Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1861

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“Who is it?”

When those indolent disciples noticed that someone had appeared, each of them stared attentively at Dragon Shisan as though they had been given a shot of adrenalin. They didn’t recognize Dragon Shisan. Due to their low status in the sect, they didn’t qualify to enter the Golden Horizon. They also didn’t have a chance to watch the son-in-law selection contest. In short, they didn’t know what Dragon Shisan looked like.

“Dragon Shisan.”

Dragon Shisan announced his name. As he had made up his mind to break into Yellow Spring Sect, he had nothing to hide.

“What? Dragon Shisan?”

“He’s the famous Dragon Shisan?”


The faces of the disciples changed drastically. To them, whose status was as low as a shrimp, Dragon Shisan was simply a legendary existence. Although they were as young as him, no comparison could be made between them.

“There’s no need to be afraid. Master Monkey won’t kill you all. You aren’t qualified yet to die in my hands. Quickly ask Old Ancestor Yellow Spring out to face his death.”

Dragon Shisan’s voice reverberated across the void above the entire Yellow Spring Sect. The experts inside were alarmed even without the notice of the guards.

*Swoosh…* *Swoosh…* *Swoosh…*

Sure enough, as soon as Dragon Shisan’s words faded, figures with powerful qi rushed out from the interior of Yellow Spring Sect. All of them were mighty Immortal Venerables. Being one of the eleven major powers in Ethereal Immortal Domain, their forces were on par with Great Qian Empire. There were a few dozen of them, which was startling.

By this time, Jiang Chen and the others had already arrived, but instead of moving forward, they just stood at a far distance and watch the scene unfold itself. It was Dragon Shisan’s business today. With his current cultivation base, there was no one in the whole Yellow Spring Sect that was a threat to him.

“There’s going to be a good show.” Han Yan displayed a relaxed look.

“Dragon Shisan, you do have the nerve to mess around in our sect! Are you courting death?!”

“Dragon Shisan, I didn’t expect you to come here and die after you managed to survive last time. You aren’t going to be that lucky this time.”

The two early Immortal Venerable elders spoke in a solemn tone, releasing their killing intent the moment they saw Dragon Shisan. They recognized Dragon Shisan pretty well. They were present on the scene back when Old Ancestor Yellow Spring and Old Man Corpse Yin killed Dragon Shisan.

“That day, Old Ancestor Yellow Spring tried to kill me. Today, I’ve come to return the favor. Ask him to get his a** out to die. Otherwise, you all will die first.”

Dragon Shisan’s tone was dominant and firm. There wasn’t much to talk about between him and Yellow Spring Sect.

“Preposterous! Dragon Shisan, who do you think you are to declare on killing our old ancestor?! Very well, since you have come to die, then let me fulfill your wish.”

An early Immortal Venerable elder’s qi fluctuated and then lunged at Dragon Shisan. The people of Yellow Spring Sect were also incomparably ferocious and proud, but the fact that this elder attacked first proved that he was clueless about what happened in Exquisite Paradise today. If he knew that even the late Immortal Venerable genius, Qi Jin died in Dragon Shisan’s hands, he would have fled the scene.

“Some people will only remember how to write the word ‘death’ when they die. Your brain is good, it’s a pity that you didn’t bring it out today.”

Dragon Shisan shook his head. The iron staff in his hand was swung forward at lightning speed.



Accompanied by a miserable wail, the early Immortal Venerable elder of Yellow Spring Sect was smashed into pieces by the iron staff.


The scene set off a wave of commotion amongst the people of Yellow Spring sect, especially those Immortal Venerable elders. Each of them widened their eyes as though they had just seen a ghost. They couldn’t believe that the early Immortal Venerable couldn’t even withstand a single blow from Dragon Shisan.

“Not good. Dragon Shisan’s cultivation base seems to have improved again. We are no match for him.”

“Dammit! How can this bastard become so terrifying all of a sudden? How long has it only been?”

“We have underestimated his abilities. I have long heard that he has made tremendous progress during the son-in-law selection contest and killed plenty of geniuses from the Immortal Court, even including the genius named Qi Jin. I’m afraid only the Supreme Elder and Old Ancestor are his match.”


Some of them only started to recall that Dragon Shisan’s strength had improved by leaps and bounds. Dealing with him was no longer as easy as before.

“Go and inform Supreme Elder and Old Ancestor at once. Otherwise, no one else in the sect can deal with him.”

An intermediate Immortal Venerable elder spoke. Immediately, two experts wheeled around and went back into the sect to look for those two old experts.

“Is Old Ancestor Yellow Spring trying to be a coward? If you don’t show up in the count of three, I’ll start a massacre in this sect.”

Dragon Shisan’s voice was sent out like the nine heavenly thunder, echoing incessantly in the sky above Yellow Spring Sect.

“Humph! Dragon Shisan, don’t you get too arrogant.”

As soon as Dragon Shisan’s words faded, a cold harrumph sounded from the interior of Yellow Spring Sect. Very quickly, a sturdy silhouette flew into their line of sight. Who could it be if he wasn’t Old Ancestor Yellow Spring?

One had to admit that Old Ancestor Yellow Spring was indeed very strong. His cultivation base had already reached the peak of intermediate Immortal Venerable realm, which was only a step away from late Immortal Venerable realm. His true combat strength was relatively as powerful as Venerable Ling Long.

He didn’t fear Dragon Shisan as he was incredibly confident in his own strength. Unfortunately, this confidence was established before the battle between Dragon Shisan and Qi Jin. If he knew how powerful Dragon Shisan had become, he wouldn’t have appeared today. 

Whether Old Ancestor Yellow Spring’s cultivation base was at the peak of intermediate Immortal Venerable realm, or late Immortal Venerable realm, or on par with peerless Venerables, it didn’t make any difference to Dragon Shisan as he was going to die anyway.

“Old Ancestor Yellow Spring, you failed to kill me that day, so today, I’ve come to take your old life.” Dragon Shisan’s qi shook, the iron staff pointed to his opponent.  

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