Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1862

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“Young man, don’t you be all over yourself, but I would like to know how did you survive? Could it be that there’s really a secret art that can bring back one’s life?”

Old Ancestor Yellow Spring asked the question he had been longing to ask. He knew very well what Old Man Corpse Yin and he had done to Dragon Shisan. The injury they had inflicted to him was fatal. In addition, they made it sure that Dragon Shisan’s vital force was cut off. Under such condition, it was impossible for him to survive, even if a miracle occured.

Nevertheless, Dragon Shisan had been resurrected. There was no doubt about it. He didn’t reincarnate but revived. Old Ancestor Yellow Spring found it hard to accept.

“Master monkey has the ability to revive himself. Today, I would like to see if you can also revive yourself after you die.”

Dragon Shisan’s qi fluctuated. He didn’t want to waste time talking with the old opponent. He waved his iron staff that was as big as a heavenly pillar with incredible speed at Old Ancestor Yellow Spring.

“Since you are courting death, I’m going to fulfill your death wish. I would also like to know how powerful a legendary genius is.”

Old Ancestor Yellow Spring was angered. Being one of the masters in the sect, it was the first time someone had barged into their place and declared on taking his life. As such, if he didn’t get rid of Dragon Shisan today, he would lose all of his dignity. 

A combat sword materialized in his hand. Cold light shone brightly from the sword. There were runes engraved on its surface, and the qi it emanated was gloomy and stifling.


Old Ancestor Yellow Spring’s combat sword collided against Dragon Shisan’s iron staff. The void around immediately crumbled, but the result made the heart of the people of Yellow Spring Sect sink.

Their Old Ancestor had received a huge shock. His unordinary-looking sword slipped off his grip during the impact. He was sent flying around 300 meters away before he could regain his balance, his qi was in a state of disorder and his face was extremely pale.


The elders hastily rushed toward to hold Old Ancestor Yellow Spring, horror filled their faces. Of course, the Old Ancestor was the one who’s astounded the most. He had never thought that Dragon Shisan would become so powerful within such a short period of time. He now realized how tremendous the gap between their strength was. He was no longer a match for Dragon Shisan. He couldn’t even stand a blow from Dragon Shisan. He could sense an extremely dangerous qi from Dragon Shisan—the qi of death.

The spectators happened to see the scene the moment they arrived, but instead of being shocked, they felt pity for Old Ancestor Yellow Spring.

Many of them sighed, feeling that Yellow Spring Sect was in real bad luck. All of them had witnessed Dragon Shisan’s strength. Even Qi Jin was no match for him. They were sure that there wasn’t a single person in the entire Yellow Spring Sect that could fight Dragon Shisan.  

“Based on Dragon Shisan’s temperament, Old Ancestor Yellow Spring will surely die today. I’m afraid Yellow Spring Sect won’t have a good end either.”

“Isn’t it obvious? After all, Dragon Shisan has come to avenge himself on Old Ancestor Yellow Spring before even going into the bridal room with his wife. This only showed how much he wanted to kill Old Ancestor Yellow Spring. His resentment towards the Old Ancestor is understandable. Everyone knew how the Old Ancestor and Old Man Corpse Yin treated him that day. If it hadn’t been for his luck, he would have been killed. It behooves him to retaliate against the one who killed him.”

“That’s right. If I were him, I would also come back and settle the scores. One should know that this is a revenge that is bound to be taken.”


Many of them could feel Dragon Shisan’s resoluteness in getting rid of Old Ancestor Yellow Spring and found this reasonable. An eye for an eye had always been Dragon Shisan’s principle. The current situation of Yellow Spring Sect told people one fact – there were some people that you shouldn’t mess with. Once you made a mistake, you must leave no chance for survival, otherwise there would be endless troubles in the future.

“Old Ancestor Yellow Spring, die now. Not even the Gods can save you now.”

Dragon Shisan’s killing intent soared up to the sky as he lunged at the Old Ancestor speedily. None of the elders dared to step forward despite their urge to help the Old Ancestor. Reason told them that any attempt was futile. Rushing forward at this point was equivalent to rushing into their deaths.

“Hold it.”

At this moment, a loud voice rang out from the interior of Yellow Spring Sect. Immediately, a wave of qi rushed out like a tornado, eventually turning into a silhouette, blocking in front of the Old Ancestor.

He was a mighty late Immortal Venerable expert; the Supreme Elder of Yellow Spring Sect. His strength was incomparably horrifying, but when he felt the power of Dragon Shisan’s attack, his facial expression changed dramatically.

Not daring to underestimate the attack, he used all of his might to send out a palm strike, intending to deflect Dragon Shisan’s iron staff away, but to his astonishment, the force of the iron staff was just too great for him to move.

*Hong Long……*

A huge crater was left in the void. The Supreme Elder was hit by the staff and was sent a couple of dozen meters away before regaining his balance.

“No way.”

The Supreme Elder felt as though he was dreaming. How could he not be a match for Dragon Shisan despite the strength he had?

Not just him, everyone in Yellow Spring Sect was utterly shocked. The shock was much greater than when Old Ancestor Yellow Spring was defeated. After all, Old Ancestor Yellow Spring was only an intermediate Immortal Venerable, however the fact that even a true late Immortal Venerable was defeated was simply unacceptable to them.

The Supreme Elder had long become the deity in their hearts, an invincible and unreachable existence. The sight of him being sent flying away by Dragon Shisan shattered their belief. This kind of disappointment was beyond understanding.

“Alright, then. Since you have come, I’m going to kill you as well, so that I can end the grudges between us once and for all.”

Dragon Shisan spoke, aiming the iron staff in his hand at the injured Old Ancestor.

“Stop it!”

Another expert flew from the interior of Yellow Spring Sect. He was also an elder who seemed seventy or eight years old. He was extremely thin but had a pair of incomparably bright eyes that captivated people’s soul.

He’s the Ancient Ancestor of Yellow Spring Sect. Although Old Ancestor Yellow Spring was the sect master, unlike the Ancient Ancestor, he wasn’t the true ancestor of the sect. The Ancient Ancestor’s cultivation base had already reached the peak of late Immortal Venerable, on par with the Supreme Elder. Unfortunately, they were still far from being as strong as Qi Jin. It was already imaginable what the outcome would be.

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