Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1766

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Having suffered a mild injury from the previous collision, astonishment was running wild inside of Zhang Xuan. Now, he could only exert up to 70 percent of his combat strength. In his opinion, his condition wasn’t as good as Dragon Shisan’s, who could probably exert at least 80% of his combat strength. In short, not only was Dragon Shisan not weakened, instead the power of the Exterminating Symbol Art had become even more terrifying. Zhang Xuan found it extremely hard to accept.

However it was no longer a matter of acceptance now. He had to do everything in his power to defend himself because failure was equivalent to death.

Unfortunately, Dragon Shisan moved too fast and  all he could was to summon the Spiralling Dragon Overlord Spear once more and thrust it forward because it was no longer possible for him to fuse with the spear just like before. Helplessness arose inside of him at this moment.


The two great attacks connected once again. Instead of the indestructible combat spear piercing through the Exterminating Symbol Art, it was pressed against by the mountain-like symbol, which caused the spear to bend.

On the other side, under such a violent energy attack and oppression, Zhang Xuan’s face turned purple. His body was now shuddering violently, his hand that held the combat spear was bleeding. He was under boundless pressure in the face of the Exterminating Symbol Art.

“Haha! Still putting up a stiff resistance? Die now!”

Dragon Shisan’s hair danced as he burst into laughter. He exerted force in his hands, casting out the Exterminating Symbol Art once again. The giant word “EXTERMINATE” lunged forward and fused with the previous symbol.


This time, Zhang Xuan couldn’t resist anymore and was thrown like a spent bullet. One of his arms exploded, turning into a mist of blood. The combat spear spun a big circle in mid-air before falling and impaling itself on the ground. If the combat spear was an ordinary Immortal Weapon, it would have been crushed to powder under the pressure of the Exterminating Symbol Art.


Zhang Xuan let out an ear-splitting shriek. The Exterminating Symbol Art had not only destroyed his arm and injured his body, but also severely wounded his soul. Such injuries were near fatal.

“No, don’t-don’t kill me.”

Zhang Xuan was horrified, his facial expression changed dramatically, knowing that he was already on the brink of death. He had never thought that he would have such a day.


Zhang Xuan’s voice was suddenly muted. Without bothering to speak a word, Dragon Shisan smashed Zhang Xuan’s head violently with his fist, bursting the skull on the spot.


The crowd gasped in harmony, utterly stirred. The death of Zhang Xuan was entirely different from Chu Tian’s. Zhang Xuan was a mighty Immortal Venerable and a supreme genius of Immortal Court, who possessed the imposing Spiralling Dragon Overlord Spear and many unparalleled techniques. The fact that he died in the hands of someone who had been reborn shocked all people.

“This matter is surely going to escalate. Dragon Shisan is too powerful and he even dared to kill Zhang Xuan. This will leave an irreconcilable grudge between him and the Immortal Court.”

“Impressive! Before it was Jiang Chen, now Dragon Shisan, whose name will certainly rise to fame after today’s battle. I’m afraid that the fame he will attain won’t be any lower than Jiang Chen’s.”

“Even Zhang Xuan has been killed by him. How powerful this Immemorial Battle Spirit actually is? I wonder if there are still people who would dare to fight him.”

“There should still be people who can fight him. This time, numerous Immortal Venerable geniuses have returned. Some of them are even more powerful than Zhang Xuan. Furthermore, if they back away just because of Zhang Xuan’s death, they will lose all of their faces. More importantly, Dragon Shisan must have consumed an enormous amount of energy in killing Zhang Xuan. The emergence of another powerful expert is surely going to change the situation.”


The scene shocked everybody. The death of Zhang Xuan had completely changed the atmosphere of the scene.

Dragon Shisan was standing upright like a blade on the battle platform, looking down at the crowd in a disdainful way and said, “Who else wants to come up here and die?”

The word “die” had fully manifested Dragon Shisan’s pride. He was proclaiming to the world that he didn’t put any of the geniuses of the Immortal Court in his eyes.

This had undoubtedly angered the geniuses of Immortal Court. Each and every one of them was a high and mighty existence and were respected by people wherever they went. There was no way they could stand such humiliation.

On the tall platform, Lan Lingji was staring at the man who fought the world for her whilst feeling a sense of bliss. She knew that no one would be able to take her away in the presence of this man.

“Dragon Shisan, don’t be too conceited. I’ll confront you.”

Someone couldn’t stand it anymore, he flew upwards and landed on the battle platform. He was a sturdy man in black armour. He was a genius from Southern Profound Domain. He had a very deep gaze and incredible combat strength.

“Little Chen, I’m afraid monkey won’t be able to last in a continuous battle of attrition,” said Yang Bufan with concern.

“It’s just ridiculous to use the battle of attrition to tire monkey out.”

Jiang Chen smiled. He knew Dragon Shisan’s horror all too well. The energy of this Immemorial Battle Spirit was similar to his – almost inexhaustible. A battle of attrition would only help Dragon Shisan stabilize his foundation.

He also knew that Dragon Shisan would make himself famous for the sake of him. Dragon Shisan knew that he still had matters to attend to. So, by shifting all the attention to himself, it could save Jiang Chen loads of trouble.

This was a favour Jiang Chen couldn’t refuse.

“King Fan, I have to leave for a while due to some private matters. I’ll be back as soon as possible.”

Leaving these words, he twisted his body and vanished from the crowd. As for the remaining battles, he no longer needed to watch them. The scene of Dragon Shisan killing Zhang Xuan had relieved his worries as it meant that Dragon Shisan could handle the situation all by himself. Besides, Jiang Chen didn’t want to waste any more time. His father’s safety had been bugging him. He couldn’t wait to be in Fengchi Immortal Domain now and search for his father.

Ethereal Immortal Domain was in chaos now, but Jiang Chen had chosen to depart at this time. This chaos would continue in the presence of Dragon Shisan. Nanbei Chao wasn’t dead yet. No one knew when he would appear again and how much stronger he had become. Only God knew how much the situation would change in Ethereal Immortal Domain after Jiang Chen returned from Fengchi Immortal Domain. 

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