Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1777

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Although the three stewards kneeling on the ground seemed pretty delighted upon seeing the arrival of their patriarch, they still didn’t dare to rise to their feet from the icy ground, let alone make a move. They knew that their lives were already in complete control of Jiang Chen. If Jiang Chen was provoked, they would be killed immediately. They didn’t have the slightest doubt about this.

The facial expression of every member of Yu Family turned unusually unpleasant. There was a hell-like aura lingering in the air. Each of their faces was peaky. The sight of the Chief Steward, who was an early Immortal Emperor, kneeling obediently on the ground filled their minds with worries and fear.

After that, their eyes fell upon Jiang Chen, whose age surprised and also worried all of them. They would never believe if such a genius didn’t come from a strong background because even Young Master Shen came from an unordinary background.


The patriarch cursed in his heart, and had the urge to pull the stewards away and kill them all. This bunch of useless bastards had really put Yu Family into a huge trouble. Now that they had angered an incredibly powerful genius, it would take only a slight mistake to plunge their entire family into havoc.

“Who’s the patriarch?” asked Jiang Chen plainly.

“I am. Greetings Young Master Jiang Chen.”

The patriarch took a step forward and saluted Jiang Chen deeply. Even with his eyesight, he was still unable to see through the depths of Jiang Chen’s power, however he could sense an enormous pressure from Jiang Chen. This alone allowed him to conclude that he, an intermediate Immortal Emperor, was no match for Jiang Chen.

“Kneel before you speak,” said Jiang Chen in an icy tone.

The patriarch was stunned. As the head of the family and the helmsman of Fengli City, how could he stand such humiliation?

“Jiang Chen, don’t you go too far. Our patriarch is a noble existence. How can he kneel before you?” 

The Fourth Elder snapped. Although the other party was strong, he shouldn’t go beyond the limit. The patriarch was, after all, the representative of Yu Family. If the patriarch fell on his knees, the reputation of Yu Family would be lost.


As soon as the Fourth Elder’s words dropped, the sword in Jiang Chen’s hand was swung. An incomparably brilliant sword light, moving at extreme speed, passed through the patriarch in the blink of an eye and landed on the Fourth Elder’s body.


A horrible scream rang out. The powerful Fourth Elder, an early Immortal Emperor expert, was cut in half by the sword light, blood poured out, spattering on everyone’s body.

*Hua La……*

Every cultivator of Yu Family panicked, each of them stared at Jiang Chen in horror as though they had seen a ghost. This youth was too savage and violent. What surprised them more was that the Fourth Elder, who was an early Immortal Emperor, was so easily killed by the youth. To what extent did the cultivation base of this youth reached?

Late Immortal Emperor? Half-step Immortal Venerable, or Immortal Venerable?

The word Immortal Venerable made them gasp. If the youth was really an Immortal Venerable or even a half-step Immortal Venerable, it would be extremely terrifying. Even the Fengluo Sect didn’t have such a young Immortal Venerable. Such a genius only existed in the Immortal Court. So the question was where was this peerless genius from?

If he isn’t a half-step Immortal Venerable, how was he able to kill an Immortal Emperor so easily?

Their expression changed once more. Their eyes were glaring at the three stewards kneeling on the ground as their carelessness had drawn the attention of such a terrifying figure.

“Everyone, kneel then talk.”

There wasn’t the slightest bit of emotion in Jiang Chen’s tone. The sword in his hand was emitting a cold killing intent. The Chief Steward, being nearest to Jiang Chen, was frightened once more upon seeing the Fourth Steward’s death. He suddenly felt that it was luck that he was still able to kneel here, intact.


“Shut up.”

As soon as someone tried to speak, he was interrupted by the patriarch. Didn’t he see the situation clearly? Jiang Chen’s power had exceeded their imagination and ability to handle. The Fourth Elder has already been killed. Anyone who dared to waste time talking would most likely be killed.

“On behalf of Yu Family and the pill store, I have come to apologize. I hope that Young Master Jiang will be kind enough to show us mercy and let us live. It was our fault in the first place. We’ll do our best to compensate the loss Young Master Jiang has suffered.” The patriarch fell to his knees and spoke.

The head of Yu Family couldn’t help but kneel, for any action that went against Jiang Chen’s will would surely bring death upon them. They wouldn’t be the only ones to die, but also their entire family. He knew pretty well that Yu Family had to pay a price for what they did. As long as Jiang Chen showed mercy to them, he was willing to kneel.

Seeing the action of their patriarch, the rest followed suit hastily.

This was a very spectacular scene. All the higher-ups above the Immortal King realm of the largest family in Fengli City, Yu Family, were kneeling on the square, awaiting their trial. Yu Family had always been the high and mighty ruler of the city. They wouldn’t have thought that such a day would come.

Currently, the one who had the strongest feeling should be Jiang Zhenhai. Watching so many powerful figures kneeling before him apologetically while sitting on a rattan chair was like having a dream. He felt utterly relieved and delighted that his son had become so powerful. This was also what made Jiang Chen his biggest pride.

“Naturally, you all will be punished for taking my father as a pill-testing subject. I have no idea who gave you all that sort of courage. Humiliating my father is equivalent to humiliating me ten times over. I don’t think your family will be able to bear this kind of price.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was icy cold, his body was full of chilly murderous intent.

Upon hearing this, the face of the cultivators of Yu Family darkened even more. It seemed like this youth didn’t intend to let any one of them live.

“We only beg for mercy, Young Master Jiang Chen. We’ll bear whatever punishment Young Master Jiang Chen sentence us.”

The patriarch was prostrating on the ground. In the world where the strong prey the weak, he deeply understood what it meant by offending a powerhouse. Now that they had become the flesh on the cutting board, they were going to fall into an irrecoverable state if they showed the slightest bit of resistance.

“Let me ask you this, where did you get the pill recipes that used Bloodthirsty Grass from?” asked Jiang Chen. 

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