Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1805

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Jiang Chen didn’t walk out from the interior of the turbulent space. Instead, he soared like a dragon within it, appearing at different places every now and then. Wherever he emerged, he cast out the Eternal Immortal Wind to absorb some of the qi essence he could find. He knew very well that Nanbei Chao himself was also doing the same thing – continuously seizing the qi essence from the spatial zone.

Given Nanbei Chao’s speed, it would take him less than half a day to empty out the qi essence that was left by his past self. As Jiang Chen also had this kind of ability, he naturally wouldn’t let Nanbei Chao succeed in extracting them all. Disregarding the treasures that were hidden in the remains, what he needed to do now was to stop Nanbei Chao from seizing all the resources.

He had to admit that the interior of the spatial zone was really pretty vast. Although all the qi essence were scattered randomly, there were many places without any of it. But due to Nanbei Chao moving at an incredible speed, and being the reincarnation of Great Sovereign Batian, he knew better than anyone where the qi essence was the densest.

Fortunately, Jiang Chen could was also locate the qi essence with the Great Divination Art.

“Humph! That bastard is truly fast. All the qi essence in this space has been taken by him. It seems I’ll have to go to another location or else I won’t be able to gain anything.”

Jiang Chen was irritated. Given his extraordinary abilities, he had always been domineering except when he’s facing Nanbei Chao.

With a twist of his body, he headed towards a different direction. Nanbei Chao’s present objective was obvious—to absorb all the qi essence that was in the spatial zone—and Jiang Chen had to compete with him; every minute counted.

Under the guidance of the Great Divination Art, Jiang Chen soon found a spot that had a thick qi essence. The Eternal Immortal Wind was cast out like a cyclone, extracting all the qi essence, bringing them back to him. The dragon transformation skill was circulated and the qi essence was immediately absorbed.

He would spare no effort to find and absorb the qi essence to improve his cultivation base as there was nothing more important than enhancing his strength, especially in this place where Nanbei Chao was present. He estimated that the qi essence that he had absorbed would be able to advance his cultivation base to the peak of intermediate Immortal Emperor realm. As for the excess, he would bring them back for his friends.

Putting everything else aside, if these qi essences were brought back to Great Qian Empire, it would definitely improve the overall strength of the empire.

Very quickly, 10 000 new dragon marks were formed in his body. This type of qi essence was incomparable. It was very pure. Not only would it not affect his foundation, but it would stabilize it instead.

In other words, he could absorb as much of the qi essence as he could, but since he was merely an Immortal Emperor, there was a limit to the amount he could absorb.

He began to feel grateful that he had acquired the Great Divination Art. Without this art, even with the Eternal Immortal Wind, it was virtually impossible for him to locate the places where the qi essence was thickest.

The qi essence was not only dispersed widely, but also hidden deeply. It was very difficult for average people to discover it, unless the person has heaven defying lucky. Without the Great Divination Art, even if he used all of his skills, it would be still be useless. He would be doomed to failure as he would be slower than Nanbei Chao in finding those qi essences. 

On the other side, while absorbing the qi essence, Nanbei Chao could feel the amount of qi essence in the spatial zone decreasing rapidly. He knew that Jiang Chen was seizing the qi essence away from him.

“Dammit! Those are mine! How dare you take it?! Sooner or later, I’ll make you spit them out!”

Nanbei Chao was infuriated. It could be said that Jiang Chen was the one he wanted to kill the most. As the number one genius of Nanbei Family and the reincarnation of Great Sovereign Batian, he was never at a disadvantage and had never lost a battle. Jiang Chen was the only one who had shamed him over and over again, which had severely hurt his high and mighty pride.

“Eternal Immortal Wind!”

Nanbei Chao’s speed increased. A competition suddenly broke out between him and Jiang Chen, neither of them refused to give in to the other. One was protecting his treasure while the other was robbing the treasure to give his opponent no chance of growing.

Of the thousands of cultivators that had entered the remains, everyone was still in the dark, unknown that the two had already begun seizing the treasure.

The spatial zone left by Great Sovereign Batian was really vast. It was several dozen miles large, consisting of overlapping spaces and full of spatial crevices and turbulent currents. No one could tell where each direction leads to. There might be dangers everywhere.

There were often waves of hurricane appearing in the void. Each of these hurricanes contained powerful formation. Anyone who was trapped within would be lost, making it impossible to walk out of it and eventually be shredded to pieces.

This wasn’t the scariest part, however. It was rumoured that Great Sovereign Batian raised a large number of dummies; these dummies were distributed to different places in the space. Each of which was full of evil and powerful means. Adding the advantage they had in this environment, they were able to come and go like a shadow. Plenty of cultivators had already died in their hands not long after the place was opened.

In addition, there were even more terrifying creatures. They were strange and bloodthirsty creatures that had existed since ancient times. This place not only contained dense spiritual qi, but also the qi of death.

Under the influence of such qi, many malicious creatures were born and raised quickly by such a superior environment. Among all of these creatures, there was a group who slaughtered incessantly. The consequences of being surrounded by this group was inconceivable.

In a miniature space where the surroundings were glowing with multiple colours. Seven or eight powerful cultivators were moving together with great care, their faces filled with anticipation. Each of them spread out their divine sense like a tidal wave, hoping to find some benefits.

Suddenly, someone launched his hand forward at the void, grabbing a golden strand of qi essence. Sensing that it was the qi essence of a Great Sovereign, he was overjoyed.

“It’s the qi essence of a Great Sovereign! This is the qi essence left by Great Sovereign Batian. Haha! I’m really lucky this time to obtain a strand of it!” The cultivator laughed heartily, he couldn’t conceal the delight and excitement in his heart. 

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