Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1816

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Jiang Chen was obviously too preoccupied to care about any of their remarks. There was no way back for him. He must obtain the Nine Yin Profound Heart.

The experts present couldn’t help but shake their heads after detecting no response from the youth, contempt displayed in their eyes. In their opinion, this young man was just like any other youth out there, hot-blooded and lacked self-control. The lesson from the death of the Immortal Venerable didn’t seem to deter him from risking his life. His action was no different to an idiot’s.

“Let’s not waste time with such a person. There are too many people in this world that don’t cherish their lives.”

The half-step Sovereign elder spoke, eyes full of disdain. He wouldn’t cast a second glance to the white-robed youth if it hadn’t been for what was happening in the ocean of magma. He wouldn’t put such a young man in his eyes. He was an elder from the Immortal Court, who had seen numerous monstrous geniuses. An intermediate Immortal Emperor youth was as good as nothing in the Immortal Court.

Jiang Chen glanced at the Immortal Burying Coffin and the Monarch Sword which were still fighting intensely, and turned into his dragon-form with a sway. This time, he was going all out.


Seeing Jiang Chen transformed, the half-step Sovereign elder exclaimed. His indifferent expression changed. His eyes widened, staring unblinkingly at the half-dragon-half-man. His emotions were stirred.

“It’s him. It’s him. The one with the half-dragon-half-human body. He’s the one the Heaven Sovereign spoke about.” 

The elder mumbled. No one understood what he was saying, but the change in his expression was conspicuous. A mighty half-step Sovereign wouldn’t just react in such a way without any reason.

“You can’t go in.”

The elder appeared at the edge of the ocean of magma in a swoosh, intending to stop Jiang Chen, but it was already too late as Jiang Chen had already zoomed into the deep layers of the ocean, heading towards the Nine Yin Profound Heart.

“Dammit! This bastard is too reckless. I don’t understand why Heaven Sovereign has regarded him so highly.”

The elder was exasperated. All this while, he had been searching for a young man who could transform into a dragon. He had never thought that he would meet him here, but the outcome was upsetting. He had longed to meet the unparalleled genius that was praised by Heaven Sovereign, but the way the genius acted today really disappointed him greatly.

In any case, he had found the young man he had been looking for and wouldn’t take his eyes off him.

“The one that attracted Heaven Sovereign’s attention wouldn’t be mediocre. I would like to see if he can walk out of this alive. If he dies in the magma, it means Heaven Sovereign has overestimated this young genius.”

The elder turned and returned to where he stood, completely paying attention to Jiang Chen’s every move. He didn’t know what Jiang Chen was doing, but he felt that Jiang Chen must have his own reasons. Temporarily, he chose to believe Jiang Chen, or believe the eyesight of Heaven Sovereign.

“That kid really went into the ocean of magma for real. I dare to conclude that he won’t last a minute in there.”

“I think he can only last less than that time. As long as he gets near the Nine Yin Profound Heart, he will instantly be burned to death.”

“That’s right. I don’t know where this kid has gotten such nerve. Even a peak intermediate Immortal Venerable was incinerated in there. Why is he going in there to get himself killed?”


Everyone heaved a sigh, feeling that Jiang Chen was a complete idiot. It was understandable if Jiang Chen was the first to rush towards the ancient altar, but after seeing the death of an expert, his actions only showed how desperate he was to get himself killed.


Sensing that someone was intruding into the magma, Nanbei Chao’s eyes swooshed open. When he saw that the intruder was Jiang Chen, his eyes blazed with fury.

“Jiang Chen, I didn’t expect you to find this place so quickly.” Nanbei Chao shouted.

“Humph! Nanbei Chao, are you afraid to see me here?” Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly.

“Haha! Afraid? Are you kidding me? Take a closer look at everything that’s around. Everything here is under my control. The moment I successfully merged with my past self, I’ll be able to dominate everything. Who do you think you are to threaten me? You really are courting death to intrude into my territory!”

Nanbei Chao laughed aloud, still acting as arrogant as always, but a trace of unease roused at the bottom of his heart the instant he saw Jiang Chen as though it had become a natural response. Despite knowing that he had full control over this place, and Jiang Chen couldn’t deal any harm to him, he still felt unsettled. This was because Jiang Chen’s appearance always brought him an unpleasant ending, which had become the root of his unease.

“Who is this man? He actually knows the reincarnation of Great Sovereign Batian? It seems like both of them are enemies of one another.”

“It seems the matter isn’t as simple as we have imagined. This must involved lots of grudges, however it’s still reckless for that kid to venture into the ocean of magma.”

“We’ll see. Anyone who is qualified to be the enemy of the reincarnation of Great Sovereign Batian must be an extraordinary figure.”


The conversation between Jiang Chen and Nanbei Chao had changed some of their views towards Jiang Chen. Sometimes, the strength of a cultivator could be measured by the strength of the enemy. When even the reincarnation of Great Sovereign Batian regarded the white-robed youth as his enemy, it only showed that the youth wasn’t mediocre after all.

“Nanbei Chao, you should know that the magma here won’t have any effect on me,” said Jiang Chen plainly. 

With a sway of his body, he appeared on top of the altar. A layer of flames had covered the surface of his body. When the magma touched the flames, it recoiled automatically and its violent aura softened up as if it had met the king of flames.

“Jiang Chen, you really shouldn’t have come here. This isn’t as simple as what you think. I can easily kill you by manipulating the seal,” threatened Nanbei Chao.

“Then you should try it. I won’t waste time talking to you right now. We’ll talk after I get the Nine Yin Profound Heart.”

Jiang Chen didn’t attack Nanbei Chao as he knew that it wouldn’t have an impact on Nanbei Chao even if he attacked now. Just like what Nanbei Chao had said, he wasn’t afraid of anyone coming to hinder him from integrating with the body of Great Sovereign Batian because this entire space had been specially designed by Great Sovereign Batian himself to ward off any intruders.

If Jiang Chen’s guess was right, the throne next to Nanbei Chao had defensive abilities. As long as he attacked, the throne would surely counter-attack. 

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