Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1815

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The tragic death of the Immortal Venerable seemed to have poured cold water on everyone’s head, jolting them back from the state that was about to be eroded with greed, particularly the two peak intermediate Immortal Venerables. They no longer thought about seizing the heart, realizing that it was equivalent to getting themselves killed.

A treasure is extremely precious but it would become useless when one lost his life. When the chances of success had become zero, any action would be deemed pointless.

“Humph! A bunch that is unaware of one’s own limitations. You think you can simply stain the Nine Yin Profound Heart with your finger? That’s a powerful technique left by Great Sovereign Batian to stop Empress Nine Yin from retrieving it. Even I, won’t dare to seize the Nine Yin Profound Heart.”

The grey-robed elder standing in front harrumphed coldly. Despite his half-step Sovereign cultivation realm, he admitted that the Nine Yin Profound Heart was beyond his ability to handle.

Each of the Immortal Venerables remained silent. No one would dare to rebut what the elder spoke. This elder was from the Immortal Court. Anyone who rebutted him would only be slapped to death. Besides, what he said was reasonable. If the Nine Yin Profound Heart could be obtained so easily, he would have acted before any one of them.

“Ai! Elder is right. We were all being too conceited. This is after all a place left by Great Sovereign Batian. How could it be so simple?”

A peerless Venerable sighed, eliminating all his greedy thoughts. He had already imagined that he would also die if he was the one who faced the fiery dragon just now.

From a far distance, Jiang Chen saw what happened on the ancient altar distinctly, but his eyes remained unchanged as this had been within his expectation. Others might not have noticed the reaction of Nanbei Chao, but he had. That contemptuous look of Nanbei Chao explained everything.


Just then, a buzzing noise sounded in Jiang Chen’s ears. An invisible thought passed through his ears, and into his mind and he felt a shudder. It came from the Immortal Burying Coffin. It was the will of Empress Nine Yin or the will of Yan Chenyu.

The intention was clearly stated in her thought – she wanted Jiang Chen to help her seize the Nine Yin Profound Heart. Soon, the integration between Nanbei Chao and the body of the Great Sovereign would be completed and immediately after that, Nanbei Chao would wield the Monarch Sword. When the time came, everyone in the spatial zone would be doomed and the Immortal Burying Coffin would become powerless.

Given the deep enmity between Great Sovereign Batian and Empress Nine Yin, and the character of Nanbei Chao, the first thing Nanbei Chao would do after he succeeded was to destroy the Nine Yin Profound Heart. After losing the heart, Yan Chenyu would then fall into eternal slumber.

This wasn’t what Jiang Chen wished to see. He certainly wouldn’t allow this to happen. He was ready to act even if the Immortal Burying Coffin didn’t send him the message of the Empress.

The fact that the coffin had prompted him indicated that this task could no longer be delayed.

Regarding the seizing of the heart, he had some confidence. With the four supreme flames inside of him, he didn’t fear the temperature of the magma. As for the tongues of flames that were deployed around the Nine Yin Profound Heart, it wouldn’t be a threat to him as it was just another high-temperature explosive fire-related attack. There was only the energy of the seal that he wouldn’t dare to resist using his mere physique because it was something left by Great Sovereign Batian. 

Even with the Great Divination Art and Great Soul Derivation Technique, it was unrealistic to easily dodge the attack within split seconds. Therefore, the biggest reliance he had in seizing the Nine Yin Profound Heart was the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda.

The forty-seventh level of the pagoda had become unusually solid, but what was more important was the divine qi emanated from the pagoda. It was the supreme treasure of the dragons, and a God Weapon. Even if it still hadn’t reached its full extent yet, it already contained the origin of god spirit.

God was the existence that surpassed all immortals. The truly strongest and inviolable being. Great Sovereign was naturally the greatest in the Immortal World, but this existence didn’t exceed the category of immortal, and is still considered low-grade in front of a god spirit.

The suppression from the origin of god spirit should be sufficient to block the pressure of the Great Sovereign left by Great Sovereign Batian. As long as it couldn’t affect Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen would be able to walk freely within it.

Thus, the Great Soul Derivation Technique, Great Divination Art, Great Void Technique and the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda had given Jiang Chen infinite possibilities, allowing him to do things that were beyond ordinary and unimaginable.

This was why the Immortal Burying Coffin had summoned Jiang Chen here and requested his help. Empress Nine Yin must have already known the means of Great Sovereign Batian and the difficulty of retrieving her heart. She didn’t want Jiang Chen to get himself killed, but she was left with no other option. This also proved her trust in Jiang Chen.

Or it should be said that it was Yan Chenyu who summoned him. In her subconsciousness, Jiang Chen was an omnipotent individual that had created countless miracles.

Without further ado, Jiang Chen strode into the ocean of magma. There wasn’t much time left. He must get the Nine Yin Profound Heart before Nanbei Chao completely awaken, knowing that Nanbei Chao would be unstoppable at that time. Only by getting the Nine Yin Profound Heart could he awaken Yan Chenyu, and Nanbei Chao be stopped.

His pace was incredibly fast and heavy. In just a matter of a few blinks, he already reached the edge of the ocean of magma.

The experts changed their countenance immediately when they saw the white-robed youth heading into the ocean of magma.

“Kid, don’t go and die!”

“Is he out of his mind? Or is he just utterly stupid? Even an Immortal Venerable was killed in it. He, only an Immortal Emperor, also wants to get the Nine Yin Profound Heart? How ignorant?!”

“Young man, don’t be blinded by greed. Your life is more important than the treasure.”


Some of them hastened to dissuade. In their point of view, Jiang Chen was simply unaware of his own limitations. He was definitely doing an impossible task that would lead him to his death. 

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