Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1813

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*Hong Long Long……*

The floating sea of magma had become extremely violent due to the collision of the Immortal Burying Coffin and combat sword. It was a very ancient magma and wasn’t as hot originally. Owing to Great Sovereign Batian having refined it and used some great means to control this independent space, the temperature of the magma became extraordinarily high, so high that even average Immortal Venerables couldn’t stay here for long. Even a mighty peak intermediate Immortal Venerable wouldn’t dare to venture into the interior of the magma.

The fiery-red ancient altar was engraved with dense and complex patterns. They were the talisman of the Great Sovereign. No one could tell how long the altar had existed. It was full of the taste of vicissitudes, but the aura of nobility it emitted was stronger.

The throne on it looked even more high and mighty. It was made of pure gold, carved with dragon heads on its sides. On the throne sat a majestic man whose eyes were tightly shut, blonde unkempt hair, and wore a golden robe. Despite his lack of motion, his qi of dominance was distinct.

He was a dead man, a corpse. The truly terrifying thing was that how could a corpse give people palpitations? Additionally, the corpse had remained intact despite being placed in a very high temperature environment for so many years. This was enough to show how powerful this man was before he died.

That was right. The majestic blond man was no doubt Great Sovereign Batian, or more accurately, Great Sovereign Batian’s corpse. Next to the body sat another man who was dressed like Great Sovereign Batian – blonde, golden robed, same appearance

If Jiang Chen was present, he would definitely recognize that the other man was Nanbei Chao. Despite Jiang Chen’s efforts, he was still slower than Nanbei Chao who had already found the body that belonged to his past self. By the looks of it, it seemed like he was merging his own body with the body of Great Sovereign.

The coffin, sword, throne, corpse, Nanbei Chao, ocean of magma and ancient altar weren’t the only things in the space. A few dozen meters above the altar hovered a fist-sized crystal that was surrounded by countless fiery light.

The cold light emitted from the crystal constantly collided with the fiery light, producing crackling sounds. The fact that it hadn’t been melted under such temperature indicated the extraordinary nature of the crystal.

“F***! Here’s the true treasure vault of the entire spatial zone. Even the Immortal Burying Coffin is here. The sword that connected with the coffin seems to be the legendary natal weapon of Great Sovereign Batian, the Monarch Sword.”

“Yes, that’s the legendary Monarch Sword. If I can obtain it…no, forget it, it’s impossible. Everything here has been set up in advance by Great Sovereign Batian. Even his corpse is found here. Look at that young man. He should be the reincarnation of Great Sovereign Batian.”

“Exactly. The kid has found the body of his previous life and is integrating it with his body. Once he succeeds, the new Great Sovereign Batian will be resurrected.”


Far away, those Immortal Venerables were showing astonished looks. Greed brimming in each of their eyes, but none of them dared to make a move.


Just then, a deep boom was heard from the void afar. A white-robed youth emerged.

They turned and saw that the youth only had a cultivation base of a peak intermediate Immortal Emperor realm, their eyes now revealed a hint of disdain.

“That puny Immortal Emperor is lucky to have found this place so quickly.”

“Lucky? I say it is bad luck. The environment here is overly cruel. An Immortal Emperor won’t be able to last for half an hour here before turning into ashes.”

Some of them remarked, then shifted their gaze back to the magma ocean. A tiny Immortal Emperor wasn’t worth their attention at all.

The newcomer was indeed Jiang Chen. He had found this place after following the summoning force of the Immortal Burying Coffin. Ignoring the lot of experts, he focused intently on the ocean of magma ahead; his eyes couldn’t help but narrow when he saw Nanbei Chao.

“Despite all my efforts, I’m still late. He has already begun the integration with the body of the Great Sovereign. I must find ways to stop him, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable, however I would like to know why did the Immortal Burying Coffin summon me.”

Jiang Chen was glad that the coffin had summoned him, or else, even with his Great Divination Art, it would take him ages to find this place. Although the environment here was harsh, it didn’t have an effect on him as his body contained four types of supreme flames. 

He didn’t make any rash moves. He must find out what actually was going on first before making the right move.

“What do you all think that is?” Someone asked in surprise when he finally noticed the crystal hovering above the altar.

“The qi exuding from it is very cold. Even the ocean of magma can’t suppress it. It’s the Nine Yin Profound Heart. There’s no doubt about it.”

“My Goodness! Is that the legendary Nine Yin Profound Heart of Empress Nine Yin? I heard that Empress Nine Yin was born with the nine yin meridians and had condensed the Nine Yin Profound Heart after that. That year, the intense battle between Empress Nine Yin and Great Sovereign Batian caused both of them to fall. This has to be the Nine Yin Profound Heart. I finally understand why the Immortal Burying Coffin had come here. It had come for the Nine Yin Profound Heart, but is hindered by the Monarch Sword.”

“I can’t believe that the heart of a Great Sovereign is just floating around here. If I’m able to obtain it, my cultivation base will improve by leaps and bounds.”


The extraordinary heart had caused a commotion from the lot. Whether it was the Immortal Burying Coffin or the Monarch Sword, they all coveted the both of them, however they also knew very well that they couldn’t stain it with their fingers as both of them were peerless Sovereign Weapons that had their own spirituality. The mature Nine Yin Profound Heart was, however, different. It was a supreme treasure that would benefit anyone who got it, boundlessly. 

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