Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1858

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Han Yan and the few of them were laughing mercilessly. This was what some called ‘instant karma’. Dragon Shisan was laughing at Jiang Chen a moment ago before the same fate fell upon him.

“What are you all laughing about? Only one of my ears is pulled. I’m still better than Little Chen!” Dragon Shisan shouted.

“What are you saying? Are you asking me to pull that other ear of yours?” Lan Lingji exerted even more strength.

My god! Dragon Shisan only then realize that he had spoken the wrong words and didn’t have time to recover his words. Lan Lingji had clutched his other ear, causing him to wail incessantly on the stage.

He tried to weep but failed to shed a tear. It wasn’t false at all that women were as fierce as tigers. Don’t be deceived by their gentle looks as they could be even more ferocious than tigers. This had happened even before the wedding. How his life would be after they had gotten married?


The whole martial arena was filled with laughter, replacing all the tension in the atmosphere with cheerfulness, like nothing had happened. As today was the wedding ceremony, they were naturally in a jubilant mood. Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan might look ill-treated, but the sweetness they felt in their hearts made them joyous. This was what they called ‘true love’.

First: pray to the Heavens and Earth……

Second: pray to the groom’s parents and family elders……


The joyful atmosphere made the whole Exquisite Paradise lively. Jiang Chen didn’t have a chance to join their celebration, as he was pulled by the two girls to a deserted place.

After leaving the scene, the three of them returned to normal, which was what Jiang Chen had dreamt of. To him, the most important thing was that they had finally reunited.

What made Jiang Chen somewhat depressed was that the two chose to ignore him. They sat on a huge rock, chatting fervently with one another, treating Jiang Chen as though he was air.

Jiang Chen made a few attempts to join in the conversation but failed miserably.

Seeing that the two girls having such a good relationship relieved his worries, however. Although both of them had different identities, one was the reincarnation of an Empress, while the other was the inheritor of a Great Sovereign, and both of them had lofty status, there was no sense of awkwardness between them. They were as close as they had been when they were still in Saint Origin World.

“Sister Ning, will the Golden Clan reappear once again?”

I could no longer hold it anymore, Jiang Chen sat beside Wu Ningzhu and asked. This was what he wanted to know the most. Back in Golden Horizon, Big Yellow had asked him to protect those golden guards at all costs and mentioned that the Golden Clan wasn’t extinct and would return to the world sooner or later. If it wasn’t for protecting those golden guards, Jiang Chen wouldn’t have created such a huge conflict with the three Immortal Courts.

“That’s right. The people of Golden Clan have only been asleep. They weren’t annihilated. It was the doing of the Golden Sovereign. He has sealed the entire Golden Clan, so that his clan could find its own path in the future. That year, the Golden Clan had suffered heavy casualties, and Golden Sovereign used the Temporal Resurrection Technique to seal the entire clan. Countless years have passed. The people of the Golden Clan are about to wake from their deep slumber.”

Wu Ningzhu spoke. She had obtained the inheritance and integrated with the memory of Empress Xiao Yao. She now possessed the complete bloodline of the Golden Clan and was considered one of the clan’s members. Which explained why she had a clear understanding of the Golden Clan.

“It seems what Big Yellow said is right. The Golden Clan wasn’t truly eradicated, but has been frozen in time. It’s only a matter of time before the Golden Clan return to this world, but I would like to know what catastrophe happened in the Immortal World before.”

Jiang Chen asked. This secret had been a knot in his heart and he wasn’t able to find an answer to it. At that time, Big Yellow didn’t tell him because he wasn’t strong enough and only left the name of a place, Desolate Ancient Land, before he vanished. Now that both Yan Chenyu and Wu Ningzhu had integrated with the memory of a Great Sovereign, the details of the catastrophe shouldn’t be any sort of secret to them.

“Brother Chen, it has been such a long time. Since then, major changes have taken place in the Immortal World. That havoc has long become a secret ever since. Only very few people know about it, but Sister Ning and I have decided to tell you about it.” Yan Chenyu spoke, her tone suddenly turning grim.

“Yes, because the catastrophe is arriving in this world soon, perhaps in a year or five years’ time or even ten years’ time. In short, there will be no peace in the Immortal World the moment it arrives. So it’s good for you to know about it in advance. The Golden Clan will return to the Immortal World before the arrival of the catastrophe. I think this was what the Golden Sovereign wanted. He had expected this to take place tens of thousands of years ago, that the second catastrophe will hit us,” said Wu Ningzhu.

“What kind of catastrophe is it?”

Jiang Chen was astounded, his expression turning serious. It was imaginable that there would be bloodshed and chaos during the coming disaster.

“Not far away from the Immortal World is another world. They called it the Barbarian World in ancient times. There lived a race named the Barbarian Race. The Barbarian Race looked like humans but they worshiped Barbarian Beasts. Their bloodline is incomparably strong. They were bloodthirsty, belligerent and liked to invade and plunder. During ancient times, for unknown reasons, a crack had appeared in the Heavenly Dao of the Immortal World, giving them the chance to invade our world, which then led to a massive disaster. The bloodline of the Barbarian Race is different from the Devil and Demon Race. This race is very powerful and only very few people could suppress them. Only those with the true bloodline of Divine Beast could restrain them. But there weren’t many Divine Beasts across the world. The only powerful clan in this world is the Golden Clan as they had inherited the bloodline of the Divine Bird Golden Crow. As such, the Golden Clan had become the biggest rival of the Barbarian Race. The scene you saw in the Great Thousand Mirror was the scene of the Barbarian Race attacking the Golden Clan, also the last war between the two worlds. That was when Empress Xiao Yao had fallen.”

Wu Ningzhu explained everything she saw in her memory. Having entered the remains of Empress Xiao Yao at that time, she knew everything that happened in Golden Horizon.

“I see. So that was how it all happened.”

Jiang Chen sighed. Despite the seeing the tragic scenes in the Great Thousand Mirror, he couldn’t see the faces of the enemies clearly. After listening to what Wu Ningzhu had said, only now did he know that those blurry faces belonged to the people of the Barbarian Race. 

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