Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1769

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At the present moment, Jiang Chen was standing outside the gates of the pill store while circulating the Great Divination Art. He could sense his father’s presence in this building.

“Father’s here. I can divine his exact location.” Having found his father at last, Jiang Chen was slightly tensed. 

Hastily he cast out the Great Divination Art once more. A moment later, two jets of cold light shot out from his eyes. “Father is in danger.”


Jiang Chen disappeared from the scene and reappeared in the square beneath.


Jiang Zhenhai was lying on the ground shrieking in agony, both of his eyes had turned blood-red, seeming to be about to burst out. This was the scene that Jiang Chen saw the instant he arrived at the square.


Jiang Chen shouted in a hoarse voice and strode Jiang Zhenhai’s side. As the father and son’s hearts were connected, no matter how much Jiang Zhenhai’s appearance had changed, Jiang Chen could recognize him at a single glance. The sight of his father instantly drew a stream of fury out of his body, trembling the entire pill store.

“Who are you?”

The sudden appearance of Jiang Chen startled the Fifth Steward and the guards. No outsider had ever come in here. One of the guards strode towards Jiang Chen, his hand holding a combat weapon.

Jiang Chen didn’t even cast a glance at the guard who just managed to raise his combat weapon before exploding into countless of pieces.


It instantly took away the serenity in the scene. All the guards ran forth and formed a circle around Jiang Chen, but none of them dared to attack after seeing their comrade die a frightening death.

Jiang Chen paid no attention to any of them. All of his focus was placed on Jiang Zhenhai. He stuck out his palm and landed it on Jiang Zhenhai’s back, the wood spiritual qi and the current of the dragon transformation skill rushed into his father’s body. After examining his father’s condition, his fury rose to the point of frenzy that he had never achieved in the past.

“I failed to be a filial son.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes were moist with tears that couldn’t stop trickling down his face. Fortunately, it wasn’t too late yet. He could easily heal such injuries, but the thing that pained him the most was that his father had suffered horrendously. Judging from Jiang Zhenhai’s physical condition, he found out that his father had been suffering a horrendous pain the whole time.


Jiang Zhenhai spurted out a mouthful of black blood. All the poison in his body had been forced out by Jiang Chen. His originally miserable face regained vigor, however his body was still very weak. He raised his head and saw the familiar face appearing in his line of sight.

“Chen Er.” He was overjoyed, struggled to get up but discovered that he couldn’t.

“Father, I have come late.”

Jiang Chen embraced his father with force, tears still flowing down his cheeks. Of all people, this was his father. How could he allow his father to bear such suffering when he could go anywhere at will? The thought made him want to slap himself a couple of times.

“Chen Er, is it really you? I’m not dreaming, am I?”

Jiang Zhenhai was shivering with excitement. Seeming to have regained some of his strength, he reached out to Jiang Chen and fondled his son’s face. Only then was he convinced that this was reality. As Jiang Zhenhai’s blood and qi were almost depleted, Jiang Chen’s palm continued to instill the wood spiritual qi into his body to expedite the healing process.

“Father, this isn’t a dream. Your son has come. Don’t worry. No one will hurt you again with me here,” said Jiang Chen with a smile but the light glinting in his eyes became icy cold. The smile he displayed was for Jiang Zhenhai whereas his cold eyes were for those who had harmed his father.

Yu Family had provoked a ferocious tiger. They had torn off the reverse scale of Jiang Chen. One should know that those who merely touched the reverse scale of Jiang Chen had all died, let alone damaging it.

“Who the hell are you, boy? How dare you break into the restricted area of Yu Family?!”

The Fifth Steward rebuked. Given his eyesight, he could naturally see that this youth was far from ordinary, but that didn’t scare him as there was an Immortal Emperor in the forces of Yu Family.

“Yu Family?”

Jiang Chen repeated the name of the family lightly and helped Jiang Zhenhai onto his feet. The current Jiang Zhenhai had recovered a little from his injuries, at least he could walk on his own for the time being.

“Father, look, have all of these people bullied you before?” asked Jiang Chen.

Jiang Zhenhai’s eyes and voice became cold. “These people are utterly devoid of conscience. They have captured us as their subjects for pill-testing and treated us like animals. They all deserve to die.”

Jiang Zhenhai could be a witness during this period of time. The things that these people did were worth more than a hundred of their lives.

“Understood,” Jiang Chen replied. 

Without seeing him making a move, all the guards on the square let out miserable shrieks, and in the next second, their bodies were set ablaze and were burnt until only ashes were left.


Seeing what just happened, the Fifth Steward exclaimed. Even though he’s an Immortal King, his soul and body couldn’t stop shivering. He looked at Jiang Chen as though he was seeing a ghost.

It was really horrifying. He didn’t see any movement from the youth,but the youth was able to incinerate all the guards in an instant. The power of this youth had exceeded his imagination.

“You-who are you?! Do you know that this is the territory of Yu Family?”

The Fifth Steward’s voice quavered. He knew that he had encountered an unordinary opponent who was young, but had unimaginable power and cultivation base.

“Tell me, who is the one who came up with those recipes?” asked Jiang Chen. 

He sensed it when he was healing his father. Of all the pills that Jiang Zhenhai consumed, the main ingredient was Bloodsucking Grass. Only certain people could benefit from the effect of such grass. Additionally, it was a type of poison with high level of toxicity. It could engulf all the blood and qi in one’s body. Therefore, Jiang Chen felt strange that someone was using the Bloodsucking Grass as an ingredient to concoct pills.

Of course, there were all kinds of people in this world, including devils and ghosts. It was common if there was someone who would use the Bloodsucking Grass to concoct pills, but despite that, no one should take Jiang Chen’s father as a subject for pill-testing.

“Boy, don’t you get too arrogant. Yu Family is full of powerful experts. You can’t afford to offend us.” the Fifth Steward shouted reproachfully. 

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