Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1830

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Wang Xuanfeng was definitely an intelligent man. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have reached where he was. Sensing that something was wrong with the girl, he immediately decided to flee. At the most critical juncture, nothing was more important than staying alive in this world.

But would Yan Chenyu let him go? The answer was no.

“Xiao Yu, don’t let him run away. He’s a big threat.” Jiang Chen spoke hastily when he saw Wang Xuanfeng fleeing.

Even without Jiang Chen’s reminder, Yan Chenyu would still decide to act. Her principle was simple – anyone that wanted to kill her man would have to die.

She moved. With a twist of her body, she shot forward like an arrow from a bow, almost catching up with Wang Xuanfeng in just a matter of  a few blinks. Horrifying cold qi spread out like an ice-cold ocean, forming an ice-cold domain, enshrouding Wang Xuanfeng within.


Wang Xuanfeng took in a breath of cold air. Some kind of fear blossomed from the depths of his soul. That was the fear of death. An expert like him would never fear heat nor cold, but in the face of Yan Chenyu’s cold qi, he felt as though his soul was freezing.

*Pu Chi…Pu Chi…*

Wang Xuanfeng was given no chance to resist. Countless ice blades pierced through his body. After a shrill wail was heard, the peerless Venerable, Wang Xuanfeng, died a tragic death in the deserted interior of the void.

Wang Xuanfeng was dead. Even though they both had the same level of cultivation base, the gap between him and Yan Chenyu was significant. Although Yan Chenyu had been injured, eliminating a Wang Xuanfeng was still a piece of cake to her. 

Only God knew how regretful Wang Xuanfeng felt before he died. He had come to kill Jiang Chen with full confidence, but he didn’t expect that it would cost him his life in the end. This was something that he hadn’t thought of even in his dream. If he knew in advance that Jiang Chen was followed by such a terrifying figure, he wouldn’t have come to kill Jiang Chen alone even if he was gifted a hundred guts.

He only had himself to blame. If he hadn’t possessed the desire to kill, he wouldn’t have ended up in tragedy.

Even though Wang Xuanfeng was killed, Jiang Chen didn’t seem delighted at all. In his opinion, Wang Xuanfeng was nothing and the man’s death was just the beginning of the enmity between him and the Immortal Court. Jiang Chen wouldn’t have a peaceful life either after this.

“Brother Chen, it seems like you have offended a lot of people,” said Yan Chenyu teasingly.

“When have my enemies been less? It seems the Immortal Court really is going to sentence me to death. Although Senior Xiao acted as a powerful deterrence, he won’t be enough to stop the persistence of the Immortal Court. Wang Xuanfeng is just one of the many who wanted to kill me. I’m afraid even Radiance Immortal Domain and Mi Luo Immortal Domain have sent their assassins to kill me. It’s just that they haven’t found me yet. With Wang Xuanfeng dead, the Immortal Court definitely won’t let this matter rest. My future days will not be any better.”

Jiang Chen shook his head and sighed. Although he hadn’t gone to the Immortal Court before, he knew how they acted very well. As the supreme ruler of the Immortal Domain, they attached importance to dignity more than anything else. They regarded themselves as the high, mighty and inviolable existence. Anyone who tried to oppose the Immortal Court was bound to have a bad outcome.

“That is nothing. We have faced so many formidable enemies in the past and succeeded in trampling all of them under our feet. Brother Chen is a man of great fortune. Anyone who goes against you won’t have a good end, including the Immortal Court,” said Yan Chenyu. 

After integrating with the Sovereign body, she had become domineering. As Empress Nine Yin, there was nothing in the Heavens and Earth that could make her feel fear. If the Immortal Execution King and Great Sovereign Zang Xian were still here, an Immortal Court wouldn’t be a problem at all. The Immortal Execution King could crush the entire Immortal Court with just a finger.

“You are right. The stronger the enemies, the more it can stimulate my fighting spirit. It’s meaningless to fight if the enemies are too weak. The three Immortal Courts better not mess with me, or else I’ll make them pay a hefty price.”

Jiang Chen’s overbearing qi fluctuated. There wasn’t any fear in his mind at all. The stronger his enemies, the more determined he was to make them his stepping stones. There is no conqueror that doesn’t have heaps of white bones beneath his feet.

The elimination of Wang Xuanfeng was merely a mini interlude. Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu still had to continue on their path.

The situation in Ethereal Immortal Domain was much worse than what Jiang Chen had imagined. Major incidents had taken place during his absence. The biggest events of all was of course the son-in-law selection contest.

That day, Dragon Shisan had killed a dozen peerless geniuses consecutively, which made him instantly rise to fame, becoming the outstanding individual among his peers, but his actions had utterly alarmed the Immortal Court. Based on the Immortal Court’s behaviour, how could they spare Dragon Shisan?

One could hardly see the experts of Immortal Court under normal circumstances, but now, one could see these experts from time to time. Their emergence had turned the atmosphere of the entire Immortal Domain tense.

Dragon Shisan had proclaimed that he was going to kill any geniuses of the Immortal Court that came to him.

This had undoubtedly provoked the Immortal Court. Some rumour said that some peerless genius who had already reached the late Immortal Venerable realm was ready to confront Dragon Shisan. Such a peerless genius was even stronger than a peerless Venerable. Only a half-step Sovereign had the power to suppress such a level of genius.

Apart from the matter of Dragon Shisan, there were some other things that happened in the Eastern Profound Domain. Great Cloud Empire and Heavenly Jade Dynasty had joined forces, as though they were preparing to declare war on Great Qian Empire. If this war broke out, it would surely shake the entire Eastern Profound Domain out of its peace.

Recently, more than one battle had broken out at the borders of the three empires. All three of them suffered heavy casualties. If the situation continued at this rate, it wouldn’t be long before a war broke out between them.

Exquisite Paradise!

The place was brilliantly illuminated by colourful lanterns, full of the taste of festivity and joy. Judging by the merry mood in Exquisite Paradise despite the tension all around Ethereal Immortal Domain, some joyous occasion must be taking place in here.

That’s right. After the son-in-law selection contest, Dragon Shisan had officially become the son-in-law of Exquisite Paradise and a celebrity. Tomorrow would be the wedding day of Dragon Shisan and Saintess Lan Lingji. Regardless of what was going on outside, the wedding would be held at a grand and spectacular scale. 

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