Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1841

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Han Yan had the Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline. Even without external help, it was only a matter of time before he obtained great achievement. Tyrant was also endowed with great gifts. His body contained the relic of Buddha Venerable and had deep affinity with the Buddha. Even the God Trembling Monument had recognized him. He was a true monstrous genius of Buddha Sect. Jiang Chen always felt that Tyrant’s true identity wasn’t that simple. He might be the reincarnation of some formidable Buddha.

Of course, this was merely a guess of Jiang Chen.

With a wave of his hand, traces of qi essence emerged in the form of spiritual serpents in front of them. Their breathing suddenly became heavier the moment they sensed the purity of the qi essence. This was undoubtedly a good treasure. Even with their talents, these qi essences would benefit them boundlessly.

“Sure enough, it’s the mighty qi essence of Great Sovereign. This will be of great help to our cultivation,” said Grandmaster Haoran with surprise.

“That’s right. Great Sovereign is the highest of all and this qi essence originated from a Great Sovereign. It also has unimaginable benefits to our foundation.”

Mo Wuqing nodded, his eyes glinted with brilliance and disbelief. To them, the qi essence was rare and precious, especially when there were so much of them. After refining them, their cultivation base would certainly improve by leaps and bounds.

“Alright. You all can go and begin refining these qi essences now. Take advantage of the time you have to improve your respective cultivation base,” said Jiang Chen.


Everyone nodded in agreement. They already felt eager even before the reminder of Jiang Chen. They then took their portion of qi essence, found a quiet spot and began their seclusion.

“Brother Chen, you said that there was one person who is also in the group, and she’s Yan Qingcheng, right?”

Now, only Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu were left; she immediately asked when the girl came to her mind. Jiang Chen had told her basically everything that he encountered in the Immortal World. Yan Qingcheng was also considered one of his important friends.

“Yeah, but I’m clueless about how I should face her.”

Jiang Chen let out a sigh, having no idea how he should deal with the sincere feelings Yan Qingcheng had for him. He didn’t try to hide this from Yan Chenyu because there were some things that he shouldn’t conceal.

“Let’s go. Bring me to see her. I would like to see if there’s a third girl that deserves you besides me and Sister Ning.” Yan Chenyu smiled.

The empathizing Yan Chenyu made Jiang Chen feel a pang of guilt. Jiang Chen had never done anything deliberately to allow the relationship to develop, but there were certain things which he had to face. 

“En, let’s go and see.”

Jiang Chen nodded. He had left Yan Qingcheng in King Fan Prefecture so that she could cultivate in peace. This determined girl had always made him feel guilty. Since Dragon Shisan’s big day was still tomorrow, he had some time to pay her a visit.

The distance to King Fan Prefecture wasn’t that far. Both of them could get there in the blink of an eye.

Without alerting anyone, they came to the residence of Yan Qingcheng. What made him feel suspicious was that they couldn’t find a single person here, not even the qi of Yan Qingcheng.

“Brother Chen, she has left, hasn’t she?” Asked Yan Chenyu.

“No. Qingcheng has devoted all of her time in cultivation here. She will never leave so easily.”

Jiang Chen frowned. It raised doubts upon not seeing her in King Fan Prefecture. Even if she had the ability to leave King Fan Prefecture, King Fan would have told him already.


At this moment, the front doors of the courtyard were pushed open. An elder with white beard walked into the courtyard. He’s Old Man Bai Weng. 

Old Man Bai Weng seemed dumbfounded when he saw Jiang Chen. Then he immediately walked towards Jiang Chen and greeted. “Young Master Jiang, you have returned.”

He seemed somewhat nervous when he saw Jiang Chen again as Jiang Chen was no longer the previous Jiang Chen he knew. Jiang Chen had become a famous figure in the entire Ethereal Immortal Domain, someone which he could only admire.

“Old Man Bai Weng, where’s Qingcheng?” 

Jiang Chen asked. He remembered that Yan Qingcheng was still living in King Fan Prefecture at that time, and was personally guided by Old Man Bai Weng.

“I’m about to inform King Fan about this. Yan Qingqing’s gone,” said Old Man Bai Weng.

“What’s going on?” Jiang Chen asked again.

“The night before yesterday, a multicolored light suddenly fell from the sky. By the time I reached her courtyard, she was nowhere to be seen. Anyway, this has been left in her courtyard.”

Old Man Bai Weng turned his palm to retrieve an item. It was a feather that produced multicolored light. It was 3 meters in size, seemingly comparable to the Sun Divine Feather. 

“My knowledge is limited, so I’m not able to identity this feather.” Old Man Bai Weng handed the feather to Jiang Chen.

“This is the Phoenix Divine Feather,” said Yan Chenyu.

“What? Phoenix Divine Feather?”

Jiang Chen and Old Man Bai Weng exclaimed at the same time.

“That’s right. This is the feather of the Divine Bird Phoenix. There’s no mistake about it. It radiates the qi of a divine beast. It seems like the multicolored light was related to the Divine Bird Phoenix,” said Yan Chenyu in a resolute tone.

“My Goodness! The Divine Phoenix had never appeared even in the ancient times. Could it be that the Divine Phoenix has descended to the Immortal World?”

Old Man Bai Weng was utterly astonished. He just found out that it was something divine even after two days of studying. He couldn’t have linked this to the Divine Phoenix.

“It seems Qingcheng was taken away by some Divine Phoenix. To Qingcheng, this is probably her fortune,” said Jiang Chen. 

Yan Qingcheng’s talents could only be rated as intermediate. No matter how hard she practiced, she wouldn’t be able to reach their level. She wouldn’t be able to catch up with their pace for the rest of her life. Two days ago, the Divine Phoenix had descended and took her away. That meant she had been chosen by the Divine Phoenix. So it might be a great chance for her.

Jiang Chen circulated the Great Divination Art to do some calculation. He concluded that this was a golden chance for Yan Qingcheng and felt relieved.

“It seems Qingcheng is bound to be an unordinary person. Only a girl like this deserves Brother Chen,” remarked Yan Chenyu.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen couldn’t help showing a bitter smile. Everyone that was close to him was becoming more and more powerful and mystical. Yan Chenyu was the reincarnation of Empress Nine Yin, Wu Ningzhu had inherited everything left by Empress Qin, and Yan Qingcheng had been taken away by the peerless Divine Phoenix. Jiang Chen suddenly felt honoured to have them as his friends.  

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