Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1778

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Jiang Chen must find out the main culprit of this incident. Since his father was a victim of this incident and he was here, he would finish this once and for all, otherwise, even if he annihilated Yu Family, the main culprit would just get other families to continue with the heartless pill experiments that would make a large number of people suffer.

Only by getting rid of the mastermind would the pill experiments and the capturing stop.

Jiang Chen had always followed his heart in his path. He wasn’t kind-hearted, but he was a person with principles. If he’s required to do certain things, he would certainly do it. He wouldn’t care about the righteousness of the world, but the righteousness in his heart.

“It’s Young Master Shen of Fengluo Sect. He was the one who personally created the pill recipe every time. Also, because of his support, our family was able to dominate Fengli City so easily, however we must act according to his orders and help him constantly concoct pills.”

The patriarch didn’t dare hide the truth. At this point, nothing was more important than the fate of his family which was now under the control of Jiang Chen. There was no room for resistance.

“Tell me more about Fengluo Sect and Young Master Shen. And why did Young Master Shen use the Bloodthirsty Grass to concoct pills?” Jiang Chen demanded. 

As he wasn’t from this domain, he had limited knowledge about the major powers here, but in his point of view, as long as Fengluo Sect wasn’t the Immortal Court, it would mostly likely be the same as Great Qian Empire which wouldn’t be a concern to him given his current abilities.

The words of Jiang Chen stunned everyone around. It would be normal if someone in Fengchi Immortal Domain didn’t know who Shen Yifen was, but it was peculiar for someone not to know about Fengluo Sect which was a super powerful major power in this immortal domain, and everyone knew about it. The only explanation for this was that Jiang Chen didn’t come from Fengchi Immortal Domain.

Of course, where Jiang Chen came from wasn’t important. The important thing was that the major power was overly strong, at least not some force Yu Family could fight.

“Fengluo Sect is one of the ten super sects in Fengchi Immortal Domain. They have numerous Immortal Venerables guarding their prefecture. Young Master Shen is the number one genius of Fengluo Sect. His cultivation base has already reached the late Immortal Emperor realm. Young Master Jiang should know that a genius like you is powerful enough to a fight half-step Immortal Venerable at this level. We simply can’t afford to offend such an existence. As such, our family could only follow the orders with obedience. As to why Young Master Shen wanted to use the Bloodthirsty Grass for concoction, I don’t know. I have asked him once, but was reprimanded and was asked to not ask again.” Every word that came out of the patriarch’s mouth was sincere.

“Humph! You all should know about the aggressive poison in the Bloodthirsty Grass, shouldn’t you? Show me the pill recipes.”

Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly. If the Bloodthirsty Grass was not included in the recipe, perhaps he wouldn’t feel so angry. The Bloodthirsty Grass was extremely rare and only a few people would use such ingredient in making pills. The fact that Young Master Shen wanted Yu Family to secretly concoct these pills indicated that there must be some shady activity going on in the dark.


The patriarch dared not to resist. With a turn of his palm, he took out a pill recipe and gave it to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen spread open the pill recipe and saw the rare herbs distinctly stated on it.

Bloodthirsty Grass, Thousand Autumn Leaf, Cold Frost Fruit, Snow Jade King Ginseng…

There were around thirty herbs written in the recipe. Each of which was extremely rare. When he finished studying them, his eyes narrowed. With his Great Divination Art and his unordinary talent in alchemy, his judgment was naturally beyond ordinary. He was able to detect what kind of pill the person was trying to concoct.

“It’s really a huge fortune. The one who wants to concoct this pill is trying to use various types of herbs to ease the toxicity of the Bloodthirsty Grass, but no one would waste so many herbs just to reduce the poison of the Bloodthirsty Grass, because it’s pointless. Even if all the toxicity in the Bloodthirsty Grass is removed, its bloodthirsty properties won’t be eliminated. If I’m not mistaken, he’s trying to convert the properties of the Bloodthirsty Grass with different rare herbs into his own ability, so that he can absorb the blood and qi of others. Such a method is really very cruel. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to achieve the desired effect by just mixing the herbs. This was why he asked you all to capture people to test the pills for him.”

Jiang Chen was able to see through it in an instant.

The moment these words were spoken, the patriarch’s facial expression changed once again. This youth was just so capable and much more horrifying than he had imagined.

“Please forgive us, Young Master Jiang! Our family was only following the orders of Young Master Shen.” The patriarch was kowtowing unceasingly.

“It seems like Fengluo Sect is a righteous and respected sect, which explained why Young Master Shen did all of these secretly – asking Yu Family to help him concoct a large number of pills and test them. He was afraid that he would be punished if this was known by his sect,” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“Yes, Fengluo Sect is indeed a righteous sect. Fengli City is within the jurisdiction of Fengluo Sect. Of all the territories controlled by Fengluo Sect, there isn’t a single devil sect, however we didn’t know the real purpose of concocting those pills. We were merely following orders.”

The patriarch was nearly crying because he was feeling extremely wronged. Although he was the ruler of Fengli City, the true master of the city was Shen Yifei. He was merely following the orders of Shen Yifei every time. As to what those pills were for, he had no idea, but they were no fools. After testing the pills for quite some time and seeing the death of countless subjects, they had realized certain problems but if this incident was spread to the public, the whole Yu Family wouldn’t survive. Which was why they had been doing things cautiously. The patriarch even let the Great Elder to take charge of the pill store, but no one had thought that they would encounter Jiang Chen, who forced them to reveal all of these secrets. 

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