Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1845

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As a matter of fact, most of them were already mentally prepared for the arrival of Qi Jin as he had already declared that he would kill Dragon Shisan a few days ago. The reason he hadn’t shown up was that he learned that Dragon Shisan would have his wedding today and made up his mind to get rid of Dragon Shisan on this very day. He knew that this would be an even greater blow to Dragon Shisan than killing him on the spot. Not only would he be able to eliminate a threat, but also make Dragon Shisan the laughing stock of everyone.

With a twist of his body, Dragon Shisan appeared in the sky and stood opposite of Qi Jin. He was still wearing the big red wedding attire. Judging from the surface, he didn’t seem as sturdy as Qi Jin. Also, Dragon Shisan’s cultivation base wasn’t as strong as Qi Jin’s.

Just by looking at these two facts, Dragon Shisan surely wouldn’t be a match for Qi Jin because the difference was too significant.

Unfortunately, one’s strength couldn’t be measured by looks alone. If Dragon Shisan reverted into his true form now, he would be as large as a miniature mountain.

Qi Jin was a supreme expert from the Immortal Court. His combat strength was comparable to a peerless Venerable. None of the elders present was a match for Qi Jin. Similarly, no one looked down on Dragon Shisan. A man who could come back from death and defeat a dozen geniuses from the Immortal Court consecutively was certainly more than ordinary. Not even Qi Jin dared to look down on Dragon Shisan.

“Qi Jin, it’s your biggest mistake for choosing to challenge me today,” said Dragon Shisan plainly and sincerely. 

Frankly, if Qi Jin had confronted him a day earlier, he would surely be defeated in the match. Unfortunately, Qi Jin had chosen this time to fight him after he had made two advancements. This already offset the gap between them.

“Dragon Shisan, I can see that you have made some progress again, but don’t you get too arrogant, because in front of me, you don’t even have the right to be arrogant. The improvement in your cultivation base is a good thing to me so that I won’t have to fight a boring match. I haven’t fought an intense battle for a long time. It will be pointless if I can crush you with just a step.”

Qi Jin said proudly. Despite noticing the improvement in Dragon Shisan’s cultivation base, he still didn’t put Dragon Shisan’s in his eyes. As a supreme genius of the Immortal Court, he was very confident in his own strength. The pride that originated from his bones made him disregard everything.

“This Dragon Shisan does seem stronger than before. That is to say, given his Battle Saint Bloodline, he may really be able to fight Qi Jin equally.”

“Which of them do you think will win?”

“It’s hard to say. Both of them are heaven-defying geniuses. Although Qi Jin’s bloodline is not comparable to Dragon Shisan, his cultivation base is higher than Dragon Shisan. The outcome is really not clear.”


The crowd began discussing the matter. The festive scene had been turned into a battle zone. No one would dare to ignore the peerless genius of the Immortal Court because they were nothing compared to him either in terms of status or position.

Presently, the one who seemed most relaxed were Jiang Chen, Han Yan, Yang Bufan and the rest of their group, because they had complete confidence in Dragon Shisan’s strength, believing that Dragon Shisan would have no problem killing a genius who had a higher cultivation base than him. They only felt pity for Qi Jin for picking such a bad time to fight Dragon Shisan.

In their opinion, Qi Jin wasn’t here to fight, but to die. Despite his status of being a peerless genius of the Immortal Court, it wouldn’t change Dragon Shisan’s reason in killing him. Dragon Shisan had always treated his enemies just like how Jiang Chen treated his opponents. Dragon Shisan would never care about his opponent’s identity. Anyone who wanted to kill him would eventually be killed.

“Dragon Shisan, move attack now. Show me what you’ve got for you to challenge all the geniuses of the Immortal Court.”

Qi Jin’s qi fluctuated. A column of light rushed through the clouds in the sky, shaking the entire void violently. Those with weaker strength could feel their soul trembling under the pressure.


Similarly, a powerful qi surged out from Dragon Shisan’s body. That was the qi of purest Yang. It formed an incredibly brilliant light column and immediately suppressed Qi Jin’s.


Upon seeing this, Qi Jin couldn’t help but exclaim. He couldn’t believe that this was real. He stared at Dragon Shisan’s solidifying qi with an astonished look, finally realising that Dragon Shisan had become so strong.

It was unacceptable to him. One should know that a rare genius like him was invincible to all of his peers, and fighting an opponent with higher cultivation base than him was a common thing. But now, Dragon Shisan, who had a lower cultivation base compared to him, had steadily suppressed his qi.

This alone gave him a heavy blow.

“Qi Jin, there’s nothing you can be proud of in front of Master Monkey. How dare you, a puny existence, come and challenge me.”

Dragon Shisan’s black and white thorn-like hair fluttered in the air.

“Dragon Shisan, don’t be all over yourself. My means are beyond your imagination!”

Qi Jin bellowed and attacked first. A fist was sent flying towards Dragon Shisan. The fist shattered the void ahead, passing the space, reaching Dragon Shisan in an instant.

It was like the fist of Heaven. Locking all of Dragon Shisan’s directions, Dragon Shisan could only face it head-on.

Of course, Dragon Shisan didn’t have any intention of dodging it. With his current cultivation base, he was already stronger than Qi Jin in every aspect.

With a composed look, he launched out a fist with incredible speed, connecting with the fist of Qi Jin.


The powerful force of the impact crumbled the void around entirely. Qi waves and unparalleled destructive energy spread out.

Dragon Shisan’s fist had completely shattered the fist condensed by Qi Jin, who felt a wave of shudder.

Qi Jin’s facial expression darkened incomparably. He had lost the upper hand in their first exchange. Such a situation was truly unexpected to him.

“The peerless genius of Immortal Court is nothing more than mediocre.”

Dragon Shisan shook his head. He was bound to build up his fighting spirit in this match with Qi Jin.   

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