Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1817

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As such, Jiang Chen didn’t bother stopping Nanbei Chao. His priority now was to recover the Nine Yin Profound Heart. Comparing Nanbei Chao to Yan Chenyu, Nanbei Chao seemed much less important.

“Jiang Chen, this is an old score between me and Empress Nine Yin. What does it have to do with you? Why are you interfering with my matters every time?”

Nanbei Chao clenched his teeth. If he wasn’t in the midst of integrating with his past body, he would have already attacked Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen ignored Nanbei Chao and zoomed towards the Nine Yin Profound Heart in a flash.

“Haha! Jiang Chen, you are being overly arrogant. So what if you have the protection of your flames? You think you can get the Nine Yin Profound Heart because of that? You must be retarded to think that way. Didn’t you see how that old bastard die earlier? The seal around the Nine Yin Profound Heart is beyond your ability to handle. Since you insist on dying, go ahead and get yourself killed. It’s a pity that I’m unable to kill you myself. Of course, being killed by the seal is no different than dying in my hands.”

Nanbei Chao broke into laughter. He was extremely confident in the seal surrounding the Nine Yin Profound Heart. Even though Jiang Chen was protected by those powerful flames, he still wouldn’t be able to resist the attack of the seal. Nanbei Chao was certain that Jiang Chen would die under the attack of the seal. According to his original plan, after integrating with his past body, he would catch Jiang Chen and inflict all kinds of torture this world had on Jiang Chen before killing him. Therefore, it was certainly too fortunate for Jiang Chen to die such a swift death.

The Immortal Burying Coffin and Monarch Sword were still very much entangled in their battle. The Monarch Sword couldn’t spare an effort to deal with Jiang Chen, and Nanbei Chao was also too busy to stop him, which gave Jiang Chen all the room to seize the Nine Yin Profound Heart.

Jiang Chen was now standing near the Nine Yin Profound Heart, but he didnt make any move as he had sensed the horrifying seal circling it. He then circulated the Great Soul Derivation Technique and Great Divination Art to the limit. He must find out the characteristics of the seal before acting.

No flaw was found in the seal deployed by the Great Sovereign, even by using these two unimaginable techniques. This was an omnidirectional attack. It would explode as soon as someone touched it, sucking the person into it, killing the person instantly, just like how the Immortal Venerable died.

“It seems I have to rely on the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda this time.”

Jiang Chen took a deep breath. The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda let out a buzzing sound, and stealthily, it tightly guarded Jiang Chen, forming a circle of steel wall around him. Powerful pressure of a Great Sovereign would be unleashed when the seal was touched, but with the defence of the pagoda, it wouldn’t be able to deal any damage to Jiang Chen.

“Look, that kid is going to attack. He does have a nerve.”

“However it seems pretty easy for him to travel in the ocean of magma as though the heat doesn’t affect him at all. I never thought that he is that exceptional.”

“We’ll see. The crucial moment is arriving. As long as he dares to attack, the seal will be activated. The consequence of that is beyond imagination.”


The Immortal Venerables were tensed and eager to know the result. The most anxious of all was undeniably the half-step Sovereign elder. Ever since he saw the dragon transformation of Jiang Chen, he couldn’t take his eyes off of this unparalleled genius.

In the sky above the altar, the flames surrounding Jiang Chen’s body was crackling. The tongues of flames were dancing continuously like spiritual serpents. No one saw the concealed Ancestral Dragon Pagoda except Jiang Chen himself. Nanbei Chao’s eyes were fixed intently on Jiang Chen, determined to witness the death of his adversary.

“Jiang Chen, you truly are unaware of your own limitations.” Nanbei Chao sneered.

Jiang Chen ignored his remark. He had already made up his mind to act.


Jiang Chen’s eyes brightened and he struck out his dragon claw in lightning speed, towards the Nine Yin Profound Heart. He had chosen the best timing. Although the seal was terrifying, it still had a vulnerable period. Due to it being only a brief moment, average cultivators wouldn’t be able to detect it. Even if they could, they wouldn’t be able to accurately catch the right timing, but Jiang Chen was able to do all of these perfectly.

*Chi Chi!*

However, despite Jiang Chen’s quick and accurate movement, the seal still detected his intrusion. Hearing a continuous roar, a huge fiery dragon emerged abruptly, along with a fiery red whirlpool that swept Jiang Chen into it. Owing to Jiang Chen having caught the precise timing and moving too quickly, his hand had already grasped the Nine Yin Profound Heart the moment he was sucked into the vortex. Extreme coldness spread from his palm across his body, but he wasn’t going to let go of it because this was the only chance for Yan Chenyu to awaken from her slumber.

“Not good.”

The sight of Jiang Chen being spun into the whirlpool made the elder stamp his foot. The tragedy that he was most afraid of had happened, despite the confidence he had in Heaven Sovereign’s foresight.

“It’s over. This brat is going to die.”

“Ai! That young man is just too reckless and proud. He will lose his life this time.”

“Like I said, there won’t be miracles. Even an Immortal Venerable was killed by the seal of Great Sovereign Batian, let alone a puny Immortal Emperor.”


Everyone shook their heads helplessly. In their point of view, Jiang Chen’s death was already guaranteed after being sucked into the whirlpool.

But, would Jiang Chen really die that easily?

In the vortex, Jiang Chen indeed felt the threat of death for an instant. The mighty seal had almost ripped apart the void around, turning the space into hell. No living being could possibly survive here. Unfortunately, the seal wasn’t able to destroy the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda.

Not just that, during the attack, the immense pressure of the Great Sovereign of the seal had stimulated the God nature of the pagoda, causing it to circulate on its own. Then, the doors of the pagoda opened wide and began absorbing the magma frenziedly like a black hole.


Upon seeing this, Jiang Chen suddenly burst into laughter. He knew that the pagoda could absorb anything, but because this was something left by Great Sovereign Batian, he had doubts in taking that action, fearing that it would cause damage to the pagoda. Unexpectedly, the pagoda had been activated by the seal and began to absorb the energy of magma on its own. 

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