shisan had become an enemy of the Immortal Court, as Chu Tian also represented the Immortal Court.

“Son of a b***h!”

An individual from Limitless Immortal Court swore. He had been watching the battle the whole time, he had never thought that Dragon Shisan would actually dare to kill Chu Tian. Hence, even with his early Immortal Venerable cultivation base, he did not act to save his comrade. After all, there were rules on the battle platform. The life and death of the contenders were decided by fate. Chu Tian could only blame himself for his incompetence.

“He’s too ferocious! He really killed Chu Tian!”

“He’s a mighty Immemorial Battle Spirit. The blood that flows in his body is full of massacre. It’s Chu Tian’s misfortune to encounter Dragon Shisan.”

“I thought that the selection of son-in-law would end early today, but now it seems that the show has just begun. Since Dragon Shisan is still alive, he will be wanted by numerous experts, just like how Jiang Chen was preyed. Since Jiang Chen didn’t show up today, those geniuses from the Immortal Court will surely shift their anger towards Dragon Shisan.”


The scene was once again stirred. Chu Tian’s death was merely the beginning. By now, the selection of the son-in-law was no longer important. Numerous early Immortal Venerable geniuses had come for Jiang Chen, and as Jiang Chen didn’t appear, Dragon Shisan had become their centre of attention.

As a matter of fact, Jiang Chen was just standing amongst the crowd, together with Yang Bufan and the others. It was just that Dragon Shisan had grabbed all of their attention. Moreover, Jiang Chen had concealed his qi, making him undetectable.

“Little Chen, I didn’t expect the monkey to become so powerful after recovering. The original goal of those geniuses is you, but since you didn’t show up, they have shifted their target.”

Yang Bufan sighed. At this moment, he finally understood the true meaning of this event. The fact that Dragon Shisan could stand majestically on the battle platform proved that the objective of the selection of son-in-law had been achieved.

“That’s good. Monkey’s present strength is above mine. It will save me lots of trouble by letting him become the centre of attention of the geniuses of the Immortal Court,” said Jiang Chen plainly. 

After the matter in Exquisite Paradise was done, he would need to head for Fengchi Immortal Domain to look for his dad. Dragon Shisan’s presence would surely give him a peace of mind before he depart.

“But the rebirth of Dragon Shisan will definitely set off a huge wave in the Immortal World. I’m afraid that the higher-ups of the various major powers will be shaken. After all, they had all confirmed his death that day. Besides that, many of the geniuses present today are from the Immortal Court, and quite a lot of them are mighty early Immortal Venerables. They have come here for you, however Dragon Shisan has drawn their attention after killing Chu Tian, making war inevitable. Although Dragon Shisan is powerful enough to kill Chu Tian, I wonder if he’s a match for those early Immortal Venerable geniuses,” Yang Lang spoke with concern.

“We’ll know later.”

The corners of Jiang Chen’s mouth curled into a smile, his face overflowed with confidence. If it was someone else who fought early Immortal Venerable monstrous geniuses while being only a half-step Immortal Venerable, he might not be sure of the result, but since it was Dragon Shisan, he was certain that not even an early Immortal Venerable genius could match the monkey.

Judging by Jiang Chen’s confident look, Yang Lang and Shan Chong became expectant of the next battle.

On the battle platform, Dragon Shisan’s hair fluttered along with the wind. His qi had reached its peak. The overbearing aura emitted from between his brows was indomitable. He stared below at those geniuses from the various major powers without concealing his killing intent and hostility.

Dragon Shisan was a man who harbored bitter resentment. He had been besieged by the higher-ups of the various major powers when he first appeared. Eventually, he was killed by Old Man Corpse Yin and Old Ancestor Yellow Spring. Without the help of Jiang Chen and Venerable Ling Long, he didn’t know when he would wake-up. He might even be in slumber forever. He had been nursing these grudges inside of him. To him, these people were enemies since they wanted him dead. Therefore, he would never be polite in his attack.

“So this is just how powerful the genius of the Immortal Court is. I know that you all want to kill me, but unfortunately, Master Monkey can’t be killed so easily. Even Old Man Corpse Yin and Old Ancestor Yellow Spring couldn’t kill me after they had joined forces. I heard that Old Man Corpse Yin was already dead. Sooner or later, I’m going to kill that Old Ancestor Yellow Spring as well. As for you all, whoever that wants to kill me, bring it on to the battle platform,” Dragon Shisan spoke domineeringly. 

It was afraid that there was only him across the entire Immortal World who had the audacity to declare killing Old Ancestor Yellow Spring openly.


Someone yelled and leaped onto the battle platform with a swoosh. Every genius of the Immortal Court was proud and arrogant. How could they allow one Dragon Shisan to look down upon them so easily? As Jiang Chen didn’t show up today, even if Dragon Shisan didn’t humiliate them, they would never let Dragon Shisan go.

Standing opposite of Dragon Shisan was a black-robed youth who seemed to be in his thirties. His unpleasant face apparently indicated that he wasn’t feeling too good at the moment.

He was called Zhang Xuan, a genius of Yellow Spring Sect. He was filled with indignation now. Lu Yan was killed and Dragon Shisan had declared killing Old Ancestor Yellow Spring to the world. If he still didn’t act under such a situation, Yellow Spring Sect would lose all its reputation. He must personally defend the dignity of his sect. 

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