Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1848

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The appearance of Li Wangye made everyone on the martial arena stand up, including Venerable Ling Long. All of their faces darkened incredibly. Virtually everyone knew who Li Wangye was. When Li Wangye was about to take Jiang Chen away, no one could stop him except Xiao Wangqing. Today, he must have come here with a motive. The sight of Dragon Shisan killing Qi Jin was like giving a slap on his and the Immortal Court’s face. They were afraid that today’s matter wouldn’t be resolved easily.

“Li Wangye has come. I’m afraid this won’t be good to Exquisite Paradise. He represents the Immortal Court. Dragon Shisan is finished this time.”

“Like I said, it isn’t necessarily a good thing that Exquisite Paradise has allied themselves with Dragon Shisan and Jiang Chen. The Immortal Court isn’t someone Exquisite Paradise can afford to affront.”


Many people began to worry for Exquisite Paradise. As for Dragon Shisan, he would die for sure today. The disciples of Exquisite Paradise were now wearing a grim face. It seemed the wedding ceremony today wouldn’t proceed smoothly. No one would dare to imagine what would happen next.

“Our sect is in big trouble this time.”

“That’s right. Even a figure like Li Wangye has come. He represents the Immortal Court. If he decides to oppress us, there’s nothing we can do to resist.”

“We’ll see. Li Wangye is after all a famous figure. Plus, the Immortal Court hardly cared about trivial matters. He must have come here for Dragon Shisan and Jiang Chen. He won’t put our sect to trouble.”


Every one of them was feeling quite depressed. It seemed the wedding wouldn’t be able to proceed, and that Li Wangye wouldn’t let the matter of Qi Jin’s death rest.

Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu exchanged a glance. Perhaps only they knew why Li Wangye had come so suddenly. They were afraid that he didn’t come for Qi Jin nor Dragon Shisan, but for him. Wang Xuanfeng’s death must have infuriated Li Wangye.

Dragon Shisan looked over at Li Wangye. Despite facing the majesty of a half-step Sovereign, his face didn’t seem to show the slightest bit of tension.

“Do you people like to break into other people’s wedding? Don’t you know this kind of behaviour is very annoying?” said Dragon Shisan coldly. 

He seemed even more furious than Li Wangye. In any case, today was his big day, the most important day in his life. They were about to start the wedding ceremony when Qi Jin interrupted them, and now, it was Li Wangye who had come here to disturb his marriage. He was afraid that anyone who was put in this situation would surely feel frustrated.

“It’s no use baring your teeth. How dare you kill a genius of Immortal Court before me?! This alone is enough for you to die a hundred times! I’m going to kill you now so that you can sink happily into hell.”

Murderous intent surged out from Li Wangye’s body. He had locked on Dragon Shisan. He was going to kill this ignorant brat today. He wanted to let the world know that the Immortal Court was inviolable. Anyone who opposed the Immortal Court would have only one end – death.

Venerable Ling Long knitted her brows when she saw that Li Wangye was going to kill Dragon Shisan, but there was nothing she could do. She wasn’t even qualified to speak in front of him. 

“Li Wangye, you must have come here for me.”

Just as Li Wangye was about to attack, a crisp voice sounded. Then, two silhouettes appeared next to Dragon Shisan. They were precisely Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu.

Dragon Shisan smiled. In the presence of Yan Chenyu, this Li Wangue surely couldn’t cause any trouble. No matter how powerful Li Wangye was, he was still inferior to the Heaven Devouring Devil Ape.

“It’s Jiang Chen. He has disappeared for so long. I never thought he has returned.”

“Why did this bastard appear here? He should have hidden himself the moment he returned. Isn’t he courting death by confronting such a powerful half-step Sovereign?”

“Yeah. I really have no idea what he is thinking. Given Jiang Chen’s intelligence, could he not see the danger of today’s situation? He should know that he is more of a threat compared to Dragon Shisan to Li Wangye.”


Jiang Chen’s emergence astonished many people. Literally no one in the entire Ethereal Immortal Domain didn’t know about Jiang Chen, a man who had started a great chaos. A man that was the centre of attention wherever he went.

Jiang Chen had been hiding in the crowd earlier, and all eyes were upon Dragon Shisan. Therefore, no one had discovered his presence.

Li Wangye’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow when he saw Jiang Chen. An even stronger fury arose inside of him. The thought of Wang Xuanfeng’s death ignited his intent to kill.

“Jiang Chen, how dare you show yourself here?! I’m impressed by your courage, but today, you will provide me a proper explanation.” Li Wangye immediately shifted all of his attention to Jiang Chen.

“What kind of explanation are you talking about?” Jiang Chen asked in reply.

“Don’t you pretend, Jiang Chen. Let me ask you this, are you the one who killed Wang Xuanfeng?” Li Wangye asked frankly.

The death of Wang Xuanfeng immediately set off a wave of commotion.

“What? Venerable Xuanfeng is dead? It seems Jiang Chen was the one who killed him. How is that possible? No matter how strong Jiang Chen is, he’s merely an Immortal Emperor, and Wang Xuanfeng is only a step away from the half-step Sovereign realm. What ability does Jiang Chen have to kill Wang Xuanfeng?”

“This is absolutely impossible. I definitely won’t believe that Wang Xuanfeng was killed by Jiang Chen. He can’t be this heaven defying. There must be something that we don’t know about.”

“It’s a pity that Wang Xuanfeng, one of the peerless Venerables, had died. No wonder Li Wangye looked so furious. I reckon he has come here today because of the death of Wang Xuanfeng instead of Dragon Shisan.”


Everyone was petrified by the information. Venerable Xuanfeng had a great reputation and was almost as famous as Xiao Wangqing in the past. A figure like him could break through to the half-step Sovereign realm any time and was hard to kill. Everyone knew how heaven defying Jiang Chen was, but only a few of them believed that he was heaven defying enough to kill Wang Xuanfeng. 

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