Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1776

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The three elders sighed. Despite their reluctance, this was the only thing they could do. They could only put the blame on their incapable underlings, or the poor luck of their family for capturing the father of a peerless powerhouse.

What was left to do now was to try their best to make up for the losses. As long as they could protect their family, they were willing to do anything. As for those who had died in the pill store, it was no longer important. What was more important was that the massacre would not be brought back to their family, otherwise, it would be the true end of the entire family.

“Patriarch, let’s not delay any longer. We should head over to the pill store as soon as possible. I observed that Jiang Chen didn’t have a good temper. If we are late, we would lose the Chief Steward and the others,” the Third Steward prompted. Having witnessed the horror of Jiang Chen, he couldn’t help thinking how disastrous it would be if Jiang Chen lost his temper again.

“Very well. Gather all the Immortal Kings here.”

The patriarch wouldn’t dare to show any neglect. The words of the peerless expert was an order. Any delay in response would be considered disrespect to the expert, which would cause a one-sided bloodshed to happen in Yu Family.

Their movements sped up. With the orders of the patriarch, all the higher-ups above the Immortal King realm had gathered here. One had to acknowledge the strength of Yu Family’s forces. There were around forty of them. Such strength indicated that it wasn’t accidental that they were able to conquer Fengli City.

Each of these cultivators seemed puzzled, unsure of what was happening, but very quickly, the Third Steward briefed them about the incidents that took place in the pill store. At this critical juncture, it was necessary to let everyone know what was going on and make them aware of the crisis, so that they wouldn’t show any spec of arrogance the moment they met Jiang Chen, which would save them loads of life-threatening troubles.

“What? I can’t believe it.”

“F***! What were those bastards in the pill store doing? Why did they choose to offend a peerless powerhouse, an unparalleled genius? Aren’t they trying to put us to trouble?”

“I heard that the powerhouse regards dignity more than anything else. and unbelievably, the pill store has captured his father. I don’t think he will let this matter go easily.”

“The pill store has truly brought this disaster to us.”


The whole scene was in chaos. For all of them, it was their first time experiencing such a turmoil. After all, the Yu Family had been high and mighty in the city all this while. No one had ever dared to provoke them, but today, due to a trivial mistake of their own doing, a disaster was about to befall them. This made the cultivators curse those who were in charge of the pill store. Why couldn’t they do things properly? Capturing pill-testing subjects was just a trifling matter, however it led to what was happening now.

“Don’t panic, everyone. We must go to the pill store now.”

The patriarch shouted and then flew towards the pill store, followed by the rest of them, all of whom were feeling gloomy. It would only be weird if they felt delighted at this point.

This scene shocked every disciple of Yu Family, each of them were rooted on their spot, not knowing what was going on. What actually alarmed all the higher-ups of the family? Such an incident definitely only happened for the first time ever since the family took control of Fengli City.

“What’s going on? Where are our higher-ups heading to? It seems like they are heading towards the direction of the pill store. Has something happened?”

“I have no idea either. Even the Patriarch has shown up. Judging from their gloomy looks, I don’t think it was anything good.”

“Let’s go and find out. If something big has happened in Yu Family, as a member of Yu Family, we must do our part.”


The disciples were stirred. They weren’t fools. Naturally, they could feel that the atmosphere in Yu Family had suddenly turned tense. If their family was in trouble, they would be more than willing to lend a hand as they felt honoured to be part of the family.

“Everyone will stay at Yu Family. No one is allowed to leave.”

When these disciples were about to make a move, the voice of the patriarch echoed back from afar. Yu Family was currently facing an unprecedented crisis that even them, the higher-ups, couldn’t predict what would happen next. Regardless of whether Yu Family would be annihilated or not, if these disciples would also head to the pill store and said something that would offend that peerless genius, it would most likely expedite the process of their annihilation.

This wasn’t a joke. They just had to do as they were told. All of the higher-ups above the Immortal King realm had to go to the pill store to meet Jiang Chen. As for the rest, they shouldn’t be in danger as long as they didn’t show up.

On the square of the pill store, Jiang Zhenhai was still sitting on the rattan chair while Jiang Chen was standing next to him, placing his palm on Jiang Zhenhai’s shoulder. Wood spiritual qi was constantly being instilled into Jiang Zhenhai’s body. All the toxic in his body had been forced out, but due to the blood and qi having been emptied inside his body, it wasn’t an easy task for him to recover within a short period of time. However, Jiang Chen’s wood spiritual qi was able to speed up the healing process.

As the wood spiritual qi was continuously being channelled into Jiang Zhenhai’s body, his condition and vigour improved. The Fifth Steward and the rest were watching this with their eyes full of shock. The Fifth Steward knew what Jiang Zhenhai’s condition was moments ago – Jiang Zhenhai was a dying man, but in just 20 minutes, Jiang Zhenhai had recovered to a healthy state. This only meant that Jiang Chen’s means were too exceptional. Such incredible healing speed was impossible even if all the higher-ups of the Yu Family helped.

The three stewards remained silent while kneeling on the ground, shivering. Their biggest wish right now was to save their lives, but they were clueless about what would Jiang Chen do to them. The nose-stinging stench of blood in the air continued to stimulate their soul, and unsettle them.

There was a sudden gale in the sky above the pill store. A few dozen cultivators arrived on the square at the same time. They were precisely the higher-ups of Yu Family.

Despite their advanced mental preparation, the violent and bloody scene made them suck in a breath of cold air. A thousand people had been slaughtered, blood spattered, broken limbs and body parts strewn all over the place. It was like the Asura Hell. Listening to people describing such a scene and seeing them personally was an entirely different thing. The difference in feeling was like day and night.


The Chief Steward hastily called out to the patriarch when he saw them, as though he was seeing hope again. 

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