Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1825

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Sometimes, you felt compelled to believe that everything was predestined. Empress Nine Yin and Great Sovereign Batian were enemies in the past and both of them died in the fierce battle. Similarly, in this life, Nanbei Chao and Yan Chenyu were enemies, though Nanbei Chao had also made Jiang Chen and the rest his foes as well.

Right now, Nanbei Chao and Yan Chenyu were staring at each other. They also believed that this was already preordained by fate. There was bound to be a life-and-death battle. The battle on the Monarch Mountain in the past was going to repeat itself.

Besides the unchangeable fate, Jiang Chen was the greatest variable to the two Great Sovereigns. Perhaps for Nanbei Chao, killing Jiang Chen was more important than eliminating Empress Nine Yin. He didn’t fear the new empress but feared the constant growth of Jiang Chen. His mortal enemy in the previous and this life were standing right in front of him. He absolutely couldn’t retreat at this point. He would never be at ease if Jiang Chen wasn’t killed.

“Empress Nine Yin, we’ll settle our score later. Now move aside and let me settle my score with Jiang Chen first.” Nanbei Chao clamoured at Yan Chenyu.

Yan Chenyu’s face remained icy cold. Without paying attention to Nanbei Chao, she turned to Jiang Chen and said with a smile, “Brother Chen, you and your friend have to step back a bit.”

This moment was a bliss to Yan Chenyu. She had always been afraid of becoming a burden to Jiang Chen, and all along, Jiang Chen had always been the pillar of her life. Although she was pleased to be in the arms of protection of Jiang Chen, it wasn’t as happy as how she felt now.

At last, she could do something for Jiang Chen. Today, she would protect her Brother Chen, something she had dreamed of for a long time.

“En, be careful.”

Jiang Chen nodded, then led Han Feng to a far distance. He knew what her feelings and thoughts at this moment. Plus, the sight of her rising to power thrilled him very much. Both of their feelings were beyond other people’s comprehension, considering the hardships Yan Chenyu and he had been through along their path.

“I’m impressed, Brother Jiang.”

Han Feng wiped the sweat off his forehead and raised a thumbs up at Jiang Chen. The fact that Jiang Chen could make Empress Nine Yin infatuated with him was sufficient to impress any man under the Heavens and Earth.

Of course, personal charisma was also an indispensable factor. Han Feng also felt grateful to him. If it wasn’t for Jiang Chen, Han Feng would have died a tragic death under Nanbei Chao’s sword. If Jiang Chen hadn’t stopped him from fleeing at the beginning, he would have ended up just like those Immortal Venerables. 

“Empress Nine Yin, since you have decided to meddle in our business, then let’s have a big battle. That year, I didn’t kill you, so today, I’m going to settle the score for good.”

Nanbei Chao stowed the Monarch Sword. Dignified qi of Monarch radiated from his body. He and Yan Chenyu were enemies in the past. This relationship would remain unchanged now that both of them had been reincarnated. A battle was bound to happen between the two.

Yan Chenyu also kept the Immortal Burying Coffin, knowing that there would be no end if both of them used their Sovereign Weapons. She might as well have a real battle with this enemy.

*Hong Long……*

Nanbei Chao made his move, and struck out a giant palm – the Hand of Heaven. The void around seemed to be cracking. Bearing immense momentum and force, it sped towards Yan Chenyu.

“Freezing Confinement.”

Yan Chenyu lightly said, lifted her jade-like hand and struck out a cold light which then turned into an icy world, colliding against the Hand of Heaven of Nanbei Chao, letting out a clattering sound. The originally indestructible palm was frozen and halted in mid-air, and so was its destructive energy.

The Nine Yin Physique itself was powerful. Adding the fact that she had gotten the Nine Yin Profound Heart and cultivated the heart of Ice God, she was endowed with capabilities greater than Empress Nine Yin. Apart from being the reincarnation of Empress Nine Yin, she was also the inheritor of Ice God. In other words, Yan Chenyu’s future achievement was bound to surpass Empress Nine Yin’s.


Han Feng sighed with astonishment. Despite being a half-step Sovereign, there was no comparison between him and these two, both of whom had already integrated with a Sovereign body. 

“I’m the Monarch.”

Nanbei Chao exerted the Monarch Heaven Art to the extreme. His body began to transform, growing to 30 meters in height, looking like a towering war god. His golden robe fluttered in the air, shining a dazzling golden brilliance, as though he had become a true Monarch. The qi of Monarch emitted from him would instantly lower the status of any emperor to a beggar. 

“Wisdom King Fist.”

With a clatter, the Wisdom King Fist was struck out, piercing a hole in the void. It was golden and as huge as a mountain. It had locked on Yan Chenyu’s qi and lunged at her in just a blink of an eye.

“Three inches deep of ice isn’t equivalent to a day of frost. Profound Yin Palm.”

In the face of the mighty Wisdom King Fist, there wasn’t a trace of fear on her face. She seemed to have become an Ice God. The cold qi emitted from her body was freezing the entire space. She struck out a freezing palm that was even bigger than the Wisdom King Fist and bore dreadfully cold vortexes at the centre of the palm at the incoming attack.

*Hong Long……*

The Wisdom King Fist collided with the Profound Yin Palm. This round, the Heaven and Earth shook despite the fact that this space was the deep-layered spatial zone created by Great Sovereign Batian. If this collision occurred anywhere outside the spatial zone, however the entire Monarch Mountain would instantly be destroyed.

Even so, the space around still trembled violently. Clattering sounds echoed throughout the space. Lines of cracks appeared on the edge of the space. At this rate, it was only a matter of time before the entire spatial zone completely shattered. 

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