Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1786

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Fenghua Zi’s appearance had instilled confidence in every disciple and elder. This is a necessary quality of a superior leader. At least, Fenghua Zi was a godlike figure in most of the disciples’ and elders’ hearts. He was also the main pillar of Fengluo Sect. As long as he was here, they would never fear even if the sky falls down.

Of course, the sky above Fengluo Sect wasn’t any close to falling down. The troublemaker that had broken into Fengluo Sect was merely a clown. If Shen Yifei hadn’t been in his grasp, he wouldn’t have a turn to speak here, let alone meet the Sect Master. 

Everyone thought that this ignorant white-robed youth was finished when Fenghua Zi appeared. However, there was one person whose facial expression changed dramatically, his face was beaded with sweat when he saw Fenghua Zi. He was precisely the one being held by Jiang Chen, Shen Yifei.

“Brat, the Sect Master has come. Immediately release him!”

Shen Ao clamoured, totally ignoring the hints given by Shen Yifei’s eyes. He now had the impulse to cough up blood. Why was his idiotic father still displaying his arrogance despite already facing imminent calamity?

Jiang Chen remained as indifferent towards the yell of Shen Ao. His eyes fell upon Fenghua Zi; he nodded his head and spoke, “I’m Jiang Chen. I have come to Fengluo Sect today to help Sect Master resolve a huge matter.”

Fenghua Zi’s eyebrow twitched. Obviously, he didn’t expect Jiang Chen to say such words. In addition, he also felt somewhat surprised. One should know that it was extremely rare for an early Immortal Emperor to speak leisurely in front of him, and his courage of breaking into Fengluo Sect alone was admirable.

However these couldn’t conceal the fury of Fenghua Zi when he noticed the tragic condition of Shen Yifei, who was the number one genius of Fengluo Sect, whom the sect had expended unknown amount of resources. As such, the fact that he had been turned into a cripple aroused Fenghua Zi’s anger.

However, he hadn’t thought that Jiang Chen would say that he had come here to help them. This had aroused a slight interest in Fenghua Zi.

“Really? Go ahead and tell me how you can help us. I hope that you have a good reason for doing this, otherwise, your outcome is going to be very unpleasant.” Fenghua Zi would like to hear what Jiang Chen would say.

“Haha! Sect Master Feng, do you think that you can sleep in peace just because Fengluo Sect has been prosperous and dominated the region? I’m afraid you aren’t aware about the danger that is already by your side. A great traitor who has been eyeing your position covetously has appeared in Fengluo Sect. He has been plotting how to get rid of you, and soon, Fengluo Sect will plunge into unprecedented chaos. Aren’t you worried about that? Because I am.” After he finished speaking, Jiang Chen’s eyes half-consciously darted Shen Ao.

Shen Ao’s expression changed slightly after listening to Jiang Chen’s words. Although it was hard to detect, it couldn’t escape Jiang Chen’s eyes.

“Brat, what are you talking about? What nonsense!”

“How ridiculous! Fengluo Sect is a strongly united major power. How could there be a traitor?”

“This brat is talking nonsense.”


The crowd was in an uproar. Numerous disciples and elders were angered. Harmony was always the most important element in a great sect. How could they accept what Jiang Chen just said?

Fenghua Zi frowned. With his unordinary eyesight, he was able to tell that Jiang Chen wasn’t a fool. Jiang Chen absolutely wouldn’t come to Fengluo Sect just to get himself killed. In Fenghua Zi’s opinion, Jiang Chen might know something he didn’t.

“Jiang Chen, so where’s this great traitor now?” Fenghua Zi asked interestedly.

“Sect Master, don’t listen to the nonsense of this man. In my opinion, let’s kill him straightaway for breaking into our sect.”

Shen Ao spoke aloud, seemingly ready to attack Jiang Chen. He could already sense something from the words that Jiang Chen said and noticed the signals given by his son’s expression. It seemed like their secret was going to be exposed, and he knew very well what it meant.

“Elder Shen, why are you being so emotional? Didn’t you want to save your son just now? But now, after hearing what I said, you don’t seem to care about your son’s life anymore. Does it mean that Elder Shen is the great traitor?” Jiang Chen looked over at Shen Ao and spoke cynically.

“You, what are you talking about? I, Shen Ao, am devoted to Sect Master and I wouldn’t do anything against him.”

Shen Ao shouted, totally unaware that his reaction had already startled numerous people. Sometimes, it was very hard for someone with a guilty conscience to remain calm, even if the person was a mighty Immortal Venerable. Shen Ao’s response was no doubt a little out of the ordinary. The word ‘great traitor’ seemed to affect him very much.

Fenghua Zi wasn’t a fool. Only now did he sense that the matter wasn’t as simple as he had thought.

“Humph! Shen Ao, why are you so nervous if you didn’t do anything wrong?”

Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly and looked at Fenghua Zi once more. The right time has come and he didn’t want to waste any more time.

“Sect Master Feng, I, Jiang Chen, have come to Fengluo Sect today without a single ill intention. Although I have broken into your sect, I didn’t harm a single disciple. I have come mainly for Shen Ao, to avenge my father. Of course, if Sect Master doesn’t want to know about the conspiracy concerning Shen Ao, then I’ll drop this topic.” Jiang Chen’s voice rumbled like thunder.

For a moment, most of them were at a loss for words. What Jiang Chen said was right. Although he had broken into the sect, he hadn’t hurt a single one of them, and Shen Ao’s reaction was overly abnormal. Furthermore, no one would believe that a young early Immortal Emperor that had no grudges against Fengluo Sect would just break into the sect, disregarding his own life, just to insult the Great Elder, unless Jiang Chen was an idiot, but he doesn’t seem like one.

“Sect Master, I urge you to kill this man now. Don’t let him ruin the relationship between you and me,” Shen Ao spoke forcefully.

“What’s the matter, Elder Shen? If you are clean, you are. If we kill Jiang Chen now, no one will be able to prove whether you are really guilty or not. Why don’t we listen to what he has to say?”

Fenghua Zi glanced at Shen Ao, feeling complex emotions. Since Jiang Chen had already exposed a little of what he had to say, he must let Jiang Chen finish it. Otherwise, Shen Ao’s matter would leave an unpleasant feeling in everyone’s heart. This wasn’t what Fenghua Zi intended to see in the future. 

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