Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1851

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The whole scene suddenly turned very quiet. No one spoke. Today’s wedding ceremony was full of twists and turns, which eventually led to the appearance of a girl whom they had never seen before, who defeated Li Wangye with just a single blow. This had totally gone beyond their imagination.

Most of the people were dumbfounded by what they saw, not daring to imagine what would happen next. Or it should be said that they were temporarily immune to any shocking event.

Li Wangye’s facial expression seemed incomparably unpleasant. The cold and composed look of Yan Chenyu had wounded his dignity. He had already asked her who she was three times, but still got no response from her. She clearly looks down on him. Perhaps, she thought that he didn’t even qualify to know who she was. This was too much of a blow for a half-step Sovereign to take.

All along, he had been high and mighty and represented the supreme ruler, the Immortal Court. No one had ever dared to ignore or disrespect him, but now, those cold eyes of Yan Chenyu made him feel so insignificant.

Furthermore, being told to leave by a Venerable was also an unprecedented blow to him, but because he had lost the battle, he had nothing to say.

“What a domineering girl! I never thought that there will be such a young figure in the Ethereal Immortal Domain. I would like to know who you are.”

At this moment, an old and deep voice suddenly sounded from the interior of the void, followed by a wave of torrential pressure that was even more powerful compared to Li Wanye’s.


Everyone’s facial expression changed completely. Two words appeared in their hearts: Great Sovereign.

There was no doubt about it. Although the person hadn’t arrived yet, the dense pressure carried by his voice already made people’s soul shudder. Apart from a Great Sovereign, no one else was capable of doing this.

Li Wangye was already a mighty half-step Sovereign, but the pressure emitted by him was less than 1% of this pressure. This fact alone indicated that a true Sovereign was arriving.

“My goodness! Is a true Sovereign coming in our direction? Having lived for so long, I have never seen a Great Sovereign before.”

“The Great Sovereign is a high and mighty being that won’t show up on normal days. I never expect that a Great Sovereign is coming to Exquisite Paradise today. It ought to be an honorable thing to the sect, but no one here seems very pleased.”

“Damn! Exquisite Paradise is hit by these major events consecutively today. First it was Qi Jin, then it was Li Wangye, and now it’s the arrival of a true Sovereign. I’m afraid that this is the first time that such a scene happened across the Ethereal Immortal Domain. A dignified Great Sovereign won’t just appear on any given day. It seems like the Immortal Court is determined to kill Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan this time. Those two don’t have any more reliance. I’m afraid that the girl can’t escape her death as well.”


Everyone was shocked once more despite being numbed towards astonishing events, because the shock this time was far greater than any of the events earlier. A Great Sovereign was akin to a legendary existence to most of the people. No one had really seen a Great Sovereign before or felt the extent of power of a Great Sovereign.

According to rumors, anyone who reached the level of Great Sovereign would achieve an even deeper mastery of the law of the world. The powerful law of Great Sovereign would form in his body, giving him the strength powerful enough to destroy the Heavens and Earth with just a casual gesture. No one knew how terrifying that cultivation realm ias until one reached it.

The void flickered, then an elder who seemed to be in his fifties or sixties walked out from it. His figure seemed incorporeal, as if he never existed in this world. Although he didn’t have a sturdy body, the qi of Great Sovereign emanated from his body was already sufficient to indicate his status.

He was a true Sovereign. Countless eyes fell upon him, including Jiang Chen’s. This was also Jiang Chen’s first time seeing a true Sovereign. Although Yan Chenyu and Nanbei Chao were both reincarnations of a Great Sovereign, they still hadn’t reached the true Sovereign realm yet; there was still a gap between them and a Great Sovereign.

Even with his eyesight, he discovered that the elder’s power was unfathomable. It was a kind of highly profound realm that allowed one to radiate the utmost dominance with a single gesture. 

“Is this the legendary Great Sovereign realm?”

Dragon Shisan sounded slightly serious. Despite his pride, he couldn’t help but admit that there is a significant difference between him and a Great Sovereign.

There were many geniuses in this world that could kill opponents with higher cultivation base, but only very few of them could overcome the level of Sovereign realm. The gap between the half-step Sovereign and Great Sovereign was so vast compared to the gap between a half-step Sovereign and Immortal Venerable.

Yan Chenyu was one of those who could do that. After all, she wasn’t comparable to ordinary Immortal Venerables. She was once a Great Sovereign, had the foundation of a Great Sovereign, and her intent realm was much higher compared to her opponent.

“Merely a First Grade Great Sovereign. No worries,” said Yan Chenyu plainly and unconcernedly.

“First Grade Great Sovereign?”

Upon hearing what Yan Chenyu said, Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan were stunned. In their opinion, a Great Sovereign had always been the pinnacle of all. It never occurred to them that the Sovereign realm would be divided into levels. Suddenly, they realized that they knew too little about the Sovereign realm, and judging from Yan Chenyu’s tone, there seemed to be a lot more levels in the Sovereign realm.

“Brother Chen, the Sovereign realm is also divided into nine levels because it requires the support of the law. The difference between each level is significant. A First Grade Great Sovereign is merely an insect before a Ninth Grade Great Sovereign. I’ll explain to you later. When you reach that realm, you will understand it.”

Yan Chenyu spoke, but didn’t go into detail. They had no time to discuss in the face of a powerful enemy. Moreover, it was pointless to provide a thorough explanation, because one could never understand the scariness of that realm until one reached it.

Dragon Shisan and Jiang Chen heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed like their knowledge was still very limited. At the same time, this indicated that they still had a long path to go in the Immortal World.  

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