Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1853

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There was no way that Yuan Xiaolei wouldn’t be angry. Despite being a dignified Great Sovereign, he was called an ‘old man’ and shameless. He would never take this insult lying down.

“Kid, how dare you speak to me in such a manner?! Do you know the consequences of it?” said Yuan Xiaolei coolly. In his point of view, Jiang Chen was courting death.

“I don’t know about the consequences, but what I know is that you are disrupting someone else’s wedding and this is immoral.”

Jiang Chen continued to speak in an indifferent tone. He was an incisive person. Once he determined that the relationship was hostile, he would show no quarters even to a formidable Great Sovereign.

“Very well, it’s a good thing for a young man to have courage, but you have applied your courage wrongly. Since you are unwilling to yield, don’t blame me for being impolite. I’ll personally bring you back to the Immortal Court.”

Yuan Xiaolei was choking in anger. He could already see that it was pointless to continue conversing with Jiang Chen as Jiang Chen was determined not to be captured by him. In that case, he would have to use force to bring the two back. Any further conversation with Jiang Chen would only make him lose face.

Formidable Great Sovereign aura spread out from Yuan Xiaolei’s body, turning the atmosphere of the martial arena oppressive, causing the onlookers to tremble. Some of them even prostrated on the ground involuntarily with their trembling bodies.

“You’d better not do it.”

Yan Chenyu warned coldly. With her mentality as Empress Nine Yin, she would never put a First Grade Great Sovereign in her eyes. Even though she was still an Immortal Venerable, she was capable enough to fight a First Grade Great Sovereign. Perhaps, the injuries would limit her strength while fighting the Great Sovereign, but if she used the Immortal Burying Coffin, it was already sufficient to deal with a First Grade Great Sovereign head-on.

“Humph! Girl, you are being overly arrogant. You thought that you can defeat me just because you have defeated Li Wangye? How naïve! I’m going to catch Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan now. I would like to see what abilities you have to stop me.”

Yuan Xiaolei harrumphed coldly and gently struck out a dull-looking palm. Instantly, a piece of the void was ripped apart like a piece of paper. A powerful force was ejected out from his palm. The zone of the void had been confined. Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan’s facial expression changed slightly. The power of a Great Sovereign was indeed beyond their imagination. Within the confinement of the Great Sovereign, they were having difficulties moving their bodies even if Jiang Chen tried to use the Great Void Technique.

There was an absolute gap between them. As Yan Chenyu had said, they would never understand how terrifying that realm was before reaching that stage.

However, they weren’t nervous because Yan Chenyu was their biggest reliance.

To a man, it wasn’t a glorious thing to hide behind a woman, but in Jiang Chen’s opinion, it was a bliss to be protected by Yan Chenyu. That was a kind of bliss that others couldn’t understand.

And he also knew that Yan Chenyu felt the same in such a situation.

*Hong Long……*

Yan Chenyu moved. Her attack was accurate and decisive. She launched the powerful Profound Yin Palm. Its terrifying cold light froze a part of the void. Then, the Profound Yin Palm collided with Yuan Xiaolei’s palm, destroying another part of the void. The confinement of Yuan Xiaolei was broken.


Yuan Xiaolei couldn’t help but feel astonished. His eyes fell upon Yan Chenyu once more. His view of her changed completely. Her strike had given him a tremendous shock.

“What a powerful girl! You have such powerful combat strength that you can even tear apart my spatial confinement even though you are only a mere late Immortal Venerable. Who exactly are you?”

Yuan Xiaolei looked over at Yan Chenyu and asked the question Li Wangye had asked repeatedly earlier. To him, such a mystical genius couldn’t possibly be an unknown person. He began to guess the origin of Yan Chenyu. Combining her icy cold physique and heaven-defying talent should make it easier for him to guess, however he still failed to figure out her true identity after some moments of contemplation.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. What matters is that the Immortal Court should not put Brother Chen to trouble again.”

Yan Chenyu spoke. Jiang Chen had an unshakable position in her heart. Anyone who wanted or had the intention to hurt him would be viewed as her enemy.

“Since you don’t want to answer, don’t blame me for being rude.”

Yuan Xiaolei acted once more. Before knowing the true identity of Yan Chenyu, he needed to show some mercy in his attack. This time, not only would he defeat Yan Chenyu, he would also bring Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan back to the Immortal Court to regain his and the Immortal Court’s dignity.

Horrifying Great Sovereign qi flowed out from his body like torrents, sealing the zone of space, forming a new battlefield. He didn’t want the people below affected by his Great Sovereign qi. The Immortal Court rarely asked about the matters in the Immortal Domain and normally wouldn’t interfere in the competition amongst the major powers. He didn’t wish to cause a major damage to Exquisite Paradise because that would hurt the reputation of the Immortal Court. 

As the Great Sovereign qi continued to rise, Yuan Xiaolei’s aged body suddenly became tall and straight. Ahead of him, a whirlpool of waves that contained massive amount of energy had been formed, rotating at high speed. There seemed to be a dragon swirling at the center of the whirlpool that made everyone avert their eyes. That was the Great Sovereign law. 

*Hong Long……

Yuan Xiaolei made his move. The huge energy whirlpool was hurled in Yan Chenyu’s direction like an energy ball. In his point of view, this strike was sufficient to temporarily stop Yan Chenyu, which would give him enough time to capture Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan, and get away.

Sensing the powerful attack from Yuan Xiaolei, Yan Chenyu frowned. The next moment, the Immortal Burying Coffin appeared in front of her. The moment the heavy coffin emerged, the void was crushed to fragments. It was the terrifying Sovereign Weapon of Great Sovereign Zang Xian, incomparable to any ordinary Sovereign Weapon. The qi emitted from it was sufficient to shake the Heavens and Earth.

Under the control of Yan Chenyu, the Immortal Burying Coffin crashed into the huge energy whirlpool. 

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