Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1833

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After listening to the Old Emperor’s words, everyone’s facial expression became unpleasant. As they were all knowledgeable, they found it hard to believe that the abnormal beast that only existed in legends had emerged in Great Qian Empire.

“The legendary Heaven Devouring Devil Ape is one of the most bloodthirsty creatures. Based on the facts, the devil ape had an innate ability that can devour everything. When this ability had reached its peak, the devil ape could even devour the heavens. Although it sounded somewhat exaggerated, there is enough evidence to prove the terror of the devil ape.”

“Even the old ancestor, Yang Yunlong, could only imprison the devil ape. This was enough to tell how scary the devil ape was. If he’s going to break past the seal today, none of us will live.”

“I heard that only the bloodline of the Battle Saint Ape could suppress the Heaven Devouring Devil Ape, but where are we going to find this Battle Saint Ape?”


The scene was in chaos. Some of the higher-ups of Great Qian Empire began to despair, especially when they saw that the seal ahead was about to break. Despite the joint efforts of everyone, it didn’t seem like they were able to hinder the beast.


An ear-splitting roar was sent out from the seal. It sounded as though it had come from hell. It was filled with endless evil. Numerous disciples could feel their souls trembling as if they were plunged into hell.

Despite the fact that the devil ape had only let out a roar, it still caused their blood and qi to stir. If the seal was broken, no one knew how many of them would die under such a sound wave.

*Hong Long…….*

Suddenly, a destructive force ten times greater than before rushed out from the seal. Under the impact of such force, the seal was instantly broken. The joint efforts of the few dozen Immortal Venerables were of no avail. A huge crater had been created in the void by the explosion. Black smoke billowed out of it desperately.

“Ah…” “Ah…”

Numerous Immortal Venerables screeched miserably as they were sent a hundred meters away by the rebounding force. Some of them even spurted out blood while they were still flying in mid-air.

The gap was just too great. The Heaven Devouring Devil Ape probably had already advanced to the mighty half-step Sovereign realm, which made it powerful enough to kill the Old Emperor with a single blow.

The thick black smoke continued to billow out, forming a cloud of devil qi. Under countless gazes, a figure gradually materialised. The figure was an incomparably sturdy devil ape, with a height of 30 meters and a body full of sharp as steel needle black hair. 

Its eyes were like a pair of black camel bells. Its body was encircled by black devil qi. It was a peerless great devil. Judging from the bloodthirsty and murderous intent emitted from its body, it was undoubtedly a horrifying killing machine.

“My God! Is this the Heaven Devouring Devil Ape?”

“It’s too terrifying. The qi it exuded is of half-step Sovereign realm. We are no match for him. Our empire is in real danger.”

“The powerful Heaven Devouring Devil Ape, a type of ferocious creature that only existed in legends. It will surely wreak havoc on everything once it is unleashed.” 


Great Qian Empire was in utter chaos. The dozens of Immortal Venerables had failed to stop the Heaven Devouring Devil Ape from breaking out of the seal. This was an unprecedented disaster to Great Qian Empire.

“Haha…….! Yang Junlong, I have finally escaped from your imprisonment. Today, I’m going to start a massacre, kill all the people here, to dispel all the pain I have suffered over the years of imprisonment.”

The Heaven Devouring Devil Ape laughed frantically, but the sound was too much for the disciples of Great Qian Empire to take. Numerous people were heavily injured and had coughed up blood. 

“Old Emperor, what should we do now?” asked Emperor Yang Yu.

“Flee. All of you must escape immediately. Don’t stay here. The Heaven Devouring Devil Ape has already become a powerful half-step Sovereign. He’s going to attack all of us.”

The Old Emperor’s face paled. Although he had given the wisest command at this point, he knew that it was already too late to escape now.


Just then, a group of figures flew towards the scene from a distance. They were precisely Dragon Shisan’s group. They were also astonished by the frantic Heaven Devouring Devil Ape in the sky. This was their first time seeing such a beast. They could already tell the brutal nature of the beast just by looking at the ape’s appearance.

“Why are you coming back here? Leave now!”

Yang Yu’s bloodshot eyes widened when he saw Yang Bufan and his lot return at this moment, and clamoured.

Great Qian Empire was facing its end. Staying alive was the most important thing at this point. Yang Bufan has the bloodline of Yang Family. It would be best if he could avoid this disaster. Supposedly, Yang Bufan would’ve been safe in Exquisite Paradise, however he actually returned to Great Qian Empire at this time. Was he courting death then?

“Haha! Another few dolls have come to die.”

The Devil Ape stuck out its tongue to lick its lips, seeming not in a hurry to strike. In its point of view, Great Qian Empire was finished and would soon become its food. The ape loved to see the despair in people’s eyes and how they die after that. Even now, the beast was already filled with excitement.

“Father, it seems like you all have already known about it. This devil ape has already reached the half-step Sovereign realm. No one in the empire is a match for it.” Yang Bufan came to Yang Yu and the Old Emperor’s side and spoke.

“Why have you returned even though you already knew about it?”

Yang Yu spoke reproachfully. This was the son he was most proud of. The fact that his son had deliberately come here to risk his life gave him the urge to slap his son hard.


Just as everyone was in the state of despair, an earth-shattering roar rang out abruptly. Then, they saw Dragon Shisan’s body began to transform. In just a matter of a few blinks, his body turned into a wild ape 30 meters in height, almost as tall as the devil ape. Golden light shone from his body. Apart from the needle-like golden hair, the surface of his body also consisted of numerous dragon scales. The qi of purest Yang exuded from the mighty Battle Saint Ape bloodline was the opposite of the evil-natured Heaven Devouring Devil Ape, which happened to be two extremes. 

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