Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1771

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“Definitely. Yu Family has never been afraid of anyone. Not even those powerful experts dare to do anything to us as our supporter isn’t someone they can afford to offend.”

“Humph! I would like to see who has such audacity. The act of sealing the pill store alone is sufficient for him to die more than a hundred times.”

The Second Steward and Fourth Steward spoke tartly as they strode out of the main hall, following the lead of the Chief Steward.

Under the lead of Fifth Steward, Jiang Chen stepped into the back doors of the store that were flanked by two burly guards whose eyes popped out as soon as they saw that the dignified Fifth Steward had lost an arm. How could there be such a preposterous person? Was this person trying to oppose Fengli City?

“Fifth Steward, what’s going on?” One of the guards asked.

Jiang Chen took a step forward towards the guards and said in a cold tone, “You should be worrying about yourselves now.”

He gave the two no chance; he swung his sword left and right, detaching the heads of the two. Having never thought that death would befall them so suddenly and quickly, their eyes were still filled with bewilderment during their last breaths.


The Fifth Steward sucked in a breath of cold air. He knew that there was going to be bloodshed in the pill store today. This young man seemed exactly like a devil king and his purpose of coming here was to take lives.

“Keep going until you find your Chief Steward.”

Jiang Chen glared at the Fifth Steward whose soul was trembling with fear that Jiang Chen would behead him as well

Shakily, he moved forward. The back doors from which they came in was directly connected to the interior of the pill store instead of the zone where they sold their pills. To put it bluntly, everyone in here were people of the pill store and Yu Family. So Jiang Chen wouldn’t have a scruple in his killing.

In less than a dozen steps, six guards appeared in front of them. Similarly, upon seeing the Fifth Steward being under someone else’s control, they immediately turned hostile.

Without even glancing at the six people, Jiang Chen swung his sword. The qi of the sword directly split the void. The six guards wailed in unison right before their waist was severed. Blood was pouring out of their bodies, instantly staining the clean floor red, and filled the air with the stench of blood.

The Fifth Steward’s face turned peaky. As the Fifth Steward of the pill store, he had never felt as frightened as he was now. Clearly, this youth was going to kill whoever he saw regardless of who the person was.

Again, he felt the urge to curse his underlings for being so careless, capturing the father of a powerful expert as a pill-testing subject. After witnessing the horror of Jiang Chen, he felt that Yu Family’s end was approaching.

The Fifth Steward knew that there were many powerful experts in history who had annihilated an entire city and killed millions of people in just a single day; they had regarded all sentient beings as insects. Currently, this youth seemed to be taking the route of those great experts to reclaim justice for his father. The price that they had to pay was just too hefty.

The wails on this side had alarmed the whole building. Countless guards were rushing to the scene. Some powerful experts emerged. When they saw what happened, their killing intent rose.

“You audacious brat! How dare come here behaving so atrociously… courting…ah…”

A half-step Immortal King bellowed, but he was cut in half by Jiang Chen’s sword before he could finish his words.

*Hua La……*

The scene was stirred. Those guards were horror-stricken at the sight of the ghastly scene. They were afraid that they wouldn’t even be enough to stand a blow from the attacker.


With a cold harrumph, Jiang Chen swung his sword. Countless sword light interweave to form a sea of swords. Each of the sword light was a divine weapon and moved at incredible speed. Each of which was lethal to those guards.


For an instant, the air was filled with screams. Under the strike of the sea of swords, a few dozen guards were chopped to pieces. Blood spattered everywhere crazily. Flesh limbs and broken body parts were strewn across the floor. The scene was extremely bloody and violent.

The Fifth Steward was rooted on the spot. The sight of Jiang Chen slashing an expert in half that was almost as powerful as him really terrified him.

The situation turned completely chaotic. More and more experts were emerging. One had to admit that this pill store was indeed huge and full of people. There were at least a thousand people in this building, all of whom were coming Jiang Chen’s way.

Jiang Chen’s face remained impassive, blood dripping from his sword. One of his hands was lifting the horror-stricken Fifth Steward like a paralyzed dog while striding towards where the Fifth Steward had pointed, slashing anyone that came.

Blood-curdling screams resounded throughout the hall. Every one of them who encountered Jiang Chen were killed. There was no exception. By now, at least five hundred people, which was half of the total manpower in the building, died under Jiang Chen’s sword. The revolting stench of blood filled the air of the hall.

This was no longer a prosperous and bustling pill store, but a burial ground.

There was a huge square ahead that was now filled with most of the remaining people of the store. Seeing the arrival of Jiang Chen and the line of corpses behind him, each of their faces paled as they constantly retreated. 

*Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!*

Four powerful silhouettes zoomed out from inside and stopped on the square, blocking Jiang Chen’s path. They were precisely the four stewards of the store. The sight of everything that happened infuriated them. They had never suffered such a major loss ever since Yu Family had ruled Fengli City. 

In this city, they were always the ones who began the massacre. It was the first time that someone dared to massacre their people. 

“Who’s the Chief Steward?” Jiang Chen looked at the four and asked.

“I am. Who are you? Why have you killed my people? Don’t you know that the pill store of Fengli belongs to Yu Family?”

The Chief Steward took a step forward and spoke as loud as the Fifth Steward when he first met Jiang Chen. Similarly, the power of Yu Family had given him tremendous confidence and sense of superiority. He failed to realize the true crisis even though Jiang Chen was standing right before him, however . 

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