Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1798

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The column of light shimmered continuously in the sky above Monarch Mountain. It consisted of the aura of an ancient Great Sovereign. It made the breathing of anyone who saw it difficult and their soul to throb. Their eyes were blazing. The emergence of the remains of a Great Sovereign would surely shake the whole world.

“It’s astonishing! I never thought that I would be able to witness the emergence of the remains of a Great Sovereign in my life. This is a miracle. I wonder what benefits Great Sovereign Batian have left behind. I don’t have a big expectation. It’s already good enough for me if I can absorb some of the qi left behind by the Great Sovereign.”

“Damn! You’re being greedy. It has been so many years since Great Sovereign Batian fell. If his qi still persevered until today, it would have become an essence of the Great Sovereign. Do you have any idea how extravagant your wish is?”

“Judging from the situation, the remains of the Great Sovereign is about to open. There’s one more day to go, at least. More and more people will come during this period of time. I believe that there will be fierce competitions inside.”

“That’s right. All mighty experts will come, including the late Immortal Venerables. If we choose to go in, given our strength, we should behave ourselves and shouldn’t force anything even if we can’t get any benefits for our lives is the most important thing.”

“Yes. Otherwise, it’s equivalent to courting death. The true treasures in the remains have nothing to do with us. We must have a benign attitude and know our own limitations.”


The sudden event had stirred everyone’s heart, but those who were wise reminded themselves to be calm, knowing that this incident would attract innumerable experts, and competing with those experts was the same as seeking death.

The movement on the Monarch Mountain was just too great. The strong swaying light column had caused powerful silhouettes to appear on different locations around the mountain.

The attraction of the remains of the Great Sovereign was unbearable to most of the people.

Jiang Chen’s blazing eyes were noticing the movements around the Monarch Mountain, trying to seek for one person – Nanbei Chao.

He knew that he hadn’t killed Nanbei Chao with the Sun Divine Feather, however he was clueless where Nanbei Chao was hiding right now. The remains under the Monarch Mountain would be Nanbei Chao’s next target and probably the biggest. If Nanbei Chao successfully achieved this goal, he would grow to a very horrifying extent where Jiang Chen might not be a match for him anymore. When that time came, the entire Eastern Profound Domain would be plunged into great chaos – Nanbei Family would rise and all the other major powers would be annihilated.

No matter where Nanbei Chao was right now, Jiang Chen was sure of one thing; Nanbei Chao would come to this mountain as he would never let go of what he left behind in the past.

What Jiang Chen needed to do now was to stop Nanbei Chao with all his might. It would be best if he could stop Nanbei Chao from entering the mountain.

Once Nanbei Chao entered the mountain, no one would be able to control him anymore.

As time went by, more and more experts came. Jiang Chen had covered the whole area with his spiritual force, but still found no trace of Nanbei Chao. Given his perception, he could precisely sense Nanbei Chao’s presence if he was here.

A day passed pretty quickly. The column of light above the mountain was swaying more violently. Many people started to become even more excited as they knew that the remains below the mountain would be opened soon.

The atmosphere had become incomparably tensed. Only very few people spoke in a soft tone. Each pair of eyes fell upon that light column, waiting for the doors to open. Thousands of cultivators had emerged above Monarch Mountain. The range within a few thousand miles were filled with silhouettes, as though a grand gathering was being held in the Central Domain. Numerous experts came from various domains and most of them were mighty Immortal Venerables, including late Immortal Venerable supreme old ancestors and even those peerless Venerables who had been living secretly. Experts as such were virtually on par with Li Wangyue or Xiao Wangqing before he advanced to half-step Sovereign realm.

The scene was massive. As this was the remains of a Great Sovereign, it was common for peerless Venerables to appear. It wouldn’t even be too surprising if half-step Sovereigns appeared here.

“Brother Jiang, it seems like the entrance to the remains is about to open. As no one has entered it before, I reckon that it must be full of danger inside. You must be extra careful. Experts from various major powers have arrived, and there are peerless Venerables. If you encounter any of them inside, stay as far away from them as possible. Your life is always more important than any treasure.” Fenghua Zi reminded.

“Many thanks for your reminder, Sect Master.”

Jiang Chen smiled. Jiang Chen would naturally pay attention to those powerful figures even without Fenghua Zi reminding him. Although he had the Great Void Technique and powerful ability to protect himself, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to escape from a peerless Venerable. In short, the concept of this expedition was totally different from the expedition in Golden Horizon, so he had to act with care.

*Hong Long……*

At this moment, a huge crack appeared in the sky, revealing a black massive hole then followed by the appearance of an enormous ice coffin, which emanated a strong aura of Sovereign that trembled people’s soul.

“It’s the Immortal Burying Coffin! It has appeared once more.” Someone exclaimed.

Ancient chaotic light shone from the coffin, obscuring everything that was inside the coffin.

Jiang Chen’s emotions were aroused. Only he knew that the female corpse inside looked exactly the same as Yan Chenyu. This was his second time seeing the ice coffin since the end of the tomb expedition. 

The coffin then turned into a primitive light and rushed towards the peak of Monarch Mountain.

“Xiao Yu!”

Jiang Chen yelled, cast the Great Void Technique, then vanished like a shadow and hurtled after the coffin.

Despite his extreme speed, he was still a little slower. When he was about to touch the coffin, the coffin entered the column of light and disappeared out of sight.


As Jiang Chen’s palm touched the column of light, a tremendous rebounding force came from the light, sending Jiang Chen away from it.


That was after all the remains left by a Great Sovereign. He couldn’t help but spew out a mouthful of blood under the immense shock, his face became peaky.

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