Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1842

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Divine Beasts were the noblest existence in the Heavens and Earth. They possessed the highest bloodline and was the symbol of auspiciousness. Unfortunately, this kind of creature was very scarce in the Immortal World. Those that existed only bore the bloodline of the Divine Beast, and there were only very few of them.

Almost all of those who had the bloodline of Divine Beast existed alone. They were the only one of their kind. Dragon Shisan was a Battle Saint Ape. Big Yellow possessed the bloodline of the Dragon Horse. There had also been the Qilin and White Tiger. So it was imaginable that the Divine Phoenix was also one of its kind.

A true Divine Beast almost never emerged in the Heavens and Earth. They were beings somewhat similar to the God Spirits. The bloodlines in their bodies contained the potential of turning into a God Spirit. That was to say, as long as they were given time to grow, they would become a God spirit sooner or later. Jiang Chen felt that the Divine Beasts were never extinct. It was just that they didn’t live in the Immortal World. There might be an even higher world above the Immortal World. He could feel it more distinctly as his dragon transformation skill advanced. Although his cultivation was reaching the end point here in the Immortal World, he had yet to discover the mystery and secret of the dragon transformation skill. There is still a long way to go in the path of the dragon transformation skill.

The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was already enough to explain everything. He had acquired the pagoda when he was still in Saint Origin World. It had a total of ninety-nine levels. Until now, only fifty levels of the pagoda were condensed.

The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda conformed to the Heavenly Dao and the Immortal World naturally had its own Heavenly Dao. The higher the level of the pagoda, the harder it was to advance the pagoda. There was no doubt about it. As such, Jiang Chen felt that even if he let the pagoda absorb all the qi essences of a Great Sovereign, the formation of the pagoda would still not be completed. Perhaps, the peak of the pagoda was beyond the level of Great Sovereign.

“The path of cultivation is boundless and endless, and I can only take one step at a time.”

Jiang Chen gazed at a far distance. He liked challenges. He liked all the encounters and ordeal in his path and the feeling of stepping towards the pinnacle. He would repeat what he did in Saint Origin World. He also believed that the Immortal World wasn’t the end. There wouldn’t be any idleness and stagnation in his path.

He then departed with Yan Chenyu, looking forward to meeting Yan Qingcheng soon. He hadn’t dared to face the feelings that Yan Qingcheng had for him, but now, after she was taken away by the Divine Phoenix, he began to worry and missed her. Perhaps, she was also one of the people he couldn’t avoid.

In the thirty-third level of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, Dragon Shisan was sitting cross-legged on a huge hassock. The impact of the bloodline of the Heaven Devouring Devil Ape was undoubtedly great. With the Temporal Rule, this place was a paradise to Dragon Shisan.

Under the circulation of the Life Symbol Art, his broken arm had regrown perfectly, and he didn’t feel any discomfort when his arm was restored. His cultivation base also started to advance. The bloodline of the Heaven Devouring Devil Ape was firmly restrained by his bloodline, as though a lowly prey had been eaten by a ten-thousand-year-old beast king.

The next day, when the sun had just risen, formidable qi were rising to the sky above Genius Prefecture, illuminating the whole prefecture.

“What a powerful qi! Someone has made it to the Immortal Venerable realm.”

“It’s coming from a single person. It seems to be coming from the residence of Senior Brother Jiang Chen. There are so many of them who have advanced to the Immortal Venerable realm. How spectacular!”

“It’s King Fan and his friends. Amazing! This will drastically increase the overall strength of Great Qian Empire. In addition, they all belong to the young generation. This is great news. Senior Brother Jiang Chen is truly the carrier of luck of Great Qian Empire. If it hadn’t been for him, our empire would have already ceased to exist.”

“Can’t agree more. Senior Brother Jiang Chen is the great benefactor of our empire. This won’t change for years to come, and it has to be recorded in the history of our empire so that the descendants will continue to worship him.”

“But they aren’t people of Great Qian Empire. They are the friends of King Fan.”

“You still don’t understand it, do you? King Fan has built a good connection with them. They will surely come to help us during the most critical situation. They had even come yesterday despite the danger. That is true friendship, my friend.”


The birth of so many young Immortal Venerables would naturally set off a wave of astonishment. As a matter of fact, it was only natural that they all had broken through to the Immortal Venerable realm together, although some of them, like Mo Wuqing and Grandmaster Hao Ran, had advanced two levels.

The qi essence of a Great Sovereign had a very huge impact on a cultivator’s body. It would change the quality of the person’s physique. Considering the fact that they had absorbed a fairly huge amount of qi essence and were endowed with exceptional talents, it wasn’t strange for them to advance.

Both Dongfang Yu and Yang Zanqing couldn’t help sighing when they saw those towering qi. They wouldn’t have thought that something like this would happen when Jiang Chen first arrived at Genius Prefecture. They were totally taken aback by their rapid advancement.

“It seems like you and I really have a very sharp foresight.” Dongfang Yu said, stroking his beard.

“But still, we have underestimated Jiang Chen. In my opinion, such an event should’ve taken ten years to happen. It’s no doubt a miracle.”

Yang Zanqing shook his head and sighed, admitting that he was old for the first time. A heaven defying figure like Jiang Chen had absolutely transcended his imagination. 

*Hong Long……*

Just as everybody was in amazement, another powerful energy burst out from somewhere. That was a stream of dazzling golden energy soaring skywards, piercing through the clouds, as if trying to create a hole in the sky. It was so powerful that the instant it appeared, it immediately suppressed the others momentum, dimming their brilliance.

“Haha! Master Monkey has come out of his seclusion!”

Laughter echoed throughout the sky above Genius Prefecture. Then, everybody saw Dragon Shisan hovering in the void, wearing his wedding suit. The unparalleled golden light that was radiated from his body was blinding. Boundless qi waves spread out from his body. His cultivation base had reached the intermediate Immortal Venerable realm from half-step Immortal Venerable realm. His combat strength had tremendously improved. 

“It’s Dragon Shisan. Great! He’s fully healed.”

“My God! After swallowing the Heaven Devouring Devil Ape, his cultivation base has improved so much! His qi even suppressed the qi of the others.”

“Incredible! He’s the true heaven-defying existence, the legendary Battle Saint Ape that can fight against even the Heavens.”


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