Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1859

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Jiang Chen gazed at a far distance, feeling unsettled. He needed time to digest the things Wu Ningzhu had told him.

By this time, he had known everything he had been desperately wanting to know. The identity of Yan Chenyu had been revealed. The secrets of the Golden Clan had been uncovered. He had also known how the earth-shattering catastrophe was like and would soon arrive in the Immortal World. He wondered if this was a fortune or misfortune to him.

He always loved battles and challenges. So he wasn’t afraid at all in the face of the mighty barbarians. He might even feel excited about it.

“By the way, do you two know the identity of Big Yellow? He seems to have existed in that era too.” Jiang Chen asked. This had been his greatest concern.

Wu Ningzhu and Yan Chenyu couldn’t help shaking their heads.

“Big Yellow didn’t mention anything about his origin, so we don’t know if he’s the reincarnation of the mighty Demon Sovereign,” replied Wu Ningzhu.

Jiang Chen nodded secretly. This was already within his expectation. Though it was merely a guess, he thought that Big Yellow was related to that young Demon Sovereign in the Great Thousand Mirror; Empress Xiao Yao might know the young Demon Sovereign. However, he didn’t know if the Demon Sovereign was really Big Yellow.

As for Yan Chenyu, Big Yellow had once said that when he was there, the daughter of Immortal Execution King was still an infant. Jiang Chen felt that that Empress Nine Yin was in the same era as Nanbei Chao, who both became famous after the catastrophe. Therefore, Yan Chenyu shouldn’t have any recollection of Big Yellow as she was still a baby at that time.

“Also, do you two know where the Desolate Ancient Land is at?” Jiang Chen continued in asking. 

Before Big Yellow already departed, he left nothing except the name of a place that Jiang Chen had never heard before. He didn’t even tell Jiang Chen the exact location probably because Jiang Chen was still very weak and would surely die if Jiang Chen went to that place looking for him. Big Yellow might have also anticipated that Jiang Chen would know where it was when Jiang Chen became strong one day.

He wasn’t supposed to know these secrets but his meeting with Wu Ningzhu and Yan Chenyu changed everything. It allowed him to know these secrets in advance.

Currently, he had found Yan Chenyu, Wu Ningzhu, Han Yan, Tyrant and his father. He had also obtained news about Nangong Wentian. The only person who worried him was Big Yellow. They had first met each other when they were at the Origin Mountain Range. Their brotherhood had grown stronger along the way. In addition, they had never been separated for so long. Therefore, he was eager to know where the Desolate Ancient Land was. If he couldn’t even find the location of that place, he definitely wouldn’t be able to rescue his brother.

“The Desolate Ancient Land is an atypical spatial zone, existing in a zone between the Immortal World and the Barbarian World. Barbarians were often sighted there. It’s a very dangerous place. Why do you ask that?” Wu Ningzhu answered.

“Because Big Yellow is now in the Desolate Ancient Land. Those were his last words before he left. He said that when I’m strong enough, I should go to the Desolate Ancient Land to save him. If I’m not mistaken, Big Yellow must be in a very dangerous situation right now.” Jiang Chen said with a frown, not trying to hide his concern.

“Not good.” Yan Chenyu’s facial expression changed.

“What’s the matter, Xiao Yu?” Jiang Chen and Wu Ningzhu looked over at Yan Chenyu simultaneously.

“Sister Ning has obtained the memory and inheritance of Empress Xiao Yao, but because Empress Xiao Yao had fallen during that catastrophe, she had no clue about what happened to the Immortal World after the chaos. After the catastrophe, the Barbarian Race had withdrawn their forces and the disaster ended. Both worlds had entered the state of recuperation. For the sake of all the sentient beings in the Immortal World, the Immortal Execution King and Great Sovereign Zang Xian led all the Great Sovereigns who were above Sixth Grade to create a new spatial zone that would connect all the nine Immortal Domains. This domain, is called Sovereign Domain, and is greater than all the nine Immortal Domains combined. It was built above all Immortal Domains but wasn’t separated from the Immortal World. It was established to resist the next attack of the Barbarian Race, so it was built in between the Immortal World and the Barbarian World. As to whether there had been any conflicts between them, I have no idea. If we were to head towards the Desolate Ancient Land, we must go through the Sovereign Domain. Given our current strength, I’m afraid that we don’t have the qualification to enter the Sovereign Domain. Even if we could, it will be a very difficult task to go into the Desolate Ancient Land and save Big Yellow,” explained Yan Chenyu.

“Sovereign Domain?”

Jiang Chen sighed once more, realizing that he knew too little and his cultivation base was too weak. There were nine levels in the Sovereign Realm. And on top of that, a high and mighty domain had been built above them long ago in order to ward off the Barbarian forces.

“No matter how dangerous it may be, if we have a chance, we must save Big Yellow. And we must save him before the arrival of the new disaster.”

Jiang Chen said in an incomparably firm tone. His determination to save Big Yellow had never wavered. He wouldn’t dare relax and give up any chance of entering the Sovereign Domain. Of course, the top priority now was to improve his cultivation base. Without powerful strength, he won’t be able to enter the Sovereign Domain and Desolate Ancient Land, and fight the true disaster.

Putting aside the seemingly unreachable Sovereign Domain, he still had loads of unresolved conflicts in the various Immortal Domains.

Given his current strength, it was to far-fetched to think about going to the Sovereign Domain. Even the Immortal Court was a place he would have to avoid for the time being.

“I never thought there are so many secrets in the Immortal World. No wonder Big Yellow insisted on not telling me.”

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly and sighed while shaking his head, deeply feeling how insignificant he was, however he understood that he couldn’t force his way through things. He could only go ahead step-by-step, just like how one must only take one bite at a time. Nothing was more important than improving his cultivation base right now. A powerful strength would be his foundation in the future.

It was good that he knew about these ancient secrets. At least, he had found the right direction and motivation. He now knew what to do next.

“Little Chen, Xiao Yu, your danger has been temporarily relieved. So I have to return now.” Wu Ningzhu rose to her feet all of a sudden and spoke.

“Return to where?”

Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu were stunned, puzzled by her actions. Why would she want to leave after just getting out from the remains of Empress Xiao Yao?   

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