Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1857

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“Impossible. She must be bluffing. She’s trying to scare the Great Sovereign away with the reputation of the Golden Clan.”

“It’s hard to say. The Golden Clan is really very scary. I heard that when the disaster came that year, countless Great Sovereigns had fallen. If it hadn’t been for the Golden Clan, the Immortal World would have ceased to exist. The Golden Clan had saved the whole Immortal World. The means they had were unthinkable, and on top of that, they were of the same generation as the Immortal Execution King.”

“What was the disaster that happened that year? I have also heard about it before. Many Great Sovereigns had died and the Golden Clan had become the most meritorious clan ever since, but no one seems to know what exactly the disaster was.”

“That’s right. It was ages ago. The later generations like us know nothing about it probably because it had been concealed by some people. Judging from Wu Ningzhu’s tone, it sounded as though a new disaster is coming. Could it be that something major is going to hit the Immortal World?”

“The arrival of the disaster and the reappearance of the Golden Clan will surely throw the Immortal World into chaos. The strength of the Golden Clan is unfathomable. Even if Yuan Xiaolei doesn’t give Wu Ningzhu and Empress Nine Yin face, he ought to give to the Golden Clan.”


A thousand waves had been set off by a rock. No one could tell if Wu Ningzhu was just bluffing about the disaster, but they all thought that it was possible that the Golden Clan would come back. After all, that clan was very powerful, and given the Golden Sovereign’s capability, he wouldn’t allow the Golden Clan to be annihilated.

“Don’t you bluff around. This isn’t a joke.” Yuan Xiaolei looked at Wu Ningzhu grimly.

“You decide if it’s a joke. My clan is bound to return. Do you think that you or the Immortal Court can fight us? Jiang Chen is protected by the Golden Clan, if you touch him, be ready to accept the punishment of my the Golden Clan,” said Wu Ningzhu in a heavy tone. 

She didn’t seem to be joking at all. Moreover, it was very unlikely that the dignified inheritor of Empress Xiao Yao would lie.

Yuan Xiaolei’s eyes sparkled brightly, constantly examining her face. He wanted to know if she was lying, but to no avail. He couldn’t find a suspicious trace on her indifferent face.

He couldn’t help but sigh and admit that the mind of the one that was selected by Empress Xiao Yao was far from average. 

“Elder Yuan, I think we’d better believe that this is true,” said Li Wangye in an undertone.

“You’re right. Given the heaven-defying means of Golden Sovereign, he perhaps had left a path for his descendants. If the Golden Clan really appeared again, and we still insisted on bringing Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan away today, the Golden Clan may seek for us or cause trouble to the Immortal Court.” Yuan Xiaolei nodded.

“What should we do now? Could it be that we should just leave Jiang Chen and let him continue growing?” Li Wangye spoke reluctantly.

“That’s impossible. He has killed so many geniuses of the Immortal Court and made us lose our face. Plus, he poses a major threat and needs to be eliminated as soon as possible, but we can’t do it today. We’ll find another chance in the near future to get rid of him,” Yuan Xiaolei said. 

He was a shrewd man. He knew how powerful the Golden Clan was. It wasn’t worth provoking the Golden Clan for only one Jiang Chen, but it was still a must to kill Jiang Chen. There are still loads of chances to kill him in the future. Although Jiang Chen grew really fast, he was still very weak in front of the Immortal Court. So, for the time being, he wouldn’t be able to pose a huge threat to the Immortal Court.

“Let’s go.”

Yuan Xiaolei decided to leave. It was pointless for them to continue staying here.

His face was full of helplessness before he left. The deterrence of Empress Nine Yin and Empress Xiao Yao wasn’t able to affect his determination to catch Jiang Chen, however the deterrence of the Golden Clan was more than enough to deter him from taking such action. Despite his reluctance, he wouldn’t dare take such risk.

Everyone in the Exquisite Paradise heaved a sigh of relief when they saw Yuan Xiaolei and Li Wangye leave. 

“Monkey, it looks like the wedding can proceed now.” Jiang Chen patted the shoulder of Dragon Shisan.

“Master Monkey can no longer wait for it, but looking at the three of you showing off your relationship gave me the urge to smack you.” Dragon Shisan flew towards the high stage after a sway of his body.

In the sky, Wu Ningzhu withdrew the qi of Empress Xiao Yao.

“Sister Ning, you have come out at last. I’ve been missing you so much. Quickly, have a hug with me,” said Jiang Chen, both arms stretching towards Wu Ningzhu, but his ear was pulled by Yan Chenyu.

“Brother Chen, are you taking it as if I don’t exist?” Yan Chenyu exerted more force in her pull.

“It hurts! Xiao Yu, quickly let go of me. I dare not…” Jiang Chen said pleadingly.

“Sister Xiao Yu, this bastard has found another girl named Yan Qingcheng behind our backs. Today, you and I are going to punish him hard, since our cultivation base is already a lot stronger than his. He won’t be able to resist it.” Wu Ningzhu spoke and pulled the other ear of Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen could hear buzzes in both of his ears, feeling incredibly unpleasant. Both his eyes rolled crazily, rendering his head to spin.

Couldn’t they just cuddle after being separated for so long? Where was justice?

Plus, they also mentioned that his cultivation base was weaker than them. Dammit! Even if his cultivation base was higher than them, he still wouldn’t dare put up any resistance.

Each of them pulled one ear of Jiang Chen, causing Jiang Chen to wail for mercy and forgiveness. 


“It seems having too many wives isn’t a good thing at all.”

“Amitabha. Such a sight is truly harmful to monks.”


Han Yan, Yang Bufan and the rest were gloating over Jiang Chen being punished by his women, because there was nothing they could do to help. Besides, it was rare to see Jiang Chen submitting to someone. It was a great pity that this couldn’t be recorded.

“Kaka! See that? This is what they call showing off ‘love’. Take care, brother.”

Dragon Shisan laughed heartily and waved at the back of Jiang Chen, his face full of delight.


Unexpectedly, as soon as his voice fell, he immediately felt a pang of pain from his ear. A powerful hand had pulled one of his ears with force.

“What are you talking about showing off love? Don’t delay my wedding anymore! How dare you waste your time laughing around?”

Lan Lingji spoke ferociously, her hand clutching Dragon Shisan’s ear.

“Ouch……!” Dragon Shisan cried. 

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