Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1823

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“That’s right. Back then, Heaven Sovereign fused with the desolate ancient shape God spirit to breakthrough to an even higher realm, but failed ultimately and was forced to reincarnate. Despite the fact that he has returned, the Immortal Court now is no longer the same as the Immortal Court in the old days. Although Heaven Sovereign is still the lord on the surface, he’s now in a perilous situation. Naturally, there are people in the Immortal Court who didn’t want to see him return. Heaven Sovereign said that there’s only you who can help him. He’s unable to leave the Immortal Court or else his life will be in danger,” said Han Feng, there were many things he didn’t go into detail, however. Nevertheless, Jiang Chen had already comprehended the entire situation given his wisdom.

There was a saying that said: the tea cooled down as soon as the person was gone and although the things were still there, the men were no longer the same. Heaven Sovereign was no longer regarded as the prestigious lord of the Immortal Court. As the Immortal Court was the supreme ruler of an Immortal Domain and the lord of the Immortal Court possessed the highest authority, everyone would compete for this position. So naturally, some would be dissatisfied with the unexpected return of Heaven Sovereign after so many years.

Jiang Chen knew that Nangong Wentian must be in a very difficult and dangerous situation now, otherwise he wouldn’t entrust someone with the task of finding him. This also meant that Nangong Wentian trusted him and his capabilities.

“Ah Nan and I are sworn brothers. Nothing can change this fact even if he has become Heaven Sovereign. I, Jiang Chen, naturally won’t stand idly by when my brother is in trouble. But with my current strength, I don’t think I can help much. What do you think I can do, Elder Han Feng?”

Jiang Chen asked. The sight of the Million Stars Ruler completely eliminated his suspicion in Han Feng. Now that Nangong Wentian was asking for his help, he naturally couldn’t refuse it. There was nothing in this world that could rouse his fear, not even the high and mighty Immortal Court

“If I bring you straightaway to the Immortal Court, it will definitely arouse the notice of others. The current Immortal Court is no longer the same as before. Almost all the power is in the control of Star Sovereign, Heaven Sovereign still has some influence, however. After I return this time, I’ll let Heaven Sovereign issue an order – to hold a selection contest catering to the young generation of the entire Fengchi Immortal Domain a month later. When the time comes, you will participate in the contest. Given your strength, you won’t have a problem entering the finals and eventually be selected as the disciple of Immortal Court, which won’t cause the suspicion of brother Xing (star). Then, you will be able to reunite with Heaven Sovereign.” Han Feng spoke, sounding as though he and Heaven Sovereign had everything planned out.

“A month. Okay. I definitely will be there on time.”

Jiang Chen nodded. If it wasn’t for Nangong Wentian, he would be disinclined to participate in any sort of competition. The situation now, however was different. In order to help Nangong Wentian, he must go to the Immortal Court.

“Then, we have a deal. Heaven Sovereign and I will be waiting for you there.”

Han Feng kept the Million Stars Ruler and patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder. He had finally completed the task given by Heaven Sovereign, which allowed him to let out a sigh of relief.

*Hong Long……*

At this time, a strong boom was heard from the outside. Han Feng immediately removed the protective barrier. Jiang Chen saw powerful qi waves surging out and infinite light shining from Nanbei Chao’s body. That was the light of Monarch, remarkable and inviolable.

“Not good. Nanbei Chao has completed the integration with the Sovereign body.” Jiang Chen was alarmed. He never thought that the integration would be finished so quickly.

Currently, the throne next to Nanbei Chao was already gone. His blonde hair fluttered frantically in the air, qi rising in his body. Just as Jiang Chen had expected, Nanbei Chao had reached the peak of late Immortal Venerable realm, only a step away from the half-step Sovereign realm.

More importantly, this was merely the early stage of the integration between Nanbei Chao and the Sovereign body. The success of this integration would make further progress smoother and quicker – he might break through to half-step Sovereign tomorrow and to true Sovereign realm the day after tomorrow.

Nanbei Chao had risen and became unstoppable.

“Hahaha…Monarch Sword.”

Nanbei Chao laughed frenziedly and extended his hand. The sword flew to his hand with a swoosh as though it had been summoned by its close companion. It was vibrating uncontrollably in his hand, appearing pretty pleased. Across the entire world, there was only Nanbei Chao who’s qualified to control the Monarch Sword.

“What a powerful qi wave!”

“Great Sovereign Batian has been resurrected. This is too horrifying. He’s not going to kill us, is he?”

“The Monarch Sword is in his hand right now. No one will be able to stop him from killing anyone.”


Everyone’s face darkened profusely. Nanbei Chao had become overly strong. Although he was only at the peak of Immortal Venerable realm, the qi he emitted was even stronger than Han Feng’s.

“Haha! No one in the world can stop me! Jiang Chen, today is the date of your death; the same goes to all of the insects who dared to lay their feet onto my forbidden zone. That’s an utter insult to me. All of you will have to die. None of you shall be kept alive.”

Nanbei Chao bellowed. He had waited this day for far too long. Now that his wish had finally come true, he must start a massacre to establish the prestige of Monarch.

“Not good. This guy is a killing monster. He will kill all of us.”

“Great Sovereign Batian has returned. No one will be able to stop him. Let’s leave this place now. We will die if we go any later.”


The people around began to panic. Without further ado, each of them fled the scene with the quickest speed, afraid that they would be the last to leave.

Han Feng also wanted to leave, but was stopped by Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen knew Nanbei Chao all too well. Now that Nanbei Chao had the upper hand, he was bound to become a killing god. Anyone who fled first would die the earliest. Although Han Feng was a half-step Sovereign expert, he still wouldn’t be able to withstand a slash from the Monarch Sword.

“Haha! You all want to flee after blaspheming my dignity of Monarch?”

Sure enough, Nanbei Chao attacked when he saw the few attempting to escape. The Monarch Sword seemed to have become the most honourable sword in the Heavens and Earth. Casually, he swung out rays of cold and sharp sword light. Each moving at extreme speed, catching up with those cultivators in a flash.

“Ah…” “Ah…” “Ah…”

Miserable screams resounded back and forth in the space. All the Immortal Venerables who tried to escape died a tragic death under the sword light. They were all killed by Nanbei Chao in an instant. 

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