Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1844

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A tall stage had been built on the biggest martial arena in Exquisite Paradise. This arena had an area of a few dozen of miles had been used as the venue for Dragon Shisan and Lan Lingji wedding; a spacious stage that was 300 meters big was also specially built for them. 

At this moment, the arena was packed with guests. On one side was the group from Celestial Flower Valley – the master of Celestial Flower Valley, Hua Guyi, their saintess, Hua Xiaoqian and their higher ups. On Great Qian Empire’s side were the Old Emperor and Yang Yu. There were also many other rogue cultivators who had dealings with Venerable Ling Long. They had all presented valuable gifts when they arrived. As they all knew that Venerable Ling Long regarded Lan Lingji as her own daughter, she undoubtedly attached more importance to this wedding day than anything else.

On top of the stage, Venerable Ling Long was sitting on the throne with a face filled with joy.

Jiang Chen’s group had arrived. Dragon Shisan and Lan Lingji immediately flew to the stage. They were still wearing their wedding attire and seemed fully prepared.

Dragon Shisan held Lan Lingji’s hand and greeted Venerable Ling Long with a respectful bow.

Her face revealed a brilliant smile, she didn’t seem angry at the two being late. When she noticed the changes in Dragon Shisan’s cultivation base, her countenance changed slightly because she could feel a trace of pressure from him. In other words, Dragon Shisan’s current strength might have exceeded hers.

“Alright, alright.”

Venerable Ling Long responded in a friendly manner while secretly admitting that she hadn’t made a mistake in judging this man. A monstrous figure like Dragon Shisan was bound to have an immeasurable future. After this wedding, he would become one of them, which was a blessing to Exquisite Paradise.

“Okay. Let the wedding begin.” Venerable Ling Long waved.


Lan Lingji fell to her knees with a puff, tears trickling down her face as she kowtowed three times in front Venerable Ling Long. “Master, all these years you have treated and raised me as your own daughter. Today, you have presided my wedding. Lingji is afraid that she won’t be able to repay such kindness her entire life.” She was touched by her master’s kindness, and burst into tears.

“Child, why are you crying on your wedding day? Get up, quick.”

Venerable Ling Long said. Without realising it, her also eyes reddened. This only showed that she was also a sentimental person.

Lan Lingji rubbed her eyes a few times, settled her emotions, stood up, grabbed Dragon Shisan’s hand and turned to face the sea of guests.

“Haha! Monkey, give her a kiss!” Han Yan roared.

“A kiss is necessary on the big day.” Yang Bufan added.


Dragon Shisan grinned then turned to the blushing Lan Lingji and said, “Lingji, this is the request from our guests. We can’t disappoint our brothers.”

After that, without waiting for her approval, he placed his lips hard on hers, his face brimming with satisfaction.


Laughter echoed from below.

“Alright, then. I announce that the wedding now begins. First, pray to the Heavens and Earth.”

The old lady next to them shouted. She was also an Immortal Venerable. Her crisp and loud voice could be heard by everyone.


At this moment, a loud yell sounded far from the sky. The merry atmosphere instantly quieted down. Numerous people looked angrily at the source of the sound. It was extremely rude to interrupt this important moment.

Under countless gazes, a man in armour walked out from the interior of the void. He seemed to be only twenty-five or six years old. His hair was twisted by a rope. He had an incomparably robust body, and seemed pretty majestic. The qi radiating from him gave them a certain degree of pressure.

“He’s Qi Jin, a supreme genius of the Immortal Court. He has declared to kill Dragon Shisan previously. I never expect him to come on this particular day.”

“Why did this bastard choose this moment to appear? It must be intentional.”

“I’m afraid this good wedding will have to stop for the time being, an uninvited guest has just intruded.”


The sight of Qi Jin’s arrival angered many of them, but at the same time, they began to feel worried. After all, Qi Jin’s cultivation base was very strong. Even Venerable Ling Long was no match for this late Immortal Venerable. 

“This bastard has really picked the wrong time to appear.”

Jiang Chen shook his head and looked at Qi Jin with eyes full of pity. This was definitely a bad timing, not only because it was in the midst of the wedding, but it was also after Dragon Shisan had advanced. If Qi Jin appeared a day earlier, Dragon Shisan would surely be no match for him, however he had made up his mind to mess up the wedding day of Dragon Shisan, then kill Dragon Shisan to create a huge deterrence.

Unfortunately, Qi Jin had never thought that Dragon Shisan could progress so rapidly within just a day. By appearing at this moment, he had angered Dragon Shisan, which was equivalent to courting death.

“Qi Jin, today’s a special day for Exquisite Paradise. I don’t think your invited,” said Venerable Ling Long coldly.

“Venerable Ling Long, who do you think you are to talk to me in such a manner? I, Qi Jin, will go wherever I want to go. No one could stop me. It’s your fortune that I have come to your place.”

Qi Jin was arrogant to the extreme, totally not putting Venerable Ling Long in his eyes. Of course, as a peerless genius of the Immortal Court and with a cultivation base of late Immortal Venerable realm, he had all the right to be arrogant.

“Qi Jin, how dare you disrespect Venerable Ling Long. This alone is enough for me to kill you more than a hundred times.”

Dragon Shisan was angered. He absolutely wouldn’t allow Qi Jin to continue speaking rudely to Venerable Ling Long. Besides, his wedding ceremony was about to begin when this bastard interrupted them. Such a behaviour had touched his bottom line.

“Dragon Shisan, cut the crap. Come and die now. Didn’t you say that you will kill any genius that came from the Immortal Court? I, Qi Jin, am challenging you to fight me now. I would like to see what made you so arrogant to challenge the Immortal Court.” Qi Jin looked over at Dragon Shisan and stated his purpose.

“Very well. Since you are seeking death, Master Monkey will fulfill your wish. I’ll only get married after killing you.” Dragon Shisan’s qi shook.

“Be careful, Dragon Shisan.”

Lan Lingji pulled Dragon Shisan’s hand with force and spoke with slight concern, her eyes were filled with confidence, however. After all, Dragon Shisan was no longer the same as yesterday. Furthermore, she knew that the wedding wouldn’t proceed smoothly if Qi Jin wasn’t eliminated. 

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