Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1838

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“Jiang Chen. It’s Jiang Chen. He’s back!”

“Haha! It turns out that the miracle was Jiang Chen. He’s the bastard that always creates miracles. He has come to save our empire from this crisis.”

“Great! Jiang Chen has returned. We’ll all be saved!”


The instant the people of Great Qian Empire saw Jiang Chen, they almost burst into tears. Jiang Chen had created too many miracles and was the only one that came out alive from the forbidden land of Genius Prefecture. In their hearts, he was virtually the embodiment of miracle. As long as Jiang Chen was present, they feel less worried.

“This bastard always makes people’s heart pound.”

Tyrant shook his head, but he felt completely relaxed. That was the indication of his trust in Jiang Chen. In his heart, Jiang Chen could solve all sorts of things, and finally, he could get some rest.

“Who’s that girl?”

Dragon Shisan asked with curiosity. Although he had lost an arm, it didn’t seem able to affect him at all. With the Life Symbol Art, he could easily regrow the severed arm.

“She’s Yan Chenyu, the most important person in Little Chen’s life. Little Chen has finally found Xiao Yu. We should all feel happy for him,” said Tyrant. 

He was crystal clear about the relationship between Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu. It was natural that Dragon Shisan didn’t know about Yan Chenyu as she hadn’t appeared before when he met Jiang Chen.

“Tut-tut. This bastard does have luck with women.” Dragon Shisan nodded and praised.

“Brat, last time, I let you get away. I didn’t expect you to come and die today.”

The Heaven Devouring Devil Ape spoke through clenched teeth the moment he saw Jiang Chen. He would never forget the incident in the sealed spatial zone. That time, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were about to be devoured by him. If it wasn’t for the timely rescue of Xiao Wangqing, Jiang Chen would’ve been dead.

“Heaven Devouring Devil Ape. It seems you have finally come out of the seal. Unfortunately you have encountered me again. You’ll pay with your life for hurting my brothers,” said Jiang Chen in a flat tone.

“Haha! You want to take me on by yourself?” The Devil Ape laughed aloud.

“Me? I’m not the one fighting you today.”

Jiang Chen shook his head, sped towards Tyrant and Dragon Shisan with a swoosh, then held them up to their feet and channelled an extravagant amount of wood spiritual qi into their bodies.

“Little Chen, Xiao Yu seems to have become very strong, I have to warn you that that Heaven Devouring Devil Ape is pretty scary, however,” said Tyrant with slight concern. 

Despite that arrow of ice shot by Yan Chenyu and her looking stronger than before, the fact remained that the Heaven Devouring Devil Ape was a formidable half-step Sovereign with an uncommon bloodline. Plus, Yan Chenyu isn’t a Battle Saint Ape and didn’t possess the same abilities as the Devil Ape.

“Don’t worry. You just have to wait and see.”

Jiang Chen smiled. The Devil Ape was indeed powerful, but compared to Empress Nine Yin, the difference became significant. Even though Yan Chenyu still had some injuries, she was still powerful enough to fight the Devil Ape, and the Immortal Burying Coffin of hers could instantly kill that Devil Ape.

The Devil Ape looked around at the ice-god-like Yan Chenyu, his eyes narrowed all of a sudden. Only now did he remember that it was her who wounded him instead of Jiang Chen.

“Who is this girl?”

“Yeah. I haven’t seen her before, but she seems pretty powerful.”

“She seems close to Jiang Chen, must be someone important to him. She already possesses such terrifying strength at this young age, however I wonder if she’s a match for the Heaven Devouring Devil Ape.”


Countless eyes fell upon Yan Chenyu. They understood that the one who would be fighting the Devil Ape wasn’t Jiang Chen but this girl.

“Girl, are you the one who wants to fight me?” said the Devil Ape, his eyes still fixed on Yan Chenyu.

*Hong Long…….*

Yan Chenyu wasted no time for pointless conversation. Immediately, she struck out the Profound Yin Palm.

This was the most powerful strike of her Nine Yin Physique, which was on par with Nanbei Chao’s Monarch Heaven Art. She had used this technique because she too had sensed the might of the Devil Ape.

An enormous ice palm materialized in the sky, locking on the qi of the Devil Ape and moving at an extreme speed, reaching the Devil Ape in just a blink.


The originally confident-looking Devil Ape changed his countenance when he felt the terror and threat of the Profound Yin Palm.


The Devil Ape roared frenziedly, then he lunged forward with his sharp claw.

*Hong Long……*

The sky and earth shook. The void around the battlefield was torn. The Devil Ape let out a miserable cry as his mountain-like body was sent 300 meters away by his opponent’s strike. His body was covered with blood. Cracks and wounds could be seen all over his flesh.


“My Goodness! How can she be this terrifying? She can even injure the mighty half-step Sovereign Heaven Devouring Devil Ape?”

“Awesome! I would never believe it if I didn’t see this with my own eyes.”


The entire scene was in an uproar. The people of Great Qian Empire cheered loudly as though they had forgotten the anxiety they had felt earlier.

“Damn! She’s so strong. Little Chen, tell your wife not to kill the Devil Ape. I’m going to eat him later.”

Dragon Shisan widened his eyes, having a hard time believing what he saw as it was too astounding.

“Xiao Yu, be careful not to kill him.” Jiang Chen spoke to Yan Chenyu through divine sense.

Yan Chenyu couldn’t help shaking her head while looking at the injured Devil Ape. Apparently, she wasn’t satisfied with such an outcome. If it wasn’t because of the injuries in her body that limited her strength, she would have killed the Devil Ape with that attack.

“F**k! Why is this girl so strong? I can even sense a plain pressure of Great Sovereign from her. I’m no match for her.”

The Devil Ape clenched his teeth. With his intelligence, he knew that he could not defeat this girl even if he used all of his might.

Without a second word, he wheeled around and fled. In the presence of this girl, he wouldn’t be able to carry out his massacre. He might as well escape now and return when he had the chance.

“You want to flee?”

Icy cold light shot out from Yan Chenyu’s eyes. She caught up with the Devil Ape with a twist of her body. The Immortal Burying Coffin was cast out, causing the void around to shatter, however she had concealed the coffin with countless rays of cold light, it looked as though it was just like one of her techniques to others. After all, the appearance of the Immortal Burying Coffin was too shocking. It was better to keep this coffin hidden as one of her trump cards.  

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