Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1793

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Fenghua Zi sounded distinctly sincere. What he said was the truth. Fengluo Sect was greatly indebted to Jiang Chen for all the help he provided in the incident, which was their least favourite as they didn’t like owing a debt to someone. They would never feel comfortable if Jiang Chen just walked away now.

On the contrary, if Fengluo Sect could do something for Jiang Chen, the Sect Master would be extremely pleased. As Jiang Zhenhai’s body had deteriorated due to the pills he was forced to take back when he was still captured, he might be able to help Jiang Zhenhai recuperate which would surely be a huge favour for Jiang Chen.

The thought of how rudely he had treated Jiang Chen when Jiang Chen just arrived made him feel guilty.

Furthermore, he had never seen a rare genius like Jiang Chen, although he believed that some of these individuals could be found in the Immortal Court. Geniuses as such had immeasurable future and achievement. There was no harm in getting along well with such a genius.

Jiang Chen halted. Fenghua Zi’s words had somewhat touched his heart. At the present moment, Jiang Zhenhai indeed needed a quiet place to recover. Initially, he intended to bring his father back to Great Qian Empire in Ethereal Immortal Domain, but now, the situation there was highly chaotic. Aside from the major powers and the Immortal Courts he had offended, conflicts were brewing amongst Great Qian Empire, Great Cloud Empire and Heavenly Jade Dynasty; a war was in danger of breaking out between those three empires.

Moreover, once he returned to Ethereal Immortal Domain, he would immediately be trapped in the ceaseless killings and battles. Given his current cultivation base, he was strong enough to protect himself. However, Fengluo Sect was much quieter in contrast, as Fengchi Immortal Domain was in peace. Such an environment was without a doubt, the most suitable place for Jiang Zhenhai.

In the world where the strong preyed on the weak, strength was the most essential element. No matter how powerful Jiang Chen had become, he wouldn’t be able to protect his father at all times. He would only have the assurance if Jiang Zhenhai became strong himself. Otherwise, his father would always be a concern for him wherever he went.

“Alright. Many thanks.”

Jiang Chen nodded and decided to stay. First, this could allow Jiang Zhenhai to recuperate and stabilize the foundation of his cultivation base. Second, Jiang Chen could observe the situation and the various major powers in this domain, knowing that each Immortal Domain in the Immortal World had its differences and if it was possible to establish a foothold in each of the Immortal Domains. Since it wasn’t the right time to return to Ethereal Immortal Domain now, he might as well mingle around in Fengchi Immortal Domain. Perhaps, he might be able to establish a good rapport with some experts or even form a major power of his own.

“Good, Brother Jiang! I’ll personally arrange the cultivation site for you and your father.” Fenghua Zi was delighted.

Confirming that Jiang Chen would be staying for a while, all the elders in the back approached them with excitement.

“Yes, Brother Jiang. Considering the kindness you have contributed to us, our sect will appear heartless if we don’t treat you as our guest of honour.”

“That’s right. You can also view our sect as your home from now on, Brother Jiang. You’re no longer an outsider to us.”

“It’s our great honour that we can befriend someone like Brother Jiang. I have to apologize for my rude behaviour earlier.”


All of these elders were Immortal Venerables. The lowest cultivation base amongst them was half-step Immortal Venerable realm. Normally, they wouldn’t even dart a glance at an Immortal Emperor. As such, it was incomparably rare that they were treating Jiang Chen in such a good way.

Of course, the reason they treated Jiang Chen so politely, apart from the help he had given to their sect, was his capability. In the law of jungle, a person’s strength was the only standard to measure the status of a person. The fact that Jiang Chen was able to dodge the lethal attack of Shen Ao consecutively and saved more than a hundred people shocked them all. Who would dare to look down on such a young genius?

“Elders are being too polite,” said Jiang Chen smilingly. 

Sensing the good impression from these people, he had to admit that Fengluo Sect lived up to its reputation. He also felt a strong sense of integrity from these experts.

“Okay. All of you can return to your respective tasks now. There are still loads of matters that you all need to attend after the incident. I will take Brother Jiang to his cultivation place now. No one is allowed to disturb Brother Jiang and his father.” Fenghua Zi spoke to the crowd.

“Yes, Sect Master.”

The elders replied in unison, then departed. With the help of these elders, the impact of the chaos earlier would soon be eliminated, bringing the entire sect back to its normal state.

“Brother Jiang, please.” Fenghua Zi made a gesture.

“Sect Master, please.” Jiang Chen smiled.

Fenghua Zi and the old ancestor were in the led, heading towards the centre of the sect where the Heaven and Earth Immortal Qi was the thickest and the core of the dragon veins could be found.

Sensing the agitation from Jiang Zhenhai, Jiang Chen said, “Father, don’t worry, I’m here with you. You are still an Emperor even if you have come to this world.”

Jiang Zhenhai couldn’t help shaking his head at the words of Jiang Chen. He still found it difficult to adapt to this environment and accept his new reality, after all, the changes were just too fast.

Despite that, he fluctuated his qi, displaying the demeanour of a leader. In any case, he couldn’t cause his son to lose face.

There was a beautiful mountain peak in the central region. This was previously the cultivation place of the Great Elder, Shen Ao. Now that he was dead, this place naturally became available. This place was highly conducive for cultivation, Fenghua Zi had allocated this cultivation place to the father and son.

“Brother Jiang, this was the cultivation place of Shen Ao. Take a look and see if you are satisfied with it,” said Fenghua Zi. 

On top of the mountain was a huge courtyard. There was a herb garden grown with various medicinal herbs which were previously the private possession of Shen Ao within the courtyard. The thickness of the Heaven and Earth Immortal Qi here was at its peak. This might not affect Jiang Chen, but to Jiang Zhenhai, this was a first-rate cultivation environment.

“Many thanks. It’s very thoughtful of Sect Master Feng.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. If he was still dissatisfied about this cultivation environment, he would appear to be slightly ungrateful.

“By the way, I wonder where Brother Jiang has come from. I don’t reckon a rare genius like Brother Jiang is a rogue cultivator, right?”

Fenghua Zi asked with curiosity, then hastily added. “Of course, Brother Jiang can choose not to answer if Brother Jiang doesn’t want to.” 

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