Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1812

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It had been some time after the remains of the Great Sovereign Batian had been opened. Things began to liven up a little. Powerful combat waves could be felt from time to time. Apart from the fights between humans, evil creatures and puppets, there were also battles breaking out just to seize the treasures they desired.

One had to admit that a large number of treasures could really be found in the remains left by Great Sovereign Batian. It was like a massive vault of treasure. The remains consisted of powerful Venerable Immortal Weapons and even Sovereign Grade Immortal Metal Stones. Whether it was Venerable Grade or Sovereign Grade Immortal Meta Stones, both held great attraction for countless of experts.

Among other things, Sovereign Grade Immortal Meta Stones were a necessity to the peerless Venerables. Without the support of the Sovereign Grade Immortal Meta Stones, one wouldn’t be able to break through to half-step Sovereign realm even if one had the ability to make the advancement. Therefore, numerous peerless Venerables had come into the remains mainly for the Sovereign Grade Immortal Meta Stones.

There were really too few Sovereign Grade items. The same went to the Immortal Meta Stones. But since this was the remains left behind by Great Sovereign Batian, a large number of Immortal Meta Stones could naturally be found here.

In addition to the immortal weapons and the scattered Sovereign Grade Immortal Meta Stones, there were also numerous scarce treasures such as rare herbs, high-ranked demon souls and rare books. The things left behind by a Great Sovereign would never be ordinary.

The preciousness of the treasures had directly influenced the degree of the competition. These items held a huge attraction even for Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen didn’t care too much about those immortal weapons and rare books because he already had the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda and the Heavenly Saint Sword, unless it was the natal weapon of Great Sovereign Batian. But, such a weapon couldn’t be easily found by someone. It must have been left for Nanbei Chao, which was what Jiang Chen was most worried about.

Similarly, he didn’t care about the rare books. No cultivation technique was as powerful as the dragon transformation skill. His True Dragon Technique was unparalleled. The only things that attracted him were the Sovereign Grade Immortal Meta Stones and those rare herbs. As he cultivated the dragon transformation skill, his consumption of Immortal Meta Stones every time he advanced was terrifying. The moment he advanced to the Immortal Venerable realm, or even the Sovereign realm, the amount of Immortal Meta Stones he needed would be unimaginable.

Unfortunately, he wouldn’t put his focus on these treasures regardless of how attractive they were. If Nanbei Chao wasn’t here, he certainly wouldn’t let go of them, but given the circumstance, he had no time to waste on searching for those things as that would only create chances for Nanbei Chao, and eventually cause him to meet his doom.

Based on the divination of the Great Divination Art, the Great Sovereign Batian’s body and his natal weapon were left in here. These two things were the most precious of all in the entire spatial zone. They were the reason Nanbei Chao had come. Once he obtained any one of them, he would become a great disaster.

It was very hard to imagine how powerful Nanbei Chao would become after he merged with the physique of the Great Sovereign and acquire the natal weapon. When that time comes, no one would be able to control him. It would be the end for everyone who came into the remains.

There was no doubt about it. Based on Nanbei Chao’s action, once he had the power, he would kill as he wished.

What Jiang Chen needed to do now was to do his best to stop Nanbei Chao. His present strength was almost on par with Nanbei Chao, but the tables would turn immediately if Nanbei Chao successfully find the physique and natal weapon of the Great Sovereign.

Jiang Chen circulated the Great Divination Art to the maximum, casting out the Taijitu. Unexpectedly, it showed the coordinates and a passageway that led to the depths of the spatial zone. Without any hesitation, Jiang Chen immediately headed into that direction.

The instant Jiang Chen went into the passageway, a summoning force indistinctly locked on him; a shudder ran through his body.

It didn’t come from an unknown source. It came from the Immortal Burying Coffin. He had already felt this qi when he first saw the coffin in the ancient tomb. He had no doubt that this mysterious summoning force came from the ancient coffin.

“Why is the Immortal Burying Coffin summoning me? Is it from Xiao Yu?

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled. The one inside the coffin was Empress Nine Yin, possibly the past self of Yan Chenyu, the daughter of the Immortal Execution King. Given how much he had missed and worried about Yan Chenyu, he was almost sure that the summoning force was issued from her.

“Xiao Yu is calling to me. I must go there at once.”

Without a second thought, he stowed the Taijitu and zoomed towards the direction where the summoning force came from like a soaring dragon, vanishing out of sight.

At this moment, in the deepest layer of the spatial zone was an independent space, surrounded by spatial barriers that separated the inside from the external environment. It was very well concealed, and impossible for ordinary people to find.

It was full of unimaginable fiery heat. Even a late Immortal Emperor wouldn’t be able to withstand such temperature. Fiery red current was lingering in the air. Any cultivator with a weak cultivation base would instantly evaporate. No remains would be left behind. It was truly terrifying.

*Hong Long Long……*

There was a vast sea of magma ahead floating in the sky like a magma mountain. The qi emitted from it was stifling.

Right now, there were seven or eight people standing outside the magma mountain. Each of them had unordinary cultivation base. The lowest cultivation base amongst them was a peak intermediate Immortal Venerable realm. There were only two peak intermediate Immortal Venerables and the rest were peerless late Immortal Venerables, and an elder standing foremost, who had the most terrifying cultivation base. The qi radiating from him was filled with the might of a Great Sovereign. He was yet another formidable half-step Sovereign like Xiao Wangqing.

Each of them was staring fixedly at the magma ocean. A huge ancient coffin had connected itself to a soaring combat sword. The qi waves created by the impact of the two Sovereign Weapons churned the magma ocean.

At the centre of the magma ocean stood an ancient fiery red altar which made people avert their eyes. 

Taijitu – A symbol or diagram in Chinese philosophy representing Taiji (supreme ultimate) and both its monist and dualist (yin and yang) aspects.  

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