Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1814

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No one could control the flooding excitement running inside them, not even the half-step Sovereign. The Nine Yin Profound Heart of the widely known Empress Nine Yin was definitely amongst the most precious things in the Heavens and Earth. Anyone who obtained it would instantly rise to power.

However, none of them chose to act as they knew that the Immortal Burying Coffin had come here for the heart. It would have already taken away the heart if the Monarch Sword hadn’t intervened. Currently, Nanbei Chao was busy integrating with the body of the Great Sovereign. So the only thing that stopped them from seizing the heart was the Immortal Burying Coffin. After all, everyone knew the prestige of the coffin; no one would dare to go head to head with it.

This, however, didn’t prevent their greed from brewing. Greed could be the worst thing in the world. The moment it reached its peak, it would drown a person’s senses, causing the person to act irrationally. This wasn’t new to Jiang Chen. He had encountered plenty of such situations during the expedition in Golden Horizon.

Jiang Chen was still staring unblinkingly at the floating heart from a far distance while listening distinctly to what those experts were saying. His piercing eyes could also discern that the coffin had come for the Nine Yin Profound Heart. Due to the one lying in the coffin being the corpse of Empress Nine Yin, she had certainly come today to get it back. She had left behind the heart that year when she fought against Great Sovereign Batian.

“Empress Nine Yin must be the previous self of Xiao Yu as I have felt a sense of familiarity from her. If I’m not mistaken, she’s Xiao Yu. She must have integrated with the body of the Empress, and she only needed the Nine Yin Profound Heart to completely awaken.”

Jiang Chen’s emotions were stirred. One of the secrets that had been bugging him was finally unravelled, and Yan Chenyu was found. He understood that the Nine Yin Profound Heart was a critical factor that would determine whether she would wake up or stay in slumber.

“This ocean of magma was left by Great Sovereign Batian. It has controlled everything here, including the Nine Yin Profound Heart. Great Sovereign Batian has expected Empress Nine Yin to return one day. It explained why this place has been so hard to find. And the Monarch Sword was also left here to stop the Immortal Burying Coffin, and Empress Nine Yin from waking. It’s virtually impossible to get the Nine Yin Profound Heart in such a situation. The Immortal Burying Coffin has summoned me so that I can help Empress Nine Yin seize the Nine Yin Profound Heart.”

Jiang Chen muttered. The situation was obvious. Once Nanbei Chao succeeded in integrating with the body of the Great Sovereign, everything would be over. By that time, not only would they not get the Nine Yin Profound Heart, everyone in the spatial zone would be doomed. Without the Nine Yin Profound Heart, there was no chance for Yan Chenyu to awaken again.

“I must stop Nanbei Chao and seize the Nine Yin Profound Heart.” Jiang Chen clenched his teeth. He had to venture into the magma despite the dangers and difficulties as there was no other way.

*Hong Long Long……*

Violent waves were constantly produced from inside the ocean of magma. Layers of fiery waves were blazing in the spatial zone. The fierce battle between the Immortal Burying Coffin and the Monarch Sword continued as though both of these unparalleled weapons were secretly manipulated. 

“The Monarch Sword is battling against the Immortal Burying Coffin and Great Sovereign Batian is integrating with his reincarnation, while the Nine Yin Profound Heart is all alone by itself. This is the best chance. F*** it! I will absolutely do whatever it takes to get it. If I succeed, I’ll rise to power and my name is going to shake the whole world.”

A peak intermediate Immortal Venerable’s qi fluctuated. He gritted his teeth and made a weighty decision. He was going to act.

Some said that wealth lurked within the dangers. Sometimes, it was necessary to take a shot. A person would never know how lucky he was without trying. In the face of this golden opportunity, no one wouldn’t be astonished by it. No one was willing to let go of such a great opportunity. Some would even be willing to try it even if there’s only a 10% chance of survival because there was a chance of success.

Unfortunately, the chance of success was too little.

The peak intermediate Immortal Venerable was unable to resist the temptation of the Nine Yin Profound Heart eventually. He zoomed into the ocean of magma in a shadow of light. He moved so fast that he vanished in the blink of an eye.

He easily crossed the battlefield of the Immortal Burying Coffin and the Monarch Sword and appeared where the Nine Yin Profound Heart was at.

The ocean of magma churned even more violently as someone had just intruded into it. Nanbei Chao suddenly opened his closed eyes. When he saw that someone was flying towards the ancient altar for the Nine Yin Profound Heart, the corners of his mouth revealed a trace of a contemptuous smile, then he closed his eyes once more.

The Immortal Venerable was now less than four meters away from the Nine Yin Profound Heart. He only needed to take another step forward to take grab the heart. Right now, his forehead was already beaded with sweat as he had been using all of his energy to resist the impact of the terrifying heat waves around him.

Before intruding here, he never thought that the temperature would be this horrifying. Even he, a peak intermediate Immortal Venerable, was having difficulty in resisting it.

“Here goes nothing!”

The expert was unwilling to give up. Now that he had reached here, there was no reason for him to back down. He must give it a try whether or not he would succeed.

Without the slightest hesitation, the expert launched his hand forward to grab the heart. However, he had overlooked the tongues of flames that were dancing around his objective. 

The moment his hand touched the tongue of flame, the tongue of flame immediately turned into a scary fiery dragon; the magma around began to roil and the hidden seal was activated. A whirlpool was formed at the centre of the fiery dragon. The Immortal Venerable was swept away into the vortex before he even had the chance to react.


Knowing that it was already too late to realize his mistake, he let out a shrill cry and was devoured by the fiery dragon. He was completely incinerated. None of his remains were left.


This made all the experts outside the magma ocean suck in a breath of cold air. Two of them, who were also about to act, were now scared to death, hurriedly returning to where they were. Both of them were staring at the subsiding vortex with horrified eyes. It seemed as though nothing had happened, but the living Immortal Venerable just moments ago was nowhere to be seen; he was gone for good. 

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