Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1850

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Yan Chenyu nodded and knew what to do. The proud Li Wangye wouldn’t have thought that his fate had fallen into Jiang Chen’s hands. Now, Jiang Chen only needed a word to give him the death penalty.

A giant palm had materialized in the sky. Countless people became tensed, wondering how this girl was going to deal with the attack of a half-step Sovereign.

Of course, there was also a group of people who seemed fairly calm and relaxed. They were naturally Jiang Chen’s brothers, the Old Emperor and the Emperor of Great Qian Empire, who were present during the emergence of the Heaven Devouring Devil Ape and witnessed the might of Yan Chenyu. There was nothing they should worry about, they did worry for Li Wangye however, because it was too easy for the one who killed the Heaven Devouring Devil Ape to kill Li Wangye.

Yan Chenyu darted her cold gaze, and struck out a ray of ice light with a wave of her hand, piercing through the giant palm in an instant.

The enormous palm shattered like a fragile crystal and the energy that lingered in the air dissipated. It was supposed to deal a serious harm to the target, however the enemy didn’t seem to receive the slightest bit of injury from the attack. The three of them didn’t seem to have moved even a muscle.


Li Wangye’s eyes widened. He was utterly surprised by the scene, including the people in the crowd. Who would have thought that an unparalleled beauty whom they had never seen before would have such heaven-defying strength and could easily destroy the attack of Li Wangye so easily?

By now, no one doubted the death of Wang Xuanfeng anymore. Although Wang Xuanfeng was a powerful Venerable, he surely wouldn’t be able to resist the power of someone who had the ability to defeat a half-step Sovereign.

“Who are you?”

Li Wangye was shocked. In his opinion, someone who was so young and possessed such heaven-defying strength couldn’t be an ordinary figure. She must be someone from some powerful major power or had an unordinary origin.

“Like I said, you don’t need to know,” said Yan Chenyu plainly. “If you leave now, there’s still time.”

The Sovereign dignity of Empress Nine Yin was inviolable. Empress Nine Yin wouldn’t put a mere Li Wangye in her eyes. In the past, her father was the renowned Immortal Execution King, and she was always indulged by Great Sovereign Zang Xian. Even the Lord of the Immortal Court wasn’t worth her attention. 

“Humph! You are just a peerless Venerable! How powerful can you be?! Since you refuse to identify yourself, then don’t blame me for being impolite. Today, I’ll let you know the true difference between a Venerable and a half-step Sovereign.”

Li Wangye’s qi soared. This time his attack was stronger than the previous. He was ready to go all out with his attack to destroy his opponent. Only by doing so could he protect his face. If he, a half-step Sovereign, couldn’t even take down a junior, he would surely become the object of ridicule of everyone.

Nevertheless, he didn’t have a clue how ridiculous his remark was. Although there was a huge difference between an Immortal Venerable and a half-step Sovereign, such a difference didn’t apply to Yan Chenyu, who was once a Great Sovereign. The gap between a half-step Sovereign and a Great Sovereign was so much greater compared to the gap between an Immortal Venerable and a half-step Sovereign.

Li Wangye acted once more. The red flames in his palm were bouncing fervently, forming a mighty fire seal. It was his ultimate, the Burning Prairie. 

That day, Li Wangye had used this move to fight Xiao Wangqing, however it was still slightly inferior to the Wangqing Sword in the end.

This flame strike was Li Wangye’s strongest attack, but unfortunately, he had encountered his true natural enemy today. Under the cold qi of Empress Nine Yin, his flames couldn’t possibly stay alight.

Unless his flame was similar to the supreme flames of Jiang Chen. Any other flames would automatically extinguish as soon as it comes into contact with Yan Chenyu’s cold qi.

Yan Chenyu wasted no time conversing with Li Wangye. Immediately, she struck out the formidable Profound Yin Palm. As she still had injuries, she needed to launch a full-fledged attack.

*Hong Long…….*

Terrifying cold qi spread out, freezing a portion of the space. Li Wangye’s blazing fire seal was instantly extinguished by the strong qi of coldness, leaving only the residual energy of the seal to collide with the Profound Yin Palm.

*Hong Long……*

The battlefield was swiftly filled with multicoloured radiance. Boundless pressure temporarily stifled everyone’s ability to breathe. Then, they saw the half-step Sovereign Li Wangye thrown 300 meters away, his mouth spurting out blood.

“Motherf****r! This is too unbelievable. Li Wangye can’t even take a blow from the girl. What exactly is the background of this girl?”

“Overly incredible. We’re talking about the mighty half-step Sovereign here. This Jiang Chen always have heaven defying experts following him.”

“A half-step Sovereign, a figure who has a great reputation can’t even withstand a blow from that girl. This is seriously hard to take.”


People were having a hard time trying to accept what they saw. Before the battle, no one had thought that this would happen. They were wondering what skills Yan Chenyu would use to resist Li Wangye’s attack, but none of them had thought that Li Wangye would be defeated.

Of course, Li Wangye himself was the one who found this the most unacceptable. He knew his strength all too well. Losing to an Immortal Venerable was surely the most agonizing experience in his life.

What surprised him even more was the cold qi of Yan Chenyu. That was the qi of supreme coldness, the strongest natural enemy of his flames. Under the impact of the qi, his flames couldn’t even stay alight, let alone display its power.

Currently, the blood and qi in his body were churning badly; the discomfort was indescribable, however the psychological blow he suffered was greater compared to his physical injuries.

“Who are you exactly?”

Li Wangye asked through gritted teeth. He had come to Exquisite Paradise today for Jiang Chen. He didn’t expect that he would encounter such a powerful figure.

“Get out of here right now before I change my mind,”  said Yan Chenyu in a condescending, empress-like tone.

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