Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1775

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The patriarch’s face was glum. He heard every word of the conversation when he was still inside and knew that more than a thousand of his people in the pill store were killed. Ever since Yu Family ruled Fengli City, no one had ever dared to challenge them. It was absurd to hear that a massacre had happened in the pill store.

However, judging from the flustered look and tone of the Third Steward, the adversary must be quite powerful, at least not someone the Yu Family could deal with. Even the patriarch himself didn’t have such confidence as he knew that even he, an intermediate Immortal Emperor, wouldn’t be able to cut off the Chief Steward’s arm so easily. He knew the Chief Steward’s capability better than anyone.


Seeing the patriarch, the four of them saluted. The atmosphere became slightly grim. As Immortal Emperors, they had pretty high intelligence. They knew very well that their family had offended a very powerful expert. It was true that their family had a powerful backer, however they were afraid that their backer wasn’t any stronger compared to Jiang Chen. Also, it would have to depend on whether their backer would be willing to save them from annihilation. 

Furthermore, they knew very well that their backer had only treated their Yu Family as a tool to gain benefits. If Yu Family wasn’t useful, they were afraid that their backer wouldn’t even care about their family.

Yu Family still had to rely on themselves at this moment of life and death.

“Explain, what had happened. There has been no problem in the pill store. How did we offend such a powerful expert?”

The patriarch fixed his cold eyes on the Third Steward, feeling extremely unsettled. From what the Third Steward said, he knew that this Jiang Chen was merely a youth. In Fengchi Immortal Domain, a youth with such incredible strength must have come from a powerful background. Yu Family certainly couldn’t afford to offend such an expert.

“Patriarch, this is how it all happened. Some time ago, the pill store had secretly captured a group of people as testing subjects. There was a middle-aged man amongst them who is the father of Jiang Chen. When Jiang Chen arrived at the square today, the Fifth Steward happened to be using his father to test the newly concocted pill which infuriated Jiang Chen, causing him to kill everyone in the pill store, including the Second Steward, and amputated the arm of the Chief and Fifth Steward, who were kneeling right now along with the Fourth Steward on the square.”

The Third Steward made no attempt to hide any facts when he recounted what had happened in the pill store, thinking that he might put the entire family in danger of annihilation if he lied. He certainly wouldn’t be able to bear that consequence.


After listening to the Third Steward’s words, the patriarch and the other three elders felt dizzy in their heads and had difficulty breathing. They hadn’t thought that they would offend such a powerful expert in this peculiar manner as it was no different than seeking death. Using the father of a powerful expert as a test subject, could there be any worse?

Yu Family is finished!

This was the first thought that came to their minds. Humiliating a peerless expert was equivalent to bringing the end to their family.

“Dammit! Why have you caused such trouble after we let the five of you in charge of the pill store? Are you all worthless? Didn’t you find out in advance where that middle-aged man came from before capturing him?”

The patriarch was angered, feeling the urge to kill someone. Yu Family was now on the brink of annihilation due to this trivial matter. Was everyone in the pill store useless?

“Patriarch, we actually didn’t know about it. All along, we have been capturing inferior individuals as pill-testing subjects. Besides, that old bastard didn’t mention that he had such a powerful son even after he was forced to try loads of pills. He would rather let himself get hurt than to reveal his son’s identity. Who would have thought that he would have such a peerless son?”

The Third Steward sobbed. The pill store had never made a mistake in capturing their test subjects. They had made thorough investigation of every person before capturing them. In their opinion, Jiang Zhenhai should have said it out loud that he had such a backer behind him, but he didn’t mention the slightest bit of his son. Whether what he said was the truth or a lie, Yu Family wouldn’t have dared to capture him. After all, the less trouble, the better. They could still find another test subject if they forwent that middle-aged man, in case they encounter an undefeatable rival which wouldn’t do their family any good.

As a matter of fact, Jiang Zhenhai didn’t know that his son had become so powerful, much less where Jiang Chen was located. Moreover, in his heart, he thought that Yu Family was too powerful for Jiang Chen to handle and was afraid that Jiang Chen would be dragged into the ordeal if he mentioned him to them.

“Patriarch, what should we do now?” the Second Elder asked, realizing the seriousness of the situation.

“What should we do? How the hell should I know? I wonder what that Jiang Chen wants.” The Patriarch showed a gloomy face.

“Jiang Chen said that he wanted all the higher-ups of our family above the Immortal King realm to go head over the pill store and kneel before his father and apologize,.” said the Third Steward.

“What? Kneel and apologize? What kind of joke is that? We are a powerful family and the conqueror of Fengli City. How can we kneel before someone? That’s an utter humiliation towards Yu Family. I certainly won’t agree to that.” The Second Elder snapped.

“That’s right. That Jiang Chen really thought that he’s the lawless son of the Heavens. Did he really think that he could make all of us kneel by just a word? How ridiculous!” The Third Elder added.

“Jiang Chen has said that if we didn’t go, he would personally come to slaughter everyone in our family, leaving no one alive.” The Third Steward’s eyes had become red. His words were full of dread.

“Patriarch, we’ll go find Young Master Shen. I believe that he will be able to deal with that Jiang Chen,” suggested the Fourth Elder.

“Yes, if Young Master Shen is willing to help us, he certainly will be able to kill Jiang Chen, avenging the death of our men,” added the Second Elder.

“Humph! Don’t you all know who Young Master Shen is? He seeks nothing but profits. Furthermore, even if he really want to come, I’m afraid that the entire Yu Family will be killed by Jiang Chen by the time he arrives in this city.”

The patriarch harrumphed coldly. As the patriarch, he was always more cool-headed compared to the other when handling this kind of matters.

“So what should we do now?” 

The Third Elder knitted his brows. Yu Family had been ruling Fengli City for so long. They had never once thought that such a crisis would befall them.

“Ensure our family’s safety first. Immediately gather all the higher-ups above the Immortal King realm and head over to the pill store. I’ll inform Young Master Shen about our crisis now with the signalling spiritual talisman. Let’s hope that Young Master Shen will be here on time,” 

the patriarch said. At such critical moment, there was nothing more important than protecting their own family. They had to rely on themselves before the arrival of Young Master Shen. 

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