Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1849

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Wang Xuanfeng’s death had shocked everyone, but none of them believed that an expert of such level would die in the hands of Jiang Chen because it was absolutely impossible. Now, they were eager to hear what Jiang Chen had to say.

“Li Wangye, you’ve got the nerve to ask me that. Do you still remember the last time you promised Senior Xiao at Genius Prefecture that you wouldn’t attack me? However, you, a half-step Sovereign, is thick enough to violate the agreement and sent Wang Xuanfeng to kill me. Since he wanted to kill me, I naturally had to kill him. Would you just stand there waiting to be killed if you were me? It was you who caused the death of Wang Xuenfeng,” said Jiang Chen plainly. 

He admitted that he was the one who killed Wang Xuanfeng in such an effortless way as though the death of a peerless Venerable was a common thing to him.

As soon as these words were spoken, the crowd became agitated once more, because none of them believed that Jiang Chen had the ability to kill Wang Xuanfeng, but now that Jiang Chen had admitted it, they had no choice but to believe it. Wang Xuanfeng was an important figure in the Immortal Court. No one would be willing to admit a crime without a reason. Since Jiang Chen dared to admit it, it only proved that he really killed Wang Xuanfeng.

“My god! Is this for real? How can that be possible? How did Jiang Chen kill Wang Xuanfeng? Even with the Sun Divine Feather, he still shouldn’t be able to kill Wang Xuanfeng.”

“Unbelievable. This is too unbelievable. If Jiang Chen didn’t admit it himself, I’m afraid that no one would believe it.”

“I think that Jiang Chen must have gotten the help from someone very powerful. Without a strong reliance, even if he really killed Wang Xuanfeng, he surely wouldn’t dare to stand here and admit it. He is indeed powerful, but he’s also a shrewd man. He isn’t stupid enough to seek his own doom. The fact that he dared to stand out only means that he has a way to protect his life. At least, he is confident enough that he won’t be killed by Li Wangye.”

“What reliance does he have? His biggest reliance is Xiao Wangqing, who is nowhere to be seen.”

“It’s hard to say. Didn’t you all notice that Jiang Chen’s cultivation base has improved a lot compared to that day?”


The crowd was unsettled. The situation was getting more and more serious. First was the death of Qi Jin. Now, it was the death of Wang Xuanfeng, and Jiang Chen admitted that he was the one who killed him. They were afraid that the Immortal Court surely wouldn’t let this matter rest. Even Xiao Wangqing wouldn’t be able to save Jiang Chen this time. After all, no one had ever challenged the dignity of the Immortal Court since its establishment. No one had dared to put the Immortal Court out of their eyes.

“Jiang Chen, it’s good that you admitted it. This time, not even Xiao Wangqing could protect you, however, I would like to know how you killed Wang Xuanfeng.”

Li Wangye’s killing intent was thickening, then asked the question that everyone had in mind. No one knew how powerful Wang Xuanfeng was better than him. Even though Jiang Chen had already advanced to the late Immortal Emperor realm, he still wouldn’t be able to kill Wang Xuanfeng.

“It was me who killed him.” Yan Chenyu spoke in a flat tone.


At this moment, countless gaze suddenly fell upon Yan Chenyu. Due to the heavy attention being placed on Dragon Shisan and Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu concealing her qi, making them unable to determine her cultivation base, all of them had ignored her presence. They only regarded her as one of Jiang Chen’s woman

But now, this woman just said that she was the one who killed Wang Xuanfeng. This had undoubtedly caused another uproar.

“Who is this woman? She has the power to kill Wang Xuanfeng?”

“I have no idea. Haven’t seen her before. She is just a woman of Jiang Chen, but how can a woman of Jiang Chen be that powerful?”

“She’s unfathomable. I can’t even detect the level of her cultivation base.”


Yan Chenyu instantly became the spotlight. Most of them had never seen her before and she seemed pretty unordinary. Compared to Jiang Chen, people were more willing to believe that Wang Xuanfeng died in this woman’s hands.

‘Who are you?”

Li Wangye looked at Yan Chenyu and asked with a frown, because even using his half-step Sovereign realm sense, he found out that this unparalleled beauty had a cultivation base that was on par with a peerless Venerable. To him, this was totally unimaginable. He had never seen or heard such a genius before.

“You don’t need to know. Today’s the wedding day of Dragon Shisan. You’d better leave now and let the wedding ceremony proceed.”

Yan Chenyu spoke in a cold and resolute tone. In this world, there were only a few people who dared to speak to Li Wangye in such a way.

There were two types of people who spoke in such manner. A person who had brain damage, or the person was powerful enough not to put Li Wangye in his eyes.

Yan Chenyu didn’t seem to have suffered any sort of brain damage. 

“Humph! Girl, I don’t care who you are. You will have to pay the price for killing Wang Xuanfeng. Now that I’m here, I won’t give you all a chance to live. I will personally eradicate the three of you for good.”

Li Wangye harrumphed coldly. His killing intent was reaching its peak. Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan’s potential had given him a deep sense of insecurity and threat. And now, another young peerless Venerable had appeared. These facts were already enough for him to kill them. As long as these three were eliminated, it didn’t matter even if his reputation was tarnished.

“Die now!”

Li Wangye made his move. He thrust his palm forth. A palm as large as a heavenly barrier materialized. This was the attack of a half-step Sovereign. Countless people could feel their soul trembling, but Jiang Chen and the other two seemed as composed, the smile on their faces didn’t even reduce by a bit. Li Wangye was indeed powerful, but compared to the Heaven Devouring Devil Ape, he was weaker. In front of Yan Chenyu, even the Heaven Devouring Devil Ape was instantly eliminated, let alone a mere Li Wangye.

“Brother Chen, should I kill him?” asked Yan Chenyu.


Jiang Chen shook his head. In any case, today was the wedding of Dragon Shisan. He wanted the wedding ceremony to carry on smoothly. If Li Wangye was killed today, this wedding surely couldn’t proceed anymore.

Moreover, they hadn’t really provoked the Immortal Court yet, and killing Li Wangye was equivalent to pushing the Immortal Court into the river of fire. This was something that Jiang Chen didn’t wish to see, because he still had to return to Nangong Wentian’s place a month later. He must go back to Fengchi Immortal Domain when the time came. He must let some of the matters here rest for the time being. 

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